Square - A Full Spectrum Of 3D-Colour (10€)

Vinyl LP [2003]
We got some of the last remaining vinyl copies of this 7-song LP by our homie Square, released in 2003. 

Inoe Oner - The Middle Finger EP 7" (7€)

7" Vinyl EP [2007, Anti-Party Music]
Pressed in 2007, now finally released officially after 5 years.. these are the original copies from Anti-Party stock. 
Tracklist here.

Antti Szurawitzki - Myöntömuoto LP (10€)

Vinyl LP [2006, Styge Recordings]
Original vinyl version of Antti's instrumental album, from 2006. Last remaining copies from Antti's stock..

Dena Hena & Tono Slono - Helsingist Matinkylään 4 Raitaa Ja Takas EP (SOLD OUT)

10" Vinyl EP [2004, Helleaalto]
Finnish underground hiphop from 2004, with Tono Slono (aka Thono Slowknow) and Dena Hena (aka Henry Who). Some of the last remaining copies directly from the artist... [SOLD OUT]

J Riskit - Liikaa EP (SOLD OUT)

12" Vinyl EP [2007]
Vinyl version of J Riskit "Liikaa" EP. Grime-flavored hiphop with guest appearances by his fellow crew members Kridlokk and (K)Lommo, and Mungcamu. Production by Annaolla (aka Antiolla) and Krid. Tracklist here. [SOLD OUT]

Neveready - Rejections (12€)

12" Vinyl EP [2012]
Brand new instrumental EP from Neveready, more info here. Cassette version available.

Various - Fosforin Kivennäiset COMPILATION (punk rock / hip hop) (SOLD OUT)

Vinyl LP Compilation [2009]
A Finnish compilation containing punk rock songs on side A, and rap songs on side B (featuring two grime-influenced songs by Loota Kii (aka Thono Slono & Eräkoira) and two dub-flavored songs by Naispyy & Biitti B. Tracklist here. [Sold Out]

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