Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Koncepts: Project Ambershine

Kemetic Suns 1997. All Production by Koncepts for Kemetic Suns East,
except The Prophecy by Karma Chi for Kemetic Suns West.
Kemetic Suns is: KarmaChi, Koncepts Matus* Ayentee Puritan, BayBay Miracle,
Asanti Paragon, Hypnotic NativeSon, Prince Ra TBM, Kirbee Dominick.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Altering yo' fixed reality

Altering yo' fixed reality by Neila. This tape is 90 minutes full of blends and grinds, Neila's collaborations with Acid Reign and JunDax, some of them are on Missing Link tape (scroll below), tracklist seems to be only partial, there's K. Elling's cloud song, hard to find track by Subtitle, it's ultrasique! There's a note: "and plenty mo' ono grinds". Peek a pic above to take a look at tracklist. I have no idea how many these tapes are floating around, thanks to EVS for hot tips! Sound varies between tracks = Ghetto quality!

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Acid Reign: Paradigm Shift (2001)

Another underground album by Acid Reign, from 2001, released on cd-r only. (This here is a 320kbps mp3 rip of the original)

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Acid Reign & Neila: The Missing Link (1999)

A collaboration tape by Acid Reign and Neila, also featuring Express, Ali, and Indiginuz.  Beats by Dert, Rappin Ron, El Nino, and Pilot Rase.

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Metamorphosis - OPTimus Rhymes

More JKC goodness. Metamorphosis by Optimus Rhymes. Happy birthday OPT!
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tracklist link

Acid Reign: Acid Trip - A Journey To The... (1997)

Debut release from the Acid Reign crew, a cassette ep from 1997.

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Endlessness In Machinery: Industrial Death (1999)

Endlessness In Machinery hailing from South Bay. All Lyrics written by Dave Dub, except Superanarchist written and performed by Defiance & Grand Master Zest. Produced by Sidus idiom, DJ Roe, Architect. Isolated Wax '98-'99.

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tracklist and photos

Monday, June 18, 2012

Acid Reign: Acidicompositions (1998)

Beyond & Gajah featuring DJ ESP, Dert, Awol 1, Adlib & Zagu Brown.

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tracklist & photos

Saturday, June 16, 2012


Blak Forest - You Are Now Entering The... cassette 1997. west coast rap.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Last night, on June 12th, we did a killer show by ourselves! Iwere started the show with Afterlife / Raider Klan sound and some new rap, I played a classic nineties-mixtape-styled all-vinyl-boombap set, and Ameeba played some new crunk ish. Great compilation of different styles. Checkeeeeeet!

1. Riddlore - The Cumm Up Continues [Afterlife]
2. Ellay Khule- Room With A View [Afterlife]
3. Cypha 7- Test My Gangsta [Afterlife]
4. Mister CR, Malathion & Kariminal - Wacc Rappers [Rumble Pakk]
5. Denzel Aquariuskilla Curry - Life In The Day Of Denzel Curry [Raider Klan]
6. Denzel Aquariuskilla Curry - Blvcklvnd Goddess [Raider Klan]
7. Mykki Blanco - Join My Militia (Nas Gave Me A Perm) [@ARCA_NY]
8. St. Joe Louis feat Al-Kayduh - Kinda Strange [DJ Tim Dolla]
9. Main Attrakionz - On Deck [Squadda B X Sea Thin]
10. Open Mike Eagle - Rappers Will Die Of Natural Causes (MC Sole Remix) [Swim Team]
11. Jizzm HD, Puzoozoowatt & Xololanxinxo - Accupuncture Remix
12. Natural Elements - Second Hand Smoke [Word Of Mouth]
13. Edan - Emcees Smoke Crack [Lewis Recordings]
14. Ed O.G. & Da Bulldogs - Be A Father To Your Child [PWL]
15. Gang Starr - Ex Girl To Next Girl [Chrysalis]
16. DJ Honda feat The Rawcotiks - For Everybody That Goes By [H2]
17. Big L - How Will I Make It [D.I.T.C.]
18. Smiley The Ghetto Child - No Win Situation [Fat Beats]
19. Ill Biskits - God Bless Your Life [Khari Ent]
20. DJ Adam 12 feat Eddie Meeks & Thareko - Up On It [Serious Entertainment]
21. Wil' Pak - No Mono
22. Hi-Tech & J-Treads - Weak Minds [Mass Vinyl]
23. Killarmy - Red Dawn [Wu-Tang]
24. Arsonists - Flashback [Fondle Em]
25. Evian Christ - MYD
26. Fatima Al Qadiri - Hip Hop Spa (Nguzunguzu Remix)
27. Zumbi - West Coastin [Break Bread]
28. Clams Casino - Unchain Me
29. Short Dawg feat Propain & Z-Ro - H-Town [Adventures Of]
30. JLMA HNRI X RPK - Palaan Pahempana [EURO CRACK]
31. Trae f/ Dougle-D & Shyna - Struglin [Losing Composure]
32. Deniro Farrar - Subconcious f/ SL Jones [DESTINY, altered]
33. Ameeba - Maailmaa [Ghetto Tyylit]

