Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The End Of Ghetto Tyylit?

Hear hear, you underground dwellers & tunnel citizens!

As you might've noticed, the blog and store have been inactive recently.

We are going through some huge structural changes in our organization, all for the better.

Ghetto Tyylit is to become a legit association in Finland too. Some of us are already working full-time in it basically.

As to posting music, we can thank Kali Yuga for the immense work he has put to transforming music from physical to digital and sharing it with y'all with all the details. He has created an online underground rap library that will exist forever - or as long as the servers are up. More music is to be posted, I promise, but we can not ask Kali Yuga for more. (By the way, did you know about his work in Discogs? You might run into his name very often if you look at the contributors. He changed his user name to contribute more after he had 777 contributions there under the username "KaliyugaPro". The magic number.) He has not announced retirement but let's call it a holiday.

As a matter of fact, it is only a matter of time if time was matter and facts mattered (I'm getting poetic here), when we are back up full strength. Sometimes things need run on that small gear too.

Meanwhile, I'm doing interviews to discover the state of underground rap music worldwide. Part one, Prosperous from Sweden,

It's gonna be fucking epic this whole thing, f'realzzz!


  1. Kaliyuga should be nominated for "Cultural Deed" of a century -SQR

  2. I feel like crying - an end of an era. I've always looked to the latest GT post with great anticipation. Thank you Kaliyuga! Your archival skillz and willingness to share make the smithsonian look like a lending library with nothing but christian children's music. All of you at GT have seriously improved my quality of life, and I thank you sincerely. Despite my remorse at the closing of this day, I look forward to seeing the next chapter. Onward underground soldiers! (armed with hand-made flower-shaped squirt guns that shoot really expensive vodka - in an aural sense) (I'll shut up now)

  3. Thank you for all the elusive gems you've posted! I was able to hear things I never thought I would thanks to you guys. I wish you guys the best and will patiently wait for (the possibility of) more sweet rarities!

  4. I have to say though, I hope you guys really will post more music in the future because the Retina and Sounds of the Good Life tapes MUST be unearthed and I think the chances of that happening are much weaker without you guys around!!

  5. as for retina, i know infinity gauntlet has a copy. so someone down with him could hit him up.

  6. A big thanks from here too for Kaliyuga and others! So many moods have been passed through GT, I only hope that I could sometime somehow do something back.

  7. You guys over here at GT have changed my life with the posts here. All the tapes, interviews, and links have taken me all over the world to experience the dopest underground hits. Always will love ya'll. Peace

  8. thank you all for the lovely words!
    don't be afraid, we are definitely coming back up with active posting. we are building this whole thing to be more of a team effort, so that it wouldn't be all up to one man as it was. it might take a little time but in the meanwhile, radio still goes on as usual and i will post the two latest shows this weekend.

    incase you are yet not a member of our Facebook-group, you oughta join in 'cos in addition to all the fans posting, a lot of artists post their music there, so it's a pretty good place to keep up what's going on underground today:

    we love you back! especially you, Jack Devo!
    peace yall!

    ps. i've been making music a lot lately and incase your interested in the sounds Moonlit, check out ;)