Popup Store

Opening on Fri 7th, 17:00
Afterparty @ Ghetto Tyylit: X's, Kuudes Linja


New Hiss Tapes (Haez One, Chrystal Oak), Antiparty (Left Leberra "Poor Little Dude"), J Riskit "Vuari II", Mean Seed Comp. 2LP, Dullatron LP.

A lot of tapes running on the last copies, incl. Issue X Big War "Aura", DJ Tuleva Työtön "Silence Is Important", Pepperboy "Daytime" & "Nitetime", LWH "Tape Hiss Hooligan", Moksa "The Golden Age", Left Leberra "Dos Mil", DJ Awo "From a Seed to Evergreen"...

"Stökiss" CAS sold out! CD still available!

Boxes are still loaded with dope west coast vinyls, cd's & tapes! And they all have low popup-prices!

Only 3 days left! Ghettotyylit.com(ing) soon!

Open today 'till seven! Some copies of Stökiss-tape available after 14:00.
More used vinyl's & cd's floated in just before closing hours on Sat. Pop in!

We open one hour earlier during the week, at 13:00!
Juhannus week open Tue-Thu 13-19!

Bunch of new used vinyl added, brought in by Jalien! Dopeness!

Old tapes, cd's & vinyl by Tuulanauhat and the latest Crummy Kids tape. Come get yours and keep an eye out for exclusives.

-EUROCRACK! Hermanni Turkki 10". J Riskit - Liikaa LP... Lots of good used records, come and get em!

-lots of used vinyl and cd's for sale! selection of new products varies continuously. we're working on getting all this stuff online.

-there's gonna be old & new releases (mostly tapes) & used (rap) records for sale. some t-shirts and badges etc.
-we are also making exclusive tapes and merchandize during the month.
-there isn't going to be list of the exclusive items, but if you can't make it to the store at all, we can ship you something special, but you won't know what it's gonna be. that's the rule. more of this later :)
-online store will open! next week the latest!

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