Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Radio: Dec 23rd & Jan 6th

 Here's the two previous shows.

Dec 23rd w/ Ameeba & Iwere:

Emanon: What's In A Name
Bryle Style X Nu Vintage: The Message
Nomak ft. Abstract Rude: Hi Mom! A Prayer For World Peace [Kero One Remix]
Tarica June: Let It Go
Burgundy Fatts: Myriad Of Thoughts
Trek Life: Wouldn't Change A Thing
Kendrick Lamar ft. BJ The Chicago Kid & Punch: Faith
Western Tink: Every Day All Day
HOPE: Piano Cover
Nipsey Hussle: Tonight's The Night
Coss: Searching
Jose James: Park Bench People
Mikah Nine: Come Up Off Of My Love
Nobody & Mystic Chords Of Memory: Memory
Zola Jesus: Trust Me [Live Band Version]
Lux Natura: An Eclipse
Tiiu Helinä: Sataa
N u a g e s: Dreams
Balam Acab: Fragile Hope
Telefon Tel Aviv: Sound In A Dark Room
Ott: The Queen Of All Everything
Helios: Bless This Morning Year
Härmälän Mimosa: Selkärankaa kuuhun
Tina Malia & Shimsai: Gayatri Mantra
Linda Perhacs: Chimacum Rain
Ulla Pirttijärvi: Lullaby
Singh Kaur: I Would Make Myself A Slave
The Suns: Om Namah Om

Download here (Mega)

Jan 6th w/ Ameeba, Iwere & DJTT:

 Great show!

 A funny/WTF moment when Iwere played a song by Ellay Khule from a decade ago and didn't know that it was produced by Ameeba. Ameeba then again wasn't aware the song had ever been released.

Saul Williams: Ohm
Fat Jack & Minister 2Bad: Woe Is Me
Matre: One Destination
Rifleman: Kool Is A Fool (Prod. by Ameba)
Rocksteady & Bebop: Do You Got A Chorus?
Irie Sight: Untitled
Style Misia: Die Another Day
Dudley Perkins: Yo' Soul
Mums The Word ft. LMNO: People Keep Moving
Odessa Kane: Fading Away
Schoolboy Q ft. Kendrick Lamar: Birds & The Bees
L*Roneous: Beat Sing
Pigeon John ft. Abstract Rude: Life Goes On
Freestyle Fellowship: Different
Aceyalone: Do Unto Others
Matt Gamin: Fashion
Primeridian: Trumpets Of Zion
Eagle Nebula: Call Me Nebs
Misto Soon: Impressions
Digable Planets: 9th Wonder [Kaliyuga Pro Remix]
Tommy V: Memory Lane
Gel Roc & Joe Dub: Healing The Hurt
Antiolla: Suuri Haalea
Rob.B: Closer To My Dreams
Square: Say Def
Moonlit: Yes (Dub 4 Girlz)
Division: Moment WIth Wine
Ameba: Friends
I-An-I: Grandma's Piano
Ameeba: Unelmat Kaatuu
Samson: Tottunu Venaamaan
Dead Prez: No Way As The Way

Download here (Mega)