Friday, April 9, 2021

DJ Tuleva Työtön, Kalevi & Ameeba - Z_en

DJ Tuleva Työtön, Kalevi & Ameeba - Z_en

Kalevi & Ameeba - Z_en (Olpek remix)

Original version released on DJ Tuleva Työtön & Ystävät - Paluumatka album. Remix version is also available in Spotify with instumental.


Sunday, February 21, 2021

Mindman - Cold

Here is a new video from Mindman's EP "Unity". EP is digitally available at bandcamp and physical medias at our store.


Saturday, February 6, 2021

DJ Tuleva Työtön, Heinis & RGLE - Kaipuu

 New video from DJ Tuleva Työtön & Ystävät - Paluumatka album.

Sunday, December 13, 2020

Ameeba shirts finally here

 New shirts and other stuff available now in our store. For every order we will include one copy of new Ghetto Tyylit Sampler compilation.

Saturday, December 5, 2020

Ghetto Tyylit Sampler


Now available! When you buy any product from our store you get free CDr promo including unreleased songs by Ameeba, KaliyugaPro and Iwere... 11 songs total... some new and some older.

So you can buy new Mindman EP, lates album by Ameeba or cheapest CDr and we will include 1 copy of this CDr promo in every order.

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Radio: November 16th 2020, Finnish Underground Tapes!

We managed to get our good homie Ruuben (Jäkälä) into the studio to play some Finnish underground tapes, he played the whole 2 hours some really dope stuff. Ruuben has made mixtapes also which concentrates on Finnish ug sound, released on very limited cassette issues. We talked that maybe we could upload his first mixtape (...Pimeneviin Iltoihin) on this blog, some day... From my perspective it's one of the best Finnish mixtape ever made. Here's what Ruuben played on the show:

Live Animation - Räppishkeidaa
Forbidden Forest - Untitled
Ameba - How Can I?
Iwere, Moonlit, Plankton, RPK - Hitaus
Tono Slono, Plankton, Roopek & Ameeba - DMT
Murmurecordings - Tuulet / Winds
J Riskit - Yöbussi
Syvävesi ft MattiP - Tällä Tiellä
Pion - Ukkonen Tukala
Ukko - Lepposuus
Copy - Jokainen Päivä Yritän
Piste, Kasi ja Edorf - Harvoin Näkee
Kasi & Vive - Ikävä
Jodarok & Tono Slono - Ylös Ylös
Palasina & Jus Aname - Kuollut Kukka
Kaliyuga Pro. - Untitled
Iwere - For The People
Maniac Mansion - Light of Day aka I Am
Murmurecordings - Hiekkamyrsky
Serkkupojat - Pakko Jaksaa
Dumb - Isolation
Dumb ft Moonlit - Above
Meitsi - Hukas
Microbe & Ameeba - Menneisyys Pitää Otteensa
Microbe - Auringon Laskiessa
Moonlit & J Riskit - Tokavika
Moonlit ft Betonipossu - Sadetta Vaa
Rudy - Broken Parts
Kiltit Ihmiset & Oliwi - Ikävöiden
Kiltit Ihmiset & Syvä Vesi - ????
Kiltit Ihmiset, RPK & Dumb - Nimetön
Murmurecordings - Asetun

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Radio: October 19th 2020

Wadap, here's the latest radio tracklist. It was mostly Iwere playing but I played short 30-min set in-between his sets too. DJTT also in the studio with us! Next time we might have guest playing music, until then, stay tuned. 


Moonshine – Origin Of Species Remix
YZ – When The Road Is Covered With Snow
Ed O.G. – Be A Father To Your Child
Spearhead – People In The Middle (Mello Madness Remix)
Primeridian – Reverse The Angle
Infinito 2017 – Rocking With The Best
Lexicon ft. Kazi – Two 12 Bars
0Illa-dapted – Mainy
Key Kool & Rhettmatic – Reconcentrated
Apani B Fly Emcee – The Woman In Me
Wale Oyejide – Keep Pushing
Kan Kick – Sci-Existence
3MG – The 3
Murs – Tomorrow
Bizarro ft Nebulus – Castaway
Private School – Too Sober
Mysterys Extinction ft Godz Gift – Annointed
The Disturbers – Cloudy Day Girl
Tommy V – Memory Lane
Abstract Rude & Aceyalone – Keep It True
Brand Nubian – Probable Cause
J-Live & Oddy Gato – Calculations
J Rawls ft John Robinson, Ceesar & Lea – Legacy
Babah Fly ft Precious Hill – B Yo Self
Tarica June – But Anyway
See And Be – Road Work
J Rawls & Declaime – Club Joint
Superwoman & Humble The Poet – #Leh
Lil Sodi & Afroman – Bacc To The 80z
Ngafsh – Let It Bump
Aceyalone & DJ Fat Jack – Bang Bang
Idris Goodwin ft Denali Gillespie – Down

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Radio: September 21st 2020, B2B set by Cogu & Iwere

Me and Iwere played tracks back to back, underground hip hop mostly from The States. Both were quite tired out so we just focused to the music.

