Monday, October 21, 2013

Paperwrists cassette and other new limited editions!

On Saturday we held our first "open door day" at the store.
Thanks to everyone who showed up to shop or hang.
Doors are open again on Saturday 2nd of November!

DUMB - PAPERWRISTS (limited cassette edition)
We did 30 copies of Dumb's album Paperwrists on cassette, originally released in 2010 on CDR. It includes the original songs (available for free download at and two remixes (available for listen at The covers on this tape are X-ray images printed on film. Get your own copy for 10€! Available only at our store only!

Other new limited items:
First release from Finnish label Blackened Dust, dope and dark instrumental album from Helsinki.
Comes in a gatefold paper sleeve and a seal bag. Includes the album and a postcard. Yours for 8 euros!

Ghetto Styles affiliate, young producer DJ Tuleva Työtön makes slow, atmospheric and hypnotic beats. He has released a few beats tapes but this is the first with vocal features, incl. Dumb, Iwere, .Moonlit, Betonipossu and Toge, all in Finnish. Definite purchase especially for all Syvävesi-fans!
6 euros!

Latest release from the super-underground Finnish label Crummy Kids!
Experimental lofi music from Helsinki, 6 songs, 6 euros!

Check the store for more!

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