Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Radio: Aug 20th

Moonlit 1-10 / Ameeba 11-20 / Iwere 21-30:
1. Yung Simmie - Slangin feat Icee
2. Yung Lean - Princess Daisy
3. Low Leaf - yUdUyU
4. Duke Westlake - Geyser f/ VerBS & Jose Zeta Jones
5. Gensu Dean & Planet Asia - Thyself f/ David Banner & Tragedy Kadafi
6. Spark Master Tape - Mutual Fund
7. EUROCRACK - F U T U R O (inst)
8. Uptown XO - XO Skeleton
9. Moonlit - Like The Sunshine
10. Iwere & Moonlit (Tapanilasessiot) - Pysähdy Hetkeksi (Moonlit Remix)
11. Dunckergatan - Kadun Sijaan f/ Sara Björnsdotter
12. Vaaleethousut - Paninajainen
13. Noah23 - No Such Thing As Twin
14. Disflex 6 - Dream Sequence (Elon. Is Remix)
15. Abnormal - All Within Reach f/ Tommy V
16. I-an-I - My Grind
17. Murmurecordings - Blue Livingroom Anthem
18. edIT - Ants
19. Desto - Final Chamber
20. Pepperboy - Local Rapper
21. Metro Zu - Softwork Hardhead
22. Someothaship - How Gods Do (Satie Geemix)
23. Square One - Dreams f/ Izz
24. Kendrick Lamar - Faith f/ BJ The Chicago Kid & Punch
25. Oddisee - You Know Who You Are (Acoustic Soul Remix)
26. Bored Stiff - Free
27. Vernon Bridges - Musica
28. Fana - Simplicity
29. Dunckergatan - Alta Vastain f/ Khid & SQR
30. Psychelibrium Paradox - Goodnight

Download here (4shared)

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Radio: Aug 6th w/ Alexalfons

A week ago, Finnish producer Alexalfons accompanied me and Ameeba on the show.

Alexalfons makes astonishing music and we took this chance to dig a little deeper into the music he is influenced by. Check his music out at

Sort-of-back-to-back Moonlit–Ameeba 1-14 / Alexalfons 15-22 / Moonlit 23-28:

1. The Nonce - The Sight Of Things
2. Denzel Curry - Blvcklvnd Goddess
3. Shapeshifters vs. Mnemotrauma - Homesick
4. Maallikkosaarnaajat - Katso Tulevaan
5. The Grouch & Eligh - Without Love
6. Alpha Mc - Detox
7. Kiltit Ihmiset, RPK, Khid & Moonlit - SADEYÖ (Moonlit Remix)
8. Puzoozoowatt - Tippy Toes
9. Nga Fsh - Coming 4 You
10. Persevere - Beta Boy 2 G
11. Scatterbrain & V-roc - Memoirs Of Butch Cassidy
12. Odessa Kane & Vernon Bridges - 4th Of July
13. Grieves - Lightspeed
14. Dead Prez - No Way As The Way
15. Dev.L.A. & Alexalfons - Drowningsound
16. Spaceghostpurpp - Mystical Maze
17. Main Attrakionz - Take One f/ ASAP Rocky
18. Roc Marciano - Snow
19. People Under The Stairs - More Than You Know
20. Lil Sad - Saw U Leave
21. Boody & Le1f - Soda
22. Alexalfons & Dumb - Lazy Calm
23. Orko Eloheim - Open Heart Sergery
24. Dj Krush - Only The Strong Survive f/ CL Smooth
25. Primeridian X Mos Def - Ring Around The Lyrical X Travelling Man
26. Global Phlowtations - Global Phlowtations f/ Ab Rude
27. Inoe Oner - Time And Time Again
28. Inner - Lost Track

Download here (4shared)

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Web store opening / Tapanila tapes

Only an idiot promoter would organise an event and forget to mention it on the company's own website. Whoopsie daisy!

So, we did our third club event last night. Much appreciation to everyone who showed up, bigup! Check the flier below.

A lot of people have been asking when the web store opens. I couldn't be more happier to announce this:

Ghetto Tyylit will be settling into TWO for good. It will become our base, office, hangout, workroom. That means we have finally have a chance to relaunch the mail order shop. A new era on the life of Ghetto Tyylit begins on September. Kippis!

In the meanwhile, check this remix I did for last night.
It's of a four-track session in Tapanila in 2011 with Kiltit Ihmiset, RPK, Khid and myself. Tapanila sessions happened in 2010-2012 and were held by me and Tommi Liikka at his place. They were first called the "Tuesday sessions" as we gathered every Tuesday. We hung out, listened to new music, wrote a song and recorded it on a four-track. Sometimes we invited friends along. Altogether we made about 60 songs, non-edited, raw, written and recorded on the one night to capture the moment.
This song "Sadeyö" was the second song we made that night, both rain inspired. To this remix I sampled the famous light saber from Star Wars. Fun fact. Original beat was by Khid.

Our workroom in TWO will enable us to have time to finally put all the recordings together and release the tapes.

Listen here:

A few pictures from Tapanila sessions by Robert Keskinen: