Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Radio: April 1st, 2014 - New music & 90's rap tapes

Last night's show with Ameeba & .Moonlit on decks, plus Iwere & DJTT on the mic.

Ameeba played new sounds, I played cassette-only nineties hiphop.
It was mad fun! Check it out!

Adlib: Gangsta Music (CD)
RPK: Lähde (J. Karjalainen : Kurkien Äänet) (digi)
Dizzy Wright: The Wright Road (digi)
NDGO ft. ChinaMan: Witness (digi)
NDGO: Evolve (digi)
DJ Kridlokk: Paskat Siit 14 (LP)
The Underachivers: Flexin (digi)
cHaD: Reign Of Terror (digi)
The Underachievers: Root Of All Evil (digi)
Indigo Kids: Magnets (digi)
Dizzy Wright: Whatever It Takes (digi)
Denzel Curry: Widescreen (digi)
Moonlit: Soulshades (digi)
Kasi: Kirje [Demo] (digi)
Atom 12: Devilz Advocate
Log Cabin: Time And Space

Murmurecordings & Kemmuru: Hurulluru [live at Siperia 17.9.2003] (cassette)
Lateef The Truth Speaker: Wreckoning (cassette)
Mixed Practice: Endlessly (cassette)
KMD: What A Niggy Know? (cassette)
Total Devastation: Many Clouds Of Smoke (cassette)
Ras Kass: Won't Catch Me Runnin (cassette)
Artifacts: Wrong Side Of The Tracks (cassette)
SFC: The Vibe (cassette)
Anotha Level: Don't Stimulate (cassette)
AZ: Gimme Yours (cassette)
Boogiemonsters: Whistles In The Wind (cassette)
Penguins: Don't Stress (cassette)
Moka Only: Your Way (cassette)
Killah Priest: From Then Til Now (cassette)

 Download here (Mega)!

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