Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fourcast - Optimus Rhymes

Another JKC related post. Fourcast by Optimus Rhymes. Enjoy!
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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Jedi Knights Circle: Time Capsule (1999)


A limited edition cassette containing unreleased JKC songs from 1996-1998.

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Ghetto Tyylit ground store!

We are now slanging on street-level! 

Last month our homie Lada opened up a coffee bar called Good Life Coffee in Kallio, Helsinki, serving quality coffee brands from all around the world. Its name was inspired by the legendary health food center Good Life Cafe in Los Angeles, from where Project Blowed originates.
As a friend and as a west coast rap fan, Lada was kind enough to give us room in his café to set up a permanent Ghetto Styles store there. This far we've only sold merchandize through our web store and at shows.

So go there, listen to tapes, cd's, vinyls, try on shirts and enjoy the finest coffee in Helsinki.

And to honor and celebrate this Good Life X Ghetto Styles friendship, we will be throwing pop-up shows at the café (and around Helsinki) during this summer! More info of this to come. Yay!

Good Life Coffee & Ghetto Tyylit Ground Store, Kolmas Linja 17, Helsinki ma-pe 7:45-18, la 10-16

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Jedi Knights Circle: Space Explorers (1998)

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Tracklisting link 

The first ever release from JKC.... "SPACE EXPLORERS" courtesy of Second Hand Productions, released in 1998. Jedi Knights Circle, based at Santa Cruz, consists of 3 OG members: Aura, Optimus Rhymes & Cosmic. Aura & Cosmic had a group called Verbal Essence (tape called 'A New Hope' link to download free at bandcamp). By the way, Optimus Rhymes and Cosmic are cousins. Optimus joined with Aura & Cosmic to form Jedi Knights Circle and this tape is how it started. Other early members are Randy and Autoflo.

Later Maleko joined the crew and all of them are on 2009 JKC release “Don’t Quit Your Day Job”, on Maleko’s Knew West label. Aura has new record out: “Bloody Funny Thing” (2011 Aura self-released). New JKC album “Are We There Yet?” is dropping this Summer. Below is link to new track off the album featuring Riddlore (CVE), White Mic (Bored Stiff) & cuts by DeesKee (LA2TheBay) entitled 'Where Do We Go From Here?'.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Various: Urban Strife (199_?)

A rare compilation from late 90's(?), put together by DJ Infinite (Soul City Records) featuring Medusa, Capitol AK, Mark The Murderah etc..

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Dose One: Subtitled (1997?)

Another rare Dose One tape, from around 1997? I'm still not sure if this was an official release or if there are different versions with different tracklist..  (the mp3 here is compiled from various different sources, including two special bonus tracks which were not on the original release. sorry for the low quality)

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Monday, May 7, 2012


Moonlit (Ghetto Styles, Blue Phantoms Network) put out three new albums! 
One for free and only in digital format, and two for low price in digital and c-cassette format.
Digital files:
Cassette tapes:
Ghettotyylit Store

A 4track Mind: The Archives
Free digital, 22 tracks.
A compilation of 4-track recordings by Moonlit between 2003-2006. Most songs released on cassette albums "Silly Salad" (Tattoo, 2004) and "Excerpts From Yesterday" (Tattoo, 2006) but some unreleased tracks too.
 © Blue Phantoms Network, BPN007, Finland 

The Pit
Digital (6€) ja C-cassette (8€), 9 songs.
Something dropped me in the pit around 2007. This is the story, the diary tapes.
Features vocals by Dumb and Iina, and production by Kali Yuga Pro, Enigmatical (Outofthebluecrew), Neveready and Toby One.
© Blue Phantoms Network, BPN006, Finland

Digital (6€) ja C-cassette (8€), 15 tracks.
© Blue Phantoms Network, BPN008, Finland

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Dose One: Untitled (1997)

Debut solo release by Dose One, from 1997. Beats produced by J. Rawls (of Lone Catalysts).

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Odd Nosdam: Nonametape (2000)

Limited edition cassette by Odd Nosdam, this tape contains his first ep called "Anecdoticselfportrait" plus some bonus stuff on side B, with guest appearances by Illogic (of Greenhouse Effect) and Greenthink (Dose One & Why?).

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