Thursday, April 4, 2013


As some might recall, we had our club opening party a year ago. It featured Equipto, L*Roneus, Z-Man, True Justice & Mike Marshall, and Ameeba. We did a show in Turku and a show in Bassment, Helsinki. But by the end of that month Bassment closed its doors and changed ownership, and we again lacked a venue.

So now, after a year, we finally get this thing running. A new venue opens up today in Helsinki, named Kaiku. Ghetto Tyylit has a night there every other month, organized by Moonlit & Dead-O (Dark Days, Anti-Party). It sort of continues where Anti-Party left off in the early 2000's when Dead-O organized random shows that featured local cats and 'underground' artists from USA (such as Subtitle, Awol One, Existereo, Abstract Rude...).

Now we finally have a chance to bring this whole "underground rap" game thing live in front of an audience. Much gratitude and appreciation goes to Lil Tony! This is certainly a great dream come true.

So if you in Helsinki, come to our first night tomorrow!
We bring in Left Leberra & Stash Marina from New Haven, Connecticut.
It is also J Riskit's (Kylmä, Ghetto Tyylit) VU∆RI II EP-release party.
We'll also have the "Sessiolive" with various local emcees, and Ghetto Tyylit DJ's Dead-O, Moonlit & Ameeba.


  1. You guys have any footage from last years show?

    1. we do, as seen on the premiere video (^).