Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Radio: Jan 8th

First show of 2013! Closing in on the 3-year-anniversary show!
There was no show two weeks ago 'cause it was Xmas day and Basso was on lock-down.

2013... man... I wish I could speak out my excitement of things to come. All I can say that I'm glad that there was this 6-9 months of draw-back. Had time to make music and just that. As winter fades, shadows shorten as sun grows taller and streets are dry again, a new era of Ghetto Styles shall start up...

If you were lost in Xmas rush, you might've not noticed the two free albums that dropped on December:
1. One of my favorite cassette-poets, underground OG, Tommy V (Imprints) dropped "Mocking Bird" just before Xmas as he had promised. Aw some ness!
2. White Mic keeping himself busy! His third album within a year? The follow-up to "The Vegetable & The Ferret" (with Z-man), it's now "The Vegetable & The Alien" (with AgentStriknine). 10 songs with feature MC's to 8 of them. Also includes a beat from our homie Finn, Aksim ("That's Jupiter" f/ Self Jupiter) (producers uncredited)!

Ameeba played two half-hour sets. I played Finnish music only.
Ameeba (1-7, 25-31) / Iwere (8-17) / Moonlit (18-24):

1. Myka 9 feat Josef Leimberg - The Artist's Journal
2. Captain Murphy & Earl Sweatshirt - Between Friends [Flying Lotus]
3. Maallikkosaarnaajat - Vieläkin Välittää
4. Cypha 7 - Young Gunz
5. Bookie - Copycats [Rob The Prof]
6. @N3_LL - Fuck Rap [#305-GRIND]
7. Deniro Farrar feat St 2 Lettaz of G-Side - Minivan [Spadez]
8. Bored Stiff - Hard Work [Bored Stiff]
9. Robbie Dreadeyez, Strenph - Dawkness [Shuttle Life]
10. Joaquin Daniels - Fate On Hold f/ Ab Rude & Mozaicone
11. Mykki Blanco - YungRhymeAssasin [Flostradamus]
12. Mykki Blanco - Wavvy [Brenmar]
13. Abhyasa - Kuumotuksis [abhyasa.bandcamp]
14. Abhyasa - Lintunen f/ Joonas [abhyasa.bandcamp]
15. Ariano, Awol One & Jizzm HD - Touch Without Touching
16. Jermiside - Lucky Number 13 [Biology Of Kingship]
17. Tommy V - For Infinity [fakefour.bandcamp]
18. Underwater Firez (Iason & Danaoz) - Hybrid/Nemesis [Math-A-Matic]
19. Kkilla - I'm A Hustla [Happy End Music]
20. Ukko - Etsi-tse [Komunone]
21. Effekt - Moraali Seuranani [Fjuu / Freaky Beats]
22. Antti Szurawitzki - Muistiinpano [Styge]
23. Rudimentals - Pressure Drop [Kool Kat]
24. Srkkpjt - Kolahtaa Krl [Lifesaver]
25. Myka 9 - Hunter's Soul
26. Neako - The Inevitable [Ess Ess]
27. Logic - Used To Hate It [Young Sinatra]
28. Fabolous - Only Life I Know f/ Troy Ave [John Scino]
29. Fabolous - Diamonds [Mally The Martian]
30. Game - See No Evil f/ Kendrick Lamar & Tank [Jesus Piece]
31. Commonwealth [Subdivision] - No Worries

Download here (Mediafire)
password: ghettostyles

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