Thursday, April 11, 2013

Left & Stash in Finland - Part 1

Left Leberra & Stash Marina came over from New Haven, Connecticut, for a show and a 5-day hangout. Times was good and a lot of it was captured on film, video and audio. Here's part one: photos!
Mindman © R. Keskinen
Dumb © R. Keskinen

Dead-O © R. Keskinen 

Children Of The Sun 
Ameeba & Tantr Slangrr © R. Keskinen 

Kylmä (Klommo, JRiskit, Khid) © R. Keskinen 

J Riskit © R. Keskinen
.Moonlit © R. Keskinen

Left Leberra © R. Keskinen

Left Leberra & Stash Marina © R. Keskinen

Left © R. Keskinen

Left & Stash (in the audience) © R. Keskinen
Left & Stash © R. Keskinen

© R. Keskinen

Stash & Left © .Moonlit

Dead-O & Left © .Moonlit

Stash, Dead-O, Moonlit & Left after the 1st studio sess © Dumb
Iwere during 3rd studio day © .Moonlit
At the ball game © .Moonlit
Salmiakki time @ The Funkiest © .Moonlit
Jallu Leberra @ Dark Days, Bassoradio ©.Moonlit

Chief Marina © .Moonlit

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