Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Radio w/ Matre (Shapeshifters)

At our club opening night three weeks before this show, as I was djing and playing the song "Dumb" by Awol One, this guy comes to me and asks me:
- Are you from the Bay?
- No, I replied
- Are you from here?
- Yeah..?
- That's my boy Awol One! I'm *****, also from the Shapeshifters.
Then he walked off and I never saw him again. Took us three weeks to find who he was 'cos I didn't catch his name that night. He was Matre of the English League and indeed the Shapeshifters, Los Angeles.

Listen to the show (from 29th of May) and find out what the F was he doing in Finland for such a long time. He was with his boy John McGregor. They threw a lot of knowledge at us and we were just blown! Matre also did some killer freestyles too, for real! Great guys those two!

Peace to Jalien & Alise for doing the detective work on Matre.

PS. check out Matre's site, you can download his music there FOR FREE!

1. Specs Wizard - Gogh I [beetback.blogspot]
2. Matre - One Destination [Jericho J]
3. Awol One & Factor - One More Time f/ Matre [HHV]
4. L*Roneous - The Notes []
5. Neila - Marked for Breath
6. Orko Eloheem - Open Heart Sergery [777 Beats]
7. Various Blends - To The Gut [Baraka]
8. Matre - Town Cryer []
9. The Escape Artists - Ceasar's Ghost [PlotAgainstTheme]
10. Constylations - As The World Rotates (Esoin) [Thought Crimes]
11. Mykill Miers - Crash and Burn [Blastoff Vol 2]
12. English League - Stone Cold Party Rockers
13. Shapeshifters - Strange Birds
14. Matre w/ Mikael H. & The Sibarians [Traveller Remix]
15. Matre - [Interview + Freestyle]
16. Matre - Love Letter [Gifted Tour Mixtape]
17. Matre - Alright Okay [Easter Sonday]
18. Labtekwon - Friend
19. Shapeshifters - Planet Rock 2012 ["2012"]
20. Moka Only - Majic [Legendary Ent]
21. Dregs One feat Telli Prego - Statistics [Infinite Potential]
22. Neila feat Matre & DJ ESP - Earthquake [Neila]

Download (Mediafire)
password: ghettostyles

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