Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Dose One: Subtitled (1997?)

Another rare Dose One tape, from around 1997? I'm still not sure if this was an official release or if there are different versions with different tracklist..  (the mp3 here is compiled from various different sources, including two special bonus tracks which were not on the original release. sorry for the low quality)

password: ghettostyles


  1. Thank you for the bonus tracks! Werner von Wallenrod has this dated at 1997 on his discography page, and he doesn't include things he doesn't personally own, from what I understand. I always assumed this was released around the same time as Untitled as a sort of companion piece. Hemispheres was released in 1998, and I assumed the title was in reference to the 2 previous albums Untitled/Subtitled.

  2. this doesn't work. it's just a 60 kb archive. please reup. thanks

    1. I checked it and it works, just try again.
      Enter the password (ghettostyles), and click "Unlock File". Then click "Download (58.68 MB)"

    2. maybe I entered the wrong password the first time. it's downloading right now. thanks alot. can't wait to hear this

  3. great tape, thanks for this.