Monday, April 16, 2012

Broken Dialek: Desert Illusions (1998)

Rare cassette release by Raydio (aka Da Golden Ray) and Rymo.

password: ghettostyles


  1. You're the Man!!
    Your posts really made my day again!

    I saw the Masters of the Universe CD - Bak 2 tha Future on your blog quite a while ago, but i think it was incomplete?! If you need the complete one, i have it since yesterday :-)

    Maybe it don't fit into your blog but i have to ask!

    Is there a chance to get:
    GNT Records - Day 2 Independence: The Compilation
    is also known as ''From Cleveland 2 Cali: Day 2''
    is the Sequel to Flesh-N-Bone's ''From Cleveland 2 Cali'' Release in 1999 on his Flesh Bone Incorporated Label.

    Thanks for this Great Blog!
    Greats, Jackaveli

    1. "Bak 2 The Future" cd is still available for sale at so I haven't posted it (I just uploaded the cassette tracks which are not on the cd-version). We usually post only albums that are out of print and not available for sale anymore.

      I don't have the GNT Records compilation, sorry..