Thursday, August 2, 2012

In other news...

Helsinki Hookup weekend:
We reppin' throughout the weekend at Helsinki Hookup skateboard event side-to-side with Roots Culture Movement clothing. We slingin' tapes there all weekend!

Tapanila demo tape:
A promo tape from Tapanila sessions (aka Tuesday sessions) is now available for listen at Good Life Coffee. Tapanila sessions are rapping sessions organized by Plankton & Moonlit in Tapanila, Helsinki. Dozens of songs recorded with friends on a cassette-4-track-recorder since 2010. Honest and raw.
Tape is compiled by DJ Emotion & Moonlit and can be only heard at the Coffee shop.

Photo copyright: Moonlit


  1. Hi !

    have you stopt to post tapes ?

    Maybe you can help us out with

    Yard Massive* ‎– Lifestyles Of A Cali Mcee


    Gershwin* ‎– Vocabudrab Sessions 96-97

    would be cool if yours could bless us again with some music !


  2. Is this blog out of bounce ?

  3. hey y'all! the blog and store are temporarily out of bounce. we are going through some structural changes, but will be back soon hopefully with more postings, with more insight to the music. i will post about this.

    as to Yard Massive and Gershwin, i have both tapes in shelf and will post them when we get back up.

    thank you!