Monday, April 2, 2012

Zombie 619er: Android Masters (1996/1997?)

Another amazingly rare tape from Masters Of The Universe crew, a 30-minute cassette by Zombie 619er (who was featured on the Microcrusifiction album). 21 untitled tracks, half of them short interludes/beats. Again, a big big thank you to Dean Hiphop (aka GrymeOne) for ripping this tape to mp3 and sharing it with us.

password: ghettostyles


  1. I knew you guys were capable of digging up some incredibly rare hip-hop, but I really thought this one would remain elusive. Big thanks to you and Grymeone for this gem!!

  2. this is as rare as it gets!!! just found this blog while searching if anyone had this tape up for sale so big ups to GrymeOne and the runners of this blog!
    & yo if anyone has any original SD tapes for sale (from the masters crew, roundtable mcs, tony da skitzo/pimpin' comprehension, mr. brady, etc..) get at me at burningbabylon75(@)hotmail(dot)com. & dont hesitate! just get at me! Peace&HipHop

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