Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Paper Archives #3: Flyers

I compiled some flyers that I got from DJ Plankton and DJ Emotion, some from my own collection too. Finnish and Californian.

Broke Ass Summer Jam vol III, 1998, and Tony Da Skitzo's EP announcement. 
DJ Plankton went to California in 1998...

Ab Rude ticket from the Anti-party show in Finland and other Anti-party flyers. Also a ticket from the legendary pre-Anti-party party that was called Moments in '97 with Eclipse 427, Plado & Sumach and the Ceebrolistics. 

Mattip, DJ Plankton, Ameeba & Orko Eloheem did a small tour in Finland and Europe, incl. a big show in Paris w/ Bigg Just of Company Flow. Two flyers from times of Styge Recordings, a dope label that was run by Antti Szurawitzki. 

Lifesaver 3-years anniv. party w/ Didier, Peanut Butter Wolf & Edan in 2002. Mixoftheweek.com card. Leppäkosken Rytmi festival flyer where I saw Ameeba & Iwere (Forbidden Forest) for the first time in my life. Also my stamp card from Swamp Music, Tampere, dated 1998 (while I was 12 years old.. I think I bought two Wu-Tang albums that time). 

Two shows where I appeared (as Tattoo and in Dynamic Function). Plankton appearing under his previous name Heman. 

As for bonus, Iwere's unused gift card from the past Syndicate hiphop shop. I figure he lost it or forgot about it in 2001 and now over ten years later found it... what a shame, haha!

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  1. Niin siistejä ja söpöjä noi 90-luvun väripaperilappuset! (Ja lisäksi: LOL @ "hip hopin Paavi". :D)