Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Preview: 4th Anniversary show!

It's that time again...
Next Tuesday, at 22:00 (CET+2), Ghetto Styles megashow on Bassoradio!
Houseful of rappers, all live!
Live videostream!

Follow up on the show's guestlist on the Ghetto Tyylit facebook-group (which just reached the size of 1,500 members)! The videostream link will also be posted there.

3rd Anniversary (the epic 9-hour broadcast) with download and photography.

2nd Anniversary Show with download and photography.

1st Anniversary (aka Freestyle Megashow 2)
(podcast coming up)

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Radio: Apr 15th w/ Kasi & Brother Boney (of UDF) [live performances!]

I'm still hyped up and amazed by how great this show was.
We had the honor to have guests Kasi & Boney Bro (of Urban Disciples Finland aka UDF) to visit, tell the story of their crew (which is one of the greatest rap crews in Finland of all time) and to perform songs live.

UDF was in fact a great crew with 9 members at best, including three female emcees. It existed for somewhat a decade (circa 1997-2007). They did more shows than probably any other crew at that time, released a great amount of albums that most people still don't know about, ran an epic radio show for many years (Boombox on Radio Dei) and even had their own online record shop ( If there was a title for hand-to-hand cassette-slanging, these guys would be the champs, no doubt!

Check the show (it feels like one of the best we ever did), find out what happened to UDF, listen to Kasi&Boney perform songs all the way from 1997. In this show Kasi also did one of the best freestyle verses I've ever heard.

All love!

Dumb's set of new music:
Sofiabukarest: Silver (digi)
Keyboard Kid: Demibased (digi)
Luckaleann: Roll Up (digi)
Xavier Wulf: The Report (digi)
100s: Thru My Veins (digi)
DJ Kridlokk ft. Eevil Stöö: Stöö & Lokk
Yung Simmie & Amber London: Splak Part 2 (digi)
Bones & Na$ty Matt: VHS (digi)
Little Pain: Weepers (digi)

- - KASI & BONEY BRO - -

Tape selections by Betonipossu:
UDF: Theurbandisciples (cassette)
Brother Boney & Otniel The Goblin: Nykyaika (Ei Mahdu Mun Tajuntaan) (cassette)
Paulos Tylsä & Kasi: YHWH (CD)
Kasi: Kuulen Hänen Laulavan (cassette)
Ruudolf, Otniel & Kasi: Ei Keksitty Nimee
Master Bone: Winter Poem (CD-R)

Download here (Mega)!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Radio: April 1st, 2014 - New music & 90's rap tapes

Last night's show with Ameeba & .Moonlit on decks, plus Iwere & DJTT on the mic.

Ameeba played new sounds, I played cassette-only nineties hiphop.
It was mad fun! Check it out!

Adlib: Gangsta Music (CD)
RPK: Lähde (J. Karjalainen : Kurkien Äänet) (digi)
Dizzy Wright: The Wright Road (digi)
NDGO ft. ChinaMan: Witness (digi)
NDGO: Evolve (digi)
DJ Kridlokk: Paskat Siit 14 (LP)
The Underachivers: Flexin (digi)
cHaD: Reign Of Terror (digi)
The Underachievers: Root Of All Evil (digi)
Indigo Kids: Magnets (digi)
Dizzy Wright: Whatever It Takes (digi)
Denzel Curry: Widescreen (digi)
Moonlit: Soulshades (digi)
Kasi: Kirje [Demo] (digi)
Atom 12: Devilz Advocate
Log Cabin: Time And Space

Murmurecordings & Kemmuru: Hurulluru [live at Siperia 17.9.2003] (cassette)
Lateef The Truth Speaker: Wreckoning (cassette)
Mixed Practice: Endlessly (cassette)
KMD: What A Niggy Know? (cassette)
Total Devastation: Many Clouds Of Smoke (cassette)
Ras Kass: Won't Catch Me Runnin (cassette)
Artifacts: Wrong Side Of The Tracks (cassette)
SFC: The Vibe (cassette)
Anotha Level: Don't Stimulate (cassette)
AZ: Gimme Yours (cassette)
Boogiemonsters: Whistles In The Wind (cassette)
Penguins: Don't Stress (cassette)
Moka Only: Your Way (cassette)
Killah Priest: From Then Til Now (cassette)

 Download here (Mega)!