Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Style Misia & Scarub: The Dorm Sessions 1997-1998 (2003)

A collection of hard to find, unreleased and out-of-print vintage material, recorded during 1997-1998 when Style Misia and Scarub both were next door neighbors at Moulder Hall Dorm (San Jose State University). Tracklist here.

password: ghettostyles


  1. Best Blog ever ! thx

  2. big props to this blog...i had tons of these taps in the late nineties and still have a few. that password doesn't work though. Sup with that?
    give thanks

  3. Thanks, we'll be posting more underground stuff soon so stay tuned.

    The password should work, just try it again. Make sure to click the green "download" button too.

  4. Do you guys happen to have Manual Labor Pains and Who Woulda Thunk by Imprints/Tommy V? I know there are copies on other blogs (I hooked up Jack Devo with the copies he posted) but all the copies of Manual Labor Pains I've found are missing track 12 (Friends (ft. Zez)) and all the copies of Who Woulda Thunk are missing Intellectual Holy Chessmen (I know it's on Know Future) and track 8 (Most Likely) skips all over. If anyone has the actual tapes, it'd be you guys.

    Thanks a bunch for any help!

  5. I've uploaded those tracks here:


  6. Hello. First of all I'd like to thank the operators of this awesome awesome blog.
    I do have a request though.
    I was wondering if you guys would have the Cosmic - Labin Fever and the Cosmic and Optimus Rhymes - Relative albums. An upload of these two releases would be very dope
    Thank you for wonderful hours filled with wonderful music

  7. You can get Labin Fever and Relative for 5-7 bucks at http://www.jediknightscircle.com/JKC/JKCmusic_Store.html
    Or just drop them a mail.

    Support the artists, it's not that expensive...

    1. Thanks Anonymous. Didn't know they were still available

  8. I agree with the poster above, you should contact JKC and ask for those cd's. (http://www.jediknightscircle.com/JKC/JKCmusic_Vault.html)

    We don't normally upload albums that are still available for sale, but I might post some other out-of-print JKC material later.

  9. Thank you for those Tommy V tracks! It's much appreciated!

    Have you ever come across these out of print albums?

    Tommy V. "A Boy and his 4-track" Cassette (1999 Homeless)
    Tommy V. "The Tails and Trails of Tommy V." CD (2001 Homeless)