Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Radio: Sep 18th w/ Dumb

Iwere and Ameeba left out to do the next show together. This one I did with the original GT soldier Dumb, who currently resides in Helsinki as he is working as an intern in our newly opened mail order record shop!

Check out Dumb's Tumblr: DVMB SHYT

My set was something else tho... electronic / experimental / folk / soundtrack / laid-back type-o-shit.

Dumb 1-16 / Moonlit 17-33:

1. Yung God - I Could Die Rite No
2. Little Pain - High Cry
3. Underachievers - Cold Crush
4. Dvnny Seth - Toronto f/ Su Bviley
5. Cities Aviv - Tears f/ Rimar
6. Key Nyata - The Shadowed Diamond
7. Grandmilly X Eric Dingus - Silence
8. Western Tink & Beautiful Lou - Today
9. Glasspopcorn - Aspie
10. Dumb X Alexalfons - Isolate
11. Dumb X Junior Killer - Recitation
12. Dumb X Koala - Night Time
13. Mykki Blanco - Betty Rubble
14. Left Leberra X Iwere X Dumb - At My Worst
15. J.K. The Rapper - Slow It Down f/ Ramel Shakur
16. Tommy V - Can You Hear Me?
17. Nosaj Thing - Try
18. Koreless - Ivana
19. Grown Folk X Main Attrakionz - Double M.O.B. (Kuedo Remix)
20. Boards Of Canada - Split Your Infinities
21. Retro Stefson - Solaris
22. Blackedout - KPINS (Lil Sad Remix)
23. Ceebrolistics - Sinainin
24. Vessel - State
25. Remote Viewer - The Sound Of A Finished Kiss
26. Hanne Hukkelberg - Words & A Piece Of Paper
27. Amiina - Hilli
28. Eddie Vedder - The Wolf
29. Agnes Obel - Falling, Catching
30. INK - You Don't Know
31. Factor - Good Old Smokey f/ Mikah 9
32. Awol One & Factor - Sunday Mourning
33. Lil Ugly Mane - On Doing An Evil Deed Blues

Download here (4shared)

Sunday, September 8, 2013

NEW SITE + STORE + pics from CSD

We launched a new site on Saturday that includes the mail order store that is finally open after a 1,5-year pause!

I must say, what an accomplishment! It took a long while to get here, but the reason for that wasn't just the effort of designing and building a web site from scratch, it was also registering us as a legitimate organization and finding a place where we could collectively work all the orders, packaging, storing and so on.

Aside from those things, I think it was also things in life that at least I had to deal with and build towards a "job" like this. Go through a lot of changes in my personal life to really make this music thing my life. To let go of a lot of things just so that I could be able to do what I just wanna do.

We are now permanently set up to the location in Helsinki where we held our popup-store in June, sharing the space with superdope musicians Teeth, Desto, LAS & Mikael.

We operate mainly as a mail order shop, but are planning to have open-door days frequently. More of this later.

At the moment we can only accept BANK TRANSFER or CASH as payment, but we are working on getting other methods of payment. Our stock is pretty low at the moment but we are expecting new items and some re-ups anytime soon.

Once more, big props and much love out to DJ Tuleva Työtön who worked hard to encode the site!

For general questions or whatever, email us at Matters regarding the store, holler at

Here's a couple pictures from yesterday's sunny Cassette Store Day kiosk that we held outside of our shop with Anti-Party Music and Katin Tavara. Thanks to all who showed up and contributed!


KEYBOARD KID "BASED IN THE RAIN 3" (APM036), golden tape, "collector's box"

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Radio: Sep 3rd

Last night's show!

Don't forget, (incl. THE STORE) opens on Saturday!
Having a little street stand in front of Pengerkatu 15 during the day. For more info log on to the Facebook group! It's the international Cassette Store Day too.

Iwere 1-8, 16-23 / Moonlit 9-15, 24-31:

1. Co$$ feat Sene - Lets Begin Part 2
2. Da Bush Babees - Remember We (Def Dee Remix)
3. Nas - What Goes Around (AshTre Jinkins Remix)
4. Golden State Warriors - 3 Card Molly (Dj Marvel Mix)
5. Jay Rock feat Trae Tha Truth - Still In The Hood
6. Schoolboy Q - Birds & The Beez f/ K. Lamar
7. Bambu - My Potnas f/ Cutso
8. Dudley Perkins - Misled
9. Saafir - Rock The Show (feat Hobo Junction)
10. No Concept - Don't Stop
11. Princess Leah - Yesterday
12. Scarub - Shadows (feat Amazon)
13. The Muppet Show - Halfway Down The Stairs
14. Xololanxinxo - She
15. Kankick - Observation (feat Mystery's Extinction)
16. Inoe Oner - Change
17. The Genie Music feat Peace & Unity - What The Hell
18. Gajah & Graves33 - Change My Weather
19. Equipto & Michael Marshall - My Proud Stumble
20. Bryle Style X Nu Vintage - Keep Walkin'
21. Wake Up People - Jet Stream
22. Manu Li, Stark Glory, Osiris Booque & Mud Rich - Wednesday Night (No Halo)
23. Nipsey Hussle - Tonight's The Night
24. Mount Kimbie - Who Took Your Time (feat King Krule)
25. Neila & Deeskee - The Dream
26. Izm Da Mad Soul - Unheard Of
27. All Natural - 50 Years
28. Freestyle Fellowship - Once Again
29. P.E.A.C.E. - Harder Harder / Southwest Rider
30. Kaos Cou De Ta - KKKK
31. Vooodu - Southern California Nites

Download here (4shared)