["*" = by Iwere]

Enigmatical, Misto Soon, Nadasdi, Rodan Kairos - ...of Constellations *
Darkleaf - Alkemy
EX2 - Nobodies Perphect *
Ellay Khule - Kulisafool
Burro Magic & Pterradacto - The Bottom *
Ellis Bancroft - Monotonuous Recourse
Ethnic Descent feat Jahnay Irie - Bout To Be A Father *
Awol One - Old Babies
Hakim ft. Tut - Reminisce *
Eligh - A Time Out
Bored Stiff - Tribute *
Bored Stiff - Untitled
Orko Eloheim - Psychogunpowder
Autopsy & Odessa Kane - The Outskirts of Delirium *
Shamen 12 - Devilz Advocate
Stae - Beastmaster * 
Zagu Brown & Jon Jon - Patience
Neila - Living Then Dying *
Self Jupiter - You're Lost
Mike - Track C *
The Grouch ft Eligh - Neglected
D1rty Redd (Neb Luv) - Invasion *
Deeskee & Die Young - All Of Me (Deeskee Remix)
SK & Jizzm - Blessed *
Mr Aeks & KHZ Devils - Ash Tray
Spex - Some Way Know How *
Three Eyed Cowz - Live From San Francisco
Self Jupiter - The Master's Lemonade *
Eddie K - Untitled
Myka 9 - Liberty *
DJ D ft Aceyalone & Abstract Rude - Union Theory
Wake Up People - Dark World Light *
SFSM - Rappin For Food

Sunday, September 13, 2020

Lo-fi beat tape by Cogu

Wadap. I was messing around with PO-33 K.O micro sampler and decided to put together a small release from some of the beats that I've made with it. It's on my Bandcamp where you can download or listen it for free. Lo-fi type of beats, recorded straight to 4-track on tape from that PO-33.

Sunday, August 30, 2020

Radio: August 24th, with Iwere and James Kokko

Little late with this post but here it is. James Kokko and Iwere playing on the show. First ~45 min is UK garage sound and the rest is hip hop, served in many different flavors. RIP Meen Green.

1-12 James Kokko & 13-31 Iwere

1. Jabu & Sunun - Lately
2. E B U - Falling (O$VMV$M Remix)
3. Soft Boi - Saying Hi To You
4. Kuopus - Mitä Jos
5. Sia - Little Man (Exemen Works)
6. Sticky - Booo! (Original Dirty Mix)
7. Sticky - More Weed
8. Sticky & Tubby T - Ganja
9. Stush - Dollar Sign (Juicy Patty Riddim)
10. Stush - Me Nuh Ruh From Dem
11. M.I.A. - Pull Up The People (D'Explicit Remix)
12. Sticky & Kele Le Roc - Man On The TV
13. Abhyasa - Aina Hyvis
14. Meen Green - Fat Sacks
15. H.S.D. - H.S.D.
16. Meen Green & Mane Azeem - Lord Help Us
17. Inoe Oner, Sachillpages, Monstroe, Fahr - Tryna Maintain
18. Self Jupiter - Before I Kill The Beat
19. Chuuwee - Dispatch
20. Asad Ill & Vinny Virgo - This Time
21. Uptown Swuite, Kahlee, Odessa Kane & Creed Chameleon - Roots & Culture
22. Saint Soldier - School Of Life
23. Lizzy Jeff ft. Joy - God Hop
24. Jackson Hunter ft. Yaya - Well Wishes
25. Juan - Breathe
26. Hoodini & King! - The Adlibs
27. Neak ft. Rashid Hadee - Power
28. Wake Self - Never Had Much
29. 2mex, Maiselph & Phora - My Path
30. DJ Obsolete ft Hahyeem - Who Can I Trust
31. Aceyalone & DJ Fat Jack - Rise And Shine