Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Another show with just the three of us. More fun, fun, fun, fun than Rebecca Black.

Lots of things to await for:
-Ameeba "Montako Puuta On Metsä" Finnish album out this month!
-Moonlit triple release - "A 4track Mind: The Archives" (2004-2006 recordings), "The Pit" (years of tears and growth around 2007) & "Uncut Diamondz" (styles/flows/beats 2010-2012), out on within a week, and on cassette on May available at our store!
-Ghetto Styles club opening on May 11th, w/ Ameeba (album release party) + Equipto (Bored Stiff), L*Roneous, Z-man, Mike Meezy & True Justice. More info comin' up!

One more show before the Ghetto Styles 2-year-anniversary mega show!

April 17th:
1. Lexicon feat Kazi - Two 12-Bars [Concentrated]
2. Infinit Divine - Misused Micz
3. Knehi - Goodbye [Da 5 Footaz]
4. Third Sight - Willie's Wild Western [Disgruntled]
5. Knowledge feat M3 & Kaze - Open Up Ya 3rd Eye [Dusty Crates Crew]
6. Megaphone State -Ota Benga [Fresh Tunes Finland]
7. Bicasso - Self Song [Legendary Music]
8. White Mic feat L'Roneous, Gigio & Dogwood - Lessons [Solidarity]
9. Equipto feat Michael Marshall - Heart And Soul [Solidarity]
10. White Mic - I See Those Trees (prod. by Aksim)
11. Clear Soul Forces - Get No Better [Detroit Revolution]
12. Bassment - Graphik [Masters Of The Universe]
13. Zombie619er - Untitled f/ Authentic [Masters Of The Universe]
14. Shamen 12 - Keep It Live [Masters Of The Universe]
15. Delon Deville - I Can't Throw In The Towel [Masters Of The Universe]
16. Khalil Nova - Daily Basis
17. Daniel Johnston - True Love Will Find You In The End
18. Tattoo (pre-Moonlit) - Another Autumn [A 4track Mind: The Archives]
19. San Francisco Street Music - Inhale/Exhale [The Pride]
20. San Francisco Street Music - Impact [Skool Of Thought]
21. Moonlit - Don't Take No Shit []
22. Syvä Vesi feat Matti P - Tällä Tiellä [Syvä Vesi]
23. Julma Henri & RPK - Kaikki Vs. Kaikki (Versio) [Mörssi]
24. Deniro Farrar - Reasons [David Heartbreak]
25. Trae f/ Russell Lee - Still On Da Southside
26. Khid - Hajataitto Rdm [Kylmä]
27. Ameeba - Kun Unelmat Kaatuu [11.5 BASSMENT]
28. Foool - I Can See Things
29. Neb Luv - Spaceship [Meshell Ndegeocello]
30. Pep Love - Can't Nobody Do It Like Us (Ameba Remix)
31. Zumbi Vs Shad - Mind In The Sky
32. Julma Henri & RPK - Halu (Versio)
33. Ameba - Pit Stop [Blue Phantoms Network]
34. Foool -The Inside Of Me

Download (4shared)
Thanks to J. Tikari for recording the show

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