Download (Mediafire)
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Radio w/ Matre (Shapeshifters)

At our club opening night three weeks before this show, as I was djing and playing the song "Dumb" by Awol One, this guy comes to me and asks me:
- Are you from the Bay?
- No, I replied
- Are you from here?
- Yeah..?
- That's my boy Awol One! I'm *****, also from the Shapeshifters.
Then he walked off and I never saw him again. Took us three weeks to find who he was 'cos I didn't catch his name that night. He was Matre of the English League and indeed the Shapeshifters, Los Angeles.

Listen to the show (from 29th of May) and find out what the F was he doing in Finland for such a long time. He was with his boy John McGregor. They threw a lot of knowledge at us and we were just blown! Matre also did some killer freestyles too, for real! Great guys those two!

Peace to Jalien & Alise for doing the detective work on Matre.

PS. check out Matre's site, you can download his music there FOR FREE! www.mcmatre.com

1. Specs Wizard - Gogh I [beetback.blogspot]
2. Matre - One Destination [Jericho J]
3. Awol One & Factor - One More Time f/ Matre [HHV]
4. L*Roneous - The Notes [whoislroneous.com]
5. Neila - Marked for Breath
6. Orko Eloheem - Open Heart Sergery [777 Beats]
7. Various Blends - To The Gut [Baraka]
8. Matre - Town Cryer [mcmatre.com]
9. The Escape Artists - Ceasar's Ghost [PlotAgainstTheme]
10. Constylations - As The World Rotates (Esoin) [Thought Crimes]
11. Mykill Miers - Crash and Burn [Blastoff Vol 2]
12. English League - Stone Cold Party Rockers
13. Shapeshifters - Strange Birds
14. Matre w/ Mikael H. & The Sibarians [Traveller Remix]
15. Matre - [Interview + Freestyle]
16. Matre - Love Letter [Gifted Tour Mixtape]
17. Matre - Alright Okay [Easter Sonday]
18. Labtekwon - Friend
19. Shapeshifters - Planet Rock 2012 ["2012"]
20. Moka Only - Majic [Legendary Ent]
21. Dregs One feat Telli Prego - Statistics [Infinite Potential]
22. Neila feat Matre & DJ ESP - Earthquake [Neila]

Download (Mediafire)
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Radio: 2-Year-Anniversary Show

Ghetto Styles / Ghetto Tyylit was born a small monthly dj-club in Beatroot, Helsinki in October, 2009. It was hosted by Moonlit with guest dj's. In April 14th, 2010, the first post on this blog was posted and on April 18th the first show aired on Basso Radio. 

On 15th of May, 2012, we did a two-hour anniversary show. It was a live stage -type of show and was streamed in video online. DJ Plankton (Anti-Party Music, Murmurecordings) started the show with some of his favorite tracks from back in the day. On the mic we had (in the following order): Pigeonheadz (Moonlit & Dumb), Moonlit (solo), Iwere (solo), Children Of The Sun / Broken Beats (Iwere & Square), Kasi (solo, UDF), J Riskit (Kylmä), Ameeba (solo), Syvävesi (Microbe & Ameeba), Microbe (solo), Khid (Kylmä), Kesken (Saurus), Mindman (No Good Men), Tono Slono (SMC) and Aqustiikka (went overtime, not recorded). 

(password: ghettostyles)

Photos © by Topi "Toby One" Vanhatalo


Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Penguins tape (1998)

Back in 1998 3 Melancholy Gypsys released tape called The Penguins. Eligh, MURS and Scarub's alteregos for this project are Gandoff, Sting and Don Quixote, featuring Elusive, Tom Slick and F.S.A.C.P on production. Remarks on photo, Eligh and Scarub autographed this copy 2005 after their gig at Helsinki. Long time coming because back in the days subscriber had to travel 50 km to get this tape from customs. Kind regards to folks at Access store, support your worldwide underground supplier.

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tracklist link

Plado: Try To Read My Mind cassette maxi-single (1997)

Plado from Twisted Mind Kidz. Limited edition cassette maxi-single Try To Read My Mind featuring Eclipse 427. Happy bornday to Moonlit!

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tracklist link

Eclipse 427: Power cassette EP (1997)

Power cassette EP. All songs written and produced by Eclipse-427-Shadow for Darcman Recordings.
Artwork by Vaughn Ross for Freehand Artworks. Flii appears courtesy of Odd Couple.

