Friday, March 1, 2013

Kali Yuga's Mediafire account shut!

Unfortunately Mediafire closed down Kali Yuga's account. Most of his uploads were there, so that means MOST OF OUR LINKS OF CASSETTES AND CD'S ARE DEAD!

My account is still up, so ALL RADIO SHOW LINKS WORK!

Mediafire announced that it was over some old rare cassettes, but that seems like a bullshit story. Maybe someone reported his links just to fuck with us (I doubt it was the artists themselves), maybe it was just Mediafire's safety measure against 320-mp3 uploads. Go figure.

I never felt we did nothing illegal and nothing to hurt the artists. At least our intention was good. *Sigh*


  1. MF announced a few months ago that they delete copyrighted material and also archives that are password protected. They were probably affraid of making the same experience like MU did.

  2. I was having nothing but problems with mediafire for my site. After speaking with Jack Devo I took a different approach and have been very happy with the results.

    If you're interested I may be able to help with the hosting of some of the music

  3. any chance of seeing those tapes get re-upped?

  4. Oiskohan mitään mahdollisuutta että palauttaisivat accountin toimintaan? Aika korvaamatonta matskua kuitenkin, mitä ei muualta löydä

  5. It is unlikely that the account would be restored. Also the chances of reupping are slim. Sorry folks. A shame, I thought that these archives would've lasted a few years longer at least, but in these internet times it seems that change is much quicker than that.