Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mzr Axeom: The State Of An Art (199_?)

Rare solo tape by Axeom, released somewhere between 1997-1999, I think? Featuring El Uno and Esoin, beats by Cancer Eye.

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Stealth Melters (1998)

A rare tape from 1998 by Megabusive, FTA, and some other mc's (I didn't recognize them all, there's no tracklist or credits on the tape..)

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Eclipse-427: Eclipse-427 (1996)

First solo release from Eclipse 427 (of Mixed Practice), click here for tracklist.

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Piece Of Finland: Vammala

In continuation to my post A Piece Of Finland,

Vammala (a former city in Finland, now a part of Sastamala), an insignificant sparsely populated place in the middle of ass-nowhere where you only expect hicks to drive tractors to town and back and chop wood and kick animals off their way. The last place you expect a unique style of music to be born. Or maybe it's just that why it's so unique 'cos it was born in the middle of damn ass-nowhere. Kinda likeOxnard, California, where Madlib and Kankick are from. A place no-one knows of.

(a few tapes from Vammala cats)

It's not the quantity of artists that come from there, it's the quantity of releases and influence of those artists that do come from there (let's all remember that there are less inhabitants in Finland than in Toronto, Canada).

The "Vammala sound" is very close to nature and that makes it very Finnish, I think. From group names, such as Syvä Vesi (Deep Water) and Forbidden Forest, to song titles can it already be sensed that the music is rooted from depths with reflections from woods, nature, space, dark winter.

Tapes started appearing in early 2000, vast number of releases, in limited pressings. It's like a mob of little elves were making these tapes in the woods, in secret, in respect for the forest, in nature spirit, in funny cone hats.

This far I was really confident that there was a Vammala sound until I realized that the Vammala team is only 3 guys. Ameeba, Microbe & Jalien. And it's mostly Ameeba, actually.


Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Another show with just the three of us. More fun, fun, fun, fun than Rebecca Black.

Lots of things to await for:
-Ameeba "Montako Puuta On Metsä" Finnish album out this month!
-Moonlit triple release - "A 4track Mind: The Archives" (2004-2006 recordings), "The Pit" (years of tears and growth around 2007) & "Uncut Diamondz" (styles/flows/beats 2010-2012), out on within a week, and on cassette on May available at our store!
-Ghetto Styles club opening on May 11th, w/ Ameeba (album release party) + Equipto (Bored Stiff), L*Roneous, Z-man, Mike Meezy & True Justice. More info comin' up!

One more show before the Ghetto Styles 2-year-anniversary mega show!

April 17th:
1. Lexicon feat Kazi - Two 12-Bars [Concentrated]
2. Infinit Divine - Misused Micz
3. Knehi - Goodbye [Da 5 Footaz]
4. Third Sight - Willie's Wild Western [Disgruntled]
5. Knowledge feat M3 & Kaze - Open Up Ya 3rd Eye [Dusty Crates Crew]
6. Megaphone State -Ota Benga [Fresh Tunes Finland]
7. Bicasso - Self Song [Legendary Music]
8. White Mic feat L'Roneous, Gigio & Dogwood - Lessons [Solidarity]
9. Equipto feat Michael Marshall - Heart And Soul [Solidarity]
10. White Mic - I See Those Trees (prod. by Aksim)
11. Clear Soul Forces - Get No Better [Detroit Revolution]
12. Bassment - Graphik [Masters Of The Universe]
13. Zombie619er - Untitled f/ Authentic [Masters Of The Universe]
14. Shamen 12 - Keep It Live [Masters Of The Universe]
15. Delon Deville - I Can't Throw In The Towel [Masters Of The Universe]
16. Khalil Nova - Daily Basis
17. Daniel Johnston - True Love Will Find You In The End
18. Tattoo (pre-Moonlit) - Another Autumn [A 4track Mind: The Archives]
19. San Francisco Street Music - Inhale/Exhale [The Pride]
20. San Francisco Street Music - Impact [Skool Of Thought]
21. Moonlit - Don't Take No Shit []
22. Syvä Vesi feat Matti P - Tällä Tiellä [Syvä Vesi]
23. Julma Henri & RPK - Kaikki Vs. Kaikki (Versio) [Mörssi]
24. Deniro Farrar - Reasons [David Heartbreak]
25. Trae f/ Russell Lee - Still On Da Southside
26. Khid - Hajataitto Rdm [Kylmä]
27. Ameeba - Kun Unelmat Kaatuu [11.5 BASSMENT]
28. Foool - I Can See Things
29. Neb Luv - Spaceship [Meshell Ndegeocello]
30. Pep Love - Can't Nobody Do It Like Us (Ameba Remix)
31. Zumbi Vs Shad - Mind In The Sky
32. Julma Henri & RPK - Halu (Versio)
33. Ameba - Pit Stop [Blue Phantoms Network]
34. Foool -The Inside Of Me

Download (4shared)
Thanks to J. Tikari for recording the show

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

LEFT: Rule By The People (2002)

Here's another Daysmen Empire related release that I forgot to post earlier... Solo album by LEFT (aka Amorphous of New Moon).

