Monday, April 2, 2012

Bassment: 312 to 619 (1995)

Here's some more goodness from Masters Of The Universe crew, a solo EP by Bassment (released in 1995). Extremely hard to find tape, so let's give a huge shout out to Dean Hiphop aka Grymeone for sending this mp3 (ripped from his original cassette copy)...

1. Carvin' Your Mental Block
2. Jyratin'
3. Mental Stagnation (feat. Defyne)
4. B.L.I.N.K.
5. Graphik

For production credits and other info, click here.

password: ghettostyles


  1. I'm speechless... you guys are amazing. THANK YOU (and thank you grymeone!)

  2. got dAAAmn! ya'll even got bassment up in here? i hope to see roundtable mcs first tape from '97 up on here one day. props to GrymeOne and the blog!

    1. If I come across the Roundtable MC's tape I will post it.

    2. that would be great! extremely rare tape. i dont even know the tracklist to that release. im hoping it doesnt have the same set as universal discussion but hopefully just as lyrical skilled as the latter. but definately keep the SD619 posts coming if you dig up more. we here in dago (who are in the know) love and appreciate our underground roots...our own little 90s "good life" community that was madddd slept on