Thursday, May 24, 2012

Ghetto Tyylit ground store!

We are now slanging on street-level! 

Last month our homie Lada opened up a coffee bar called Good Life Coffee in Kallio, Helsinki, serving quality coffee brands from all around the world. Its name was inspired by the legendary health food center Good Life Cafe in Los Angeles, from where Project Blowed originates.
As a friend and as a west coast rap fan, Lada was kind enough to give us room in his café to set up a permanent Ghetto Styles store there. This far we've only sold merchandize through our web store and at shows.

So go there, listen to tapes, cd's, vinyls, try on shirts and enjoy the finest coffee in Helsinki.

And to honor and celebrate this Good Life X Ghetto Styles friendship, we will be throwing pop-up shows at the café (and around Helsinki) during this summer! More info of this to come. Yay!

Good Life Coffee & Ghetto Tyylit Ground Store, Kolmas Linja 17, Helsinki ma-pe 7:45-18, la 10-16


  1. That's really great! Good idea, good name, good drinks & good music...LONG LIVE THE COFFEE!!!

  2. Very nice! And it's only a few minutes away from my flat!

  3. Any coffee shop with a turntable and a tape deck is cool with me

  4. this is awesome