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Private School: Orientation (2001)

7 song EP by Private School (Jun Dax, DaGoldenRay, Ian), this was the first release on their Diminished 5th label. I think you can still buy their cd's from: dfifth[at]

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Broken Dialek: Desert Illusions (1998)

Rare cassette release by Raydio (aka Da Golden Ray) and Rymo.

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DaGoldenRay: Macedoine (2004)

Another instrumental release from Da Golden Ray, this cd came out in 2004.

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DaGoldenRay: No Words (2000)

Instrumental tape by Da Golden Ray, released in 2000. This was recently reissued on cd, with bonus tracks.

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DaGoldenRay: Mackin Rich Bitches (1999)

Another old album by Da Golden Ray, a rare cassette release from 1999.

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DaGoldenRay: Thoughts Of This World Lost (1997)

Old solo album by Da Golden Ray (of Private School/I Ran Y/Broken Dialek), released in 1997.

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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Ian: When There's Nothing Left To Say (2005)

Instrumental album by Ian, released in 2005.

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Ian: Ephemera (2005)

Third solo release from Ian, with guest production by Kiko, Kegs One, and our homie Ameba(!). This cd was released somewhere around 2005 (I think).

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Ian: Adapting Tangent Holster (2002)

Another solo album by Ian, from 2002. Featuring Da Golden Ray and Jundax.

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Ian: Partials

Solo album by Ian (of Private School / I Ran Y), I believe this was released around 2000-2002(?)

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Saturday, April 14, 2012

I Ran Y: I Have No Legs EP (2002)

Five song EP by Ian and Golden Ray, released in 2002 (?).

1. Fresh Cut Grass
2. If I Ran Y
3. They Can't All Be Sad
4. Or Happy
5. F Un Real

1, 3, 4 - produced by Ray
2, 5 - produced by Ian

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I Ran Y: I Ran Y

Self-titled cassette release from I Ran Y (Da Golden Ray and Ian of Private School / Diminished 5th). I think this was released somewhere around 1999-2001?

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Usual Suspects European Tour

This posse of OG rappers from Frisco start their tour off from Finland (Ghetto Styles club opening, check our Events site for more info).
If you are a promoter or know a promoter in Europe, holler at djtruejustice at gmail dot com, to get these guys to your town.

Radio: Black Swag

Here's a show that we did on March 20th with guests from the mysterious Finnish dark-dressing group Black Swag Gang – Dumb & Skinny Limp.
Finally got this show in our hands, thanks to a listener upload (thanks "kmkz").

Hosts started the show, with a look in to upcoming releases by Moonlit, and I recall guests played for 1h15min. IT'S THAT NEW RAP! Not sure if the playlist is perfect, tho..

1. Scarub - Fact Of A Matter [Elusive99]
2. Zion I - Prophecy [Starship]
3. Vida Killz - Chapter 1 f/ Poetic Death
4. Julmahenri - Silmäterä [Mörssi 2011]
5. Eligh & Live - LA Dreamers ft/ Bus Driver [Therapy At 3]
6. Henry Who? - Ala-aste [Slowknow Production]
7. Moonlit - Leffoja [Ghettotyylit]
8. Moonlit - Backward Living [Ghettotyylit]
9. Moonlit - Lil Brother [Ghettotyylit]
10. Moonlit - Diaries In Flames [Ghettotyylit]
11. I†† - Phantasm [Tundra]
12. BLACK † CEILING - WVFFLIFE [aural sects]
13. PARTY TRASH - DRIVE-BY [partytrash.bandcamp.]
14. BLACK † CEILING - HARP [aural sects]
15. PARTY TRASH - IMMA CRAW DOWN SLOW [partytrash.bandcamp.]
16. KHALIL NOVA - SUPER NOVA [soundclud/khalilnova]
17. Robb banks - Pay It (January)
18. KHALIL NOVA - Universe Is Mine [soundclud/khalilnova]
19. Icez - Buffet Floe [bluemonstamixtape]
20. Icez - Dummy Ass Hard [bluemonstamixtape]
21. Shabazz Palaces - An echo from the hosts that profess infinitum [sub pop]
22. MondreM.A.N. - Can't live without you (Blue Ske Black death Rmx)
23. Peaking Lights - Marshmellow yellow/amazing and wonderful(main attractionz remix) [weird world]
24. Short Dawg - Cruzin' [RSMG]
25. Amber London - Pretty bitches
26. King Louie - Arrogant
27. Denzel Aquarius , Killa Curry - Miyagi Head Crack
28. Sts Feat. Asap Ferg - Great mood
29. Dirty Science - Watch Out! feat Dag Savage & Turtle
30. Kendrick Lamar - H.O.C.

Download here (Mediafire)

Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Piece Of Finland

This is one those things where you find no words to describe the beauty.

