Ameeba - Montako Puuta On Metsä (15€)

CD [2012, Syvä Vesi]
Ameba's new album is finally here! 12 tracks, featuring Pijall and Matti P (of Ceebrolistics/Murmurecordings). Also available on cassette.

Syvä Vesi - II (10€)

CD-R [2003 / 2012 reissue, Syvä Vesi]
Reissue of the second Syvä Vesi album, recorded in 2002/2003. Lyrics by Ameba and Microbe, beats by Ameba. Featuring Kasi, Mini, and Tee. Tracklist here.

Syvä Vesi - III (10€)

CD-R [2006 / 2012 reissue, Syvä Vesi]
Reissue of third Syvä Vesi album, by Ameeba & Microbe. Check the tracklist here.

Ameeba - Once Said (10€ - SOLD OUT)

CD-R [2009, Blue Phantoms Network]
Ameeba has propably put out more albums than any other rap artist in Finland, and this is just perhaps his greatest piece this far. Just breath-stopping beats and lyrics. 14 tracks of gold. Also features our Swedish friends Nadasdi and Enigmatical, and again beats from Kaliyuga and Ameeba. Makes you wanna listen to this over and over again. [SOLD OUT]

Ameba - The Dust Issues (6€)

CD-R (reissue) [2006, Saywhatyafeelmusic]
a.k.a. "Child Of The Night - Episode 2", a collection of various songs from 2002-2006.
13 tracks, with production by Ameba, Kaliyuga, and Esaar (of Ceebrolistics). Guest appearances by Xczircles (of Escape Artists) and Iwere.

Ameba (Sage One) & Minnylee - Introspective (7€ - Only a few copies left)

CD-R [2005]
Sageone (aka Ameeba) got together with lady Minnylee (of Tonedial) and recorded this dope and hi-quality album. And ofcourse beats are very nice, as always when they are produced by Ameeba and Kaliyuga. Minny and Sage both doing singing and rapping. Lovely! [Only a few copies left!]

Ameba - Universal Slang (5€)

CD-R [2004]
"an 80 minute instrumental trip thru the deep waters and forbidden forest" , 2001-2004.

Antiolla - Haalea Kaapu (10€)

CD [2009]
Dark electronic hiphop album by Antiolla (aka Antaaolla), with guest production from Ameba, Khid (aka DJ Kridlokk), Overme, Niclas Kristiansson, Dromond & RPK (aka Roope K).  Tracklist here.

Antti Szurawitzki - Myöntömuoto (5€) 

CD [2007, Styge Recordings]
Antti's instrumental album from 2006, guest appearances by E Da Boss, Pijall and Jukka Saranpää.

Blue Phantoms Network - Label Sampler (3€)

This is a label sampler, not an actual release.
Full tracks from a few past projects and many upcoming projects, incl. BPN Chapter 2 & 3, Moonlit Man, Dumb, Ameeba, Kaliyuga, Iwere, Tech Lab (Justin Morales & BC Ghost)...

Blue Phantoms Network - Chapter 1: The Emerging (5€)

CD-R (reissue) [2006, Blue Phantoms Network]
This is the first BPN release.
Including artists TAT200 (Moonlit), Dumb, Payperwork, Minnylee, Iwere, Ameeba, Toby One and many others. 4-track ish! Very nice.

Dumb - Paperwrists (10€)

CD-R [2010, Blue Phantoms Network]
One of Finland's finest rap lyricists! 
We have waited this album to drop since a promo-tape of this appeared in 2004.
This excellent, dark and beautiful album with personal lyrics, is definitely Dumb's finest work. Production by Khid, Neveready, Kaliyuga, and others, and a vocal feature from Moonlit Man. 8 songs / tracks.
Two tracks available in Soundcloud. 

Henry Who? - Hengen Blues (10€)

CD [Slowknow Production, 2012]
Solo album from Henry Who (formerly known as Dena Hena), recorded in 2008-2009.. Production by Aidii, Henry Who?, Atomi, and Puisto-Osasto.

Puisto-Osasto - Asfalttikin Voi Pettää (COMING BACK IN STOCK SOON)

CD [2008, Sunset Beats]
Nice instrumental hiphop album by Puisto-Osasto (aka Sunset Beach), with various guest artists playing live instruments. Tracklist here. [OUT OF STOCK]

Thono Slowknow - Pihalla Taas (10€) SOLD OUT

CD [2009, Slowknow Production]
Third solo album from TonoSlono, released in 2009. 13 tracks, with lots of guest artists. Beats produced by Puisto-Osasto. Tracklist here[OUT OF STOCK]

True Justice - True Justice (6€)

CD-R [2007, Hidden City Records]
A Compilation/mixtape by True Justice, 19 tracks of "club-friendly" hip hop music. Tracklist here.

Various - Analogue Structures (5€)

CD [2006, Styge Recordings]
This cd contains three out-of-print vinyl releases: Antti Szurawitzki "Äänitearkisto", Kaliyuga Pro. "Mystic Perspectives, and Mode Selector "Distant Sounds". Click here for tracklist.

White Mic & Z-Man - The Vegetable And The Ferret (5€)

CD-R [2012]
Cd-r version, a "promo/tour-cd" sold by the artists themselves. Click here for tracklist.

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