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Thursday, June 7, 2012

All The King's Horses: Nobody Knows Where The Red Fern Grows (1993)

Cassette EP by All The Kings Horses (James Ek-Sel & Square Root), released in 1993.

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The Animal Pharm - The First Exploration EP: Pharmaceuticals

The Animal Pharm is Panda, Statik and Nono. Cassette EP: Pharmaceuticals...
The First Exploration EP  featuring L-O-K-I and The Kraken.
Love to the entire West Coast Underground!!!

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tracklist link

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Bay Area Art Collective / James Ek-sel: The Sweet Science Of Sin (2001)

Solo album by James Eksel (of Bay Area Art Collective / Nameless & Faceless crew). He was also a member of All The King's Horses back in the 90's.

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..check these too:

James Exsel demo song 1
James Exsel demo song 2

James Exsel - Revenge Of The Nerd EP

Bay Area Art Collective / PSA - 12 Songs About The Same Thing

Another release from PSA (Public Service Announcement), featuring members of BAAC (Bay Area Art Collective).

1. PSA Intro
2. Move To L.A.
3. Whats The Deff
4. End Less Love
5. Humanimals
6. Mandable Biography
7. So What
8. What Works
9. Lullabye
10. God Vs. Man
11. BAAC 2 The 1

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Bay Area Art Collective / PSA: State Of Emerge-And-See

A rare cd by PSA (Public Service Announcement), featuring Eufone and Sagana Mahti on the mic, King Creation (aka Kool Kyle) on the beats, and DJ Poizen on the turntables.

1. A PSA Introduction
2. What's The Definition Of A Collective?
3. God Vs. Man
4. Mandible Biography
5. End/Less Love

password: ghettostyles

Bay Area Art Collective: Z Side Demonstrations (200_?)

Here's one more album by Nameless & Faceless / Bay Area Art Collective, this mp3 was available on their website in the early 2000's...

1. The Reunion
2. Comment For Critics
3. More Impressions
4. Innovate And Illustrate
5. State Of The Art
6. I See Monsters
7. Oakland Funk
8. Sake Tasting
9. Mad About That
10. No TV (Original)
11. I Exist
12. Kiloki (Original)
13. Ballroom Gala 3000

password: ghettostyles

Bay Area Art Collective: Next Train I'm Out EP (200_?)

Another EP by B.A.A.C., released sometime in the early 2000's.

1. Proverbs
2. 9 Lives
3. On The Em Eye See
4. Nothing Really

password: ghettostyles

Bay Area Art Collective: BAAC To The Future (200_?)

More stuff by the BAAC / NAF crew, from early 2000(?).. This ep was downloaded from Kool Kyle's website and it might be missing a few tracks..

password: ghettostyles

Bay Area Art Collective / Creative Control: The Modern-Hop Sampler For The New Millennium (2000)

A compilation/sampler of songs and instrumentals by members of Bay Area Art Collective / Nameless And Faceless, featuring PSA (Public Service Announcement), Kool Kyle, DJ Poizen etc. (Track 11 is missing, sorry about that)

password: ghettostyles

Bay Area Art Collective / Inspector Double Negative & The Equal Positives: I Need All The Help I Can Get (2002) +bonus EP's

Another rare album by Inspector Double Negative (aka Kool Kyle of Bay Area Art Collective / Nameless And Faceless). All songs recorded 1995-2001.

password: ghettostyles

..plus a few EP's that were downloaded from their website (A couple of tracks seem to be missing,  unfortunately their website doesn't exist anymore..)

Inspector Double Negative & The Equal Positives: ModernHop-IndigiNoise
Inspector Double Negative & The Equal Positives: The Divided States Of Unawareica

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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Bay Area Art Collective / Inspector Double Negative & Special Guest: Hip Hop On The Moon (1999)

Instrumental/DJ album featuring members of the Bay Area Art Collective.

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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Bay Area Art Collective: We're BAAC / Keep Your Day Job (1997-98)

CD reissue of two classic BAAC tapes. Production/Scratches/Samples by DJ Riddim, King Creation, Know 1, Captain Hook, Poizen, Sakura 1.. Lyrics by Kool Kyle, Middle Child, Wutzisface, Eksel (aka James Ek-sel), Kiloki, Sekou, Bah Bah etc.
Tracklist here.

link 1 - Keep Your Day Job (1997)

link 2 - We're BAAC (1998)

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Bay Area Art Collective: B Sides Demonstrations (1995)

B Sides with untitled tracks from Bay Area Art Collective
The Nameless and Faceless. Have You Heard About My New Job?
*Direction for listening: WEST, NORTH, SOUTH, EAST
password: ghettostyles

Tracklist here