Ameeba (Ghetto Styles, Blue Phantoms Network, Syvä Vesi) did this video with Pablo Films of a song from his upcoming album. Featuring 2/3 of the OG crew Ceebrolistics - Mattip & Pijall.

If you've never been to the arctic region or even if you have, this video will make you want to go there. This made a lot of Finns feel homesick. You don't have to understand to lyrics, just dive in to it.

This is the first out of three music vids from the album "Montako Puuta On Metsä?". Album coming out this month. Record release party and Ghetto Styles club opening in Bassment, Helsinki, 11th of May, with Equipto (Bored Stiff), L*Roneous (Dreamweavers), Z-Man (99th Demention), Mike Meezy & True Justice.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Ian & Kaos (Jun Dax) - INK. (2005)

7" vinyl EP by Ian (of I Ran Y / Private School) & JunDax (aka KAOS aka KEA). They also released a full length cd a few years ago, called "There There" ( which can be ordered from: dfifth [at] )

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

JunDax: Half Full Half Empty (2002)

Here's one more solo release by Jun Dax, this came out on cd-r in 2002. Click here for tracklist & credits.

password: ghettostyles

JunDax: Spills (2000?)

A compilation of various songs by Jun Dax, this was previously posted at Bring That Beat Back, but my version has slightly better sound quality (I think..)

password: ghettostyles

JunDax: OralOragami (199_?)

Another solo tape from Jun Dax, click here for tracklist. This is a 320kbps mp3 rip, but the sound quality is still quite weird.. that's just how it sounds on the original cassette.

password: ghettostyles

JunDax: Live Organic Project (199_?)

Old cassette release by Jun Dax (of Private School/Diminished Fifth/INK..), this came out probably in 1997/1998/1999? Unfortunately I don't have the cover art, tracklist or production credits.. this is one of those Soulseek downloads from many years ago (excuse the low sound quality).

password: ghettostyles


Been missing some recordings since the new studio still doesn't yet record shows.

Well, here's the latest uploaded by a listener [thanks "monkeyphonic"].
1st 40minutes: Iwere
2nd 40: Moonlit
3rd: Ameeba

1. Ameba - Just Another Page Of A Daydreamer's Diary (Ameba Remix) [Underabove]
2. Justin Morales - Awakening [Art Official]
3. Eclipse - The Chosen One [Masters Of The Universe]
4. Davis - Levert [Leaving]
5. Open Mike Eagle - Roses [Blowedian]
6. Aki Kharmicel - Hurt [Kennuf Akbar]
7. Danny Brown - Party All The Time
8. Rheteric - Untitled [LA Is For Motherfuck]
9. EX2 - Rules Of Engagement [Abolano]
10. Abstract Rude - Situations [Basement]
11. Equipto - Got Love [Solidarity]
12. 99th Demention - [99 Cent]
13. Z-Man - O.J. Simpson And Courtney Love [Gurp City]
14. L*Roneous - L*Chemy [LR1]
15. Primeridian - Ring Around The Lyrical [Guidance]
16. Charizma & Peanut Butter Wolf - Devotion '93 [Stones Throw]
17. OMD feat Jizzm & Nikko - Atlas [Omid]
18. Miki Vale - Off My Chest
19. Imiuswi - Untitled [Kaliyuga Pro]
20. Factor feat Myka 9 - Good Old Smokey [Side Road]
21. INK - You Don't Know [Diminished Fifth]
22. The Nonce - Mix Tapes (1926 Sunday Night Remix) [Wild West]
23. Atom 12 - Spaceshit f/ Matrix [Masters Of The Universe]
24. - Inn_er - Morning
25. I-an-I - Grandma's Piano f/ Raven Growe
26. Clams Casino - Swervin Remix Inst
27. cHaD. - Keep The Change [Conquering Lion]
28. Nadasdi - Cypher Circles [Assimilated]
29. L*Roneous - Swing
30. Murs - Gods Gone Crazy
31. Syvä Vesi - Hämärää Remix [III]

DL here (Mediafire)
password: ghettostyles

Monday, April 2, 2012

Zombie 619er: Android Masters (1996/1997?)

Another amazingly rare tape from Masters Of The Universe crew, a 30-minute cassette by Zombie 619er (who was featured on the Microcrusifiction album). 21 untitled tracks, half of them short interludes/beats. Again, a big big thank you to Dean Hiphop (aka GrymeOne) for ripping this tape to mp3 and sharing it with us.

password: ghettostyles

Bassment: 312 to 619 (1995)

Here's some more goodness from Masters Of The Universe crew, a solo EP by Bassment (released in 1995). Extremely hard to find tape, so let's give a huge shout out to Dean Hiphop aka Grymeone for sending this mp3 (ripped from his original cassette copy)...

1. Carvin' Your Mental Block
2. Jyratin'
3. Mental Stagnation (feat. Defyne)
4. B.L.I.N.K.
5. Graphik

For production credits and other info, click here.

password: ghettostyles