Ameeba - Montako Puuta On Metsä (10€)

Cassette [2012, Syvä Vesi]
The long awaited cassette version of Ameeba's brand new album...

Bored Stiff - Timeless (8€)

Cassette [1997, Hella Records]
Sealed copies of this rare cassette, from Hella Records stock. Limit 1 copy per customer. 
This original cassette version contains bonus KFOF Session (which isn't available on the LP/CD).
Check the tracklist here.

The Megaphone State - VLA Kings (10€)

Cassette [2012, Fresh Tunes Finland]
Cassette version of the VLA Kings album, tracklist/info here.

Moonlit - The Pit (8€) SOLD OUT

Cassette [2012, Blue Phantoms Network]
Released 06 May 2012
All written & produced by Moonlit,
except #2 prod. by Toby One (BPN), #3 prod. by Enigmatical (Outofthebluecrew) & features Dumb (Pigeonheadz), #6 prod. by Kali Yuga Pro, #7 prod. by Neveready (Foureyes) & features Iina Saarenmaa, #9 prod. by Enigmatical
9 tracks. (SOLD OUT) 

Moonlit - Uncut Diamondz (8€) SOLD OUT

Cassette [2012, Blue Phantoms Network]
Released 06 May 2012. All written & produced by Moonlit, except "Uncut Diamondz" prod. by Fuck The World Productions. 15 tracks. (SOLD OUT)

Neveready - Rejections (8€)

Cassette / Limited Edition [2012, Hiss Tapes]
Limited cassette version (100 copies) of Neveready's instrumental EP. Tracklist.

Enigmatical - Mentions Upon Memoria (7€) - SOLD OUT

Cassette [2006, Sväng! / 2012 Hiss Tapes]
A cassette repress by Hiss Tapes. Very nice compilation from the Swedish producer (featuring Nadasdi, Ameba, Misto Soon, Prosperous, Rodan, Blizz The Divine, and Peshi). Tracklist here. [SOLD OUT]

White Mic & Z-Man - The Vegetable And The Ferret (SOLD OUT / cd-r copies still available)

 Cassette / Limited Edition [2012, Hiss Tapes]
 Limited cassette version, released exclusively by Hiss Tapes. Limited edition of 100 copies. (Originally released as free mp3 download). Tracklist [SOLD OUT]

 White Mic - The Neighborhood Visitor (7€) - SOLD OUT

Cassette / Limited Edition [2012, Hiss Tapes]
Limited cassette version of White Mic's solo album, originally released on cd and free mp3 download. Tracklist. [SOLD OUT]

Prosperous - The Brainchild (7€) - SOLD OUT

Cassette / Limited edition (100 hand numbered copies) [2012, Hiss Tapes]
New solo release from the Swedish mc Prosperous (Out Of The Blue Crew), released exclusively by Hiss Tapes. Tracklist and info here. [SOLD OUT]

Now Cracking Audio Of Zion - Treehouse Mixtape (SOLD OUT / OUT OF PRINT)

Cassette (mixtape) / Limited edition of 30 copies [2012]
New release from our homie Jalien aka DJ Awo, a mixtape recorded in 2008, now available officially for the first time. Contains songs by Ceebrolistics, Optimus Rhymes, Eligh, Mixed Practice, Zion I, Blak Forest, Style MISIA, Joe Dub, etc etc. [SOLD OUT]

Moonlit - Dead Music (7€)

Cassette / Limited Edition of 150 copies [2011, Blue Phantoms Network] (cd-r version coming later)
New album from the man behind Ghetto Tyylit.. 18 songs from 2004-2009. 

Blue Phantoms Network - Chapter 2: New Hope (7€) - SOLD OUT

Cassette / Limited Edition of 30 copies (+ 50 extra copies) [2011, Blue Phantoms Network]
Brand new release from the BPN family. 11 songs, featuring Moonlit, Dumb, BC Ghost, Konflikt, Konvince, Enigmatical, Toby-1...  [SOLD OUT]

Ameeba - Once Said (SOLD OUT)

Cassette / Limited Edition of 30 numbered copies (+25 un-numbered extra copies) [2011, Hiss Tapes]  
Originally released on cd-r in 2009 [SOLD OUT] 

SageOne & Minnylee - Introspective (7€ - ONLY A FEW COPIES LEFT)

Cassette / Limited Edition of 30 numbered copies (+30 un-numbered extra copies)  [2011, Hiss Tapes] 
Originally released on cd-r in 2005 (cd-r copies still available) 

Children Of The Sun - Blue Side Of The Moon / Humble Blue (SOLD OUT / OUT OF PRINT)

Cassette / Limited Edition of 50 numbered copies (+ 50 un-numbered extra copies) [2011, Hiss Tapes] 
Contains both old C.O.T.S. EP's (except 2 songs were left out, and 1 unreleased bonus track added). 17 tracks. Lyrics by Iwere & Square, beats by Kaliyuga Pro. [SOLD OUT]

Konju - Beat Tape (SOLD OUT / OUT OF PRINT)

Cassette [2012, Face Your Gods] 
We've got some of the last copies of this nice beat tape by Konju, check out the audio at: http://soundcloud.com/konduit/konju-beat-tape-raw-mix[OUT OF PRINT]

Neila - Only This One Counts (SOLD OUT)

Cassette / Limited Edition [2011, Hiss Tapes] 
This cassette version of Neila's new album also contains some bonus instrumentals and on the b-side ThaJain's "My Collection Of Tapes Vol. 2" (which is a pause-mix compilation of Neila's old songs). More info here [SOLD OUT]

ThaJain - My Collection Of Tapes Vol. 1 (4€) - OUT OF STOCK

Cassette/Mixtape [2011, Hiss Tapes]
A collection of old Living Legends songs, pause-mixed together by ThaJain. All songs taken from the original cassette releases. 90-minute tape full of rarities and classics. More info /tracklist here

Antti Szurawitzki - Avoin Lähdekoodi (5€)

Cassette/Mixtape [2004, Styge Recordings]
Antti Szurawitzki's old mixtape, check the tracklist here.

 Ghettotyylit - Compilation (SOLD OUT / OUT OF PRINT)

Cassette [2011, Fjuu Records]
The long-awaited Ghettotyylit compilation is finally here! 
feat. Blue Phantoms Network, Moonlit Man, Tono Slono, Ameba, Microbe, Ceebrolistics (RPK, Pijall, MattiP), Dumb, Iwere, Square, Antti Szurawitzki, Kaliyuga Pro, Puisto-Osasto, Chebaleba, Neveready, Nada, Juno, J Riskit, Khid..
14 tracks. [SOLD OUT / OUT OF PRINT]

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