Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Radio: Feb 17th 2015 w/ Ameeba, Iwere & Betonipossu

Great variety of rap music in two hours!

Ameeba with a mixed selection of mainly new music from old artists along with local music, as usual; Iwere with songs that no-one's ever heard of, as usual; and Betonipossu with the long-awaited nineties Memphis underground set. 

Katy Perry: Dark Horse [DJTT Remix]
Nagasakin Lapset: Luonto
Souls Of Mischief: Finally Back
Souls Of Mischief: There is only now
The Grouch X Eligh X CunningLynguists: 100 Years
Bookie: Copycats
Tiiu Helinä: Muuri [Non-Person Remix]
Grieves: Lightspeed
The Game ft. Lil Wayne: My Life
Ellay Khule: LA Chopfest
AED: One Flag
Logic: So She Spoke
Blak Forest: Church Girl
Anotha Level: Rap Commando
Herbaliser: New And Improved ft. What What
Danjamowf: Question
Substance Abuse: What The Fuck You Rhymin For
BJ Digby: Surrender
Homeliss Derelix: Unite
Gangsta Pat ft. Villain: Deadly Verses
MC Mack: Ez Come Ez Go
Money Butt Naked ft. K-Rock, Da Villain, C-9, Mac Brownie: Twista
Koopsta Knicca: Purple Thang
Indo G ft. K-Rock, Koopsta Knicca, Nicki Scarto: Ashes To Ashes (Dust To Dust)
Three 6 Mafia: Body Parts
K-Rock: K-Rock My Name
Project Pat ft. Crucial Conflict: Stabbers
T-Rock: So Hi
Tommy Wright III ft. K-Rock, Ruff Draft, C-9: Act A Fool

Download here (Mega)


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