Sunday, February 26, 2012

Radio: Jan-Feb 2012

Wow, it's been a long while since my last post!

Ghetto Tyylit has been steady running on Basso Radio, except now with (hundreds of) thousands of more Finns being able to listen via FM frequencies as Basso Radio became half-national in 2012.

The studio moved down-town and Ghetto Tyylit showtime moved from Sunday afternoons to Tuesday late nights (still every other week) at 22:00-24:00. Also show's regular guests Ameba and Iwere were promoted to co-hosts to accompany Moonlit in every show. So from now on whenever I say "we", I mean Moonlit+Iwere+Ameba = Ghetto Tyylit hosts.

Due to technical issues (and my laziness) I'm only now posting all the first four shows of 2012.
Also unfortunately the new site doesn't show previous playlists from shows (not yet atleast) so the only show playlist I have now is the latest one. I'll add them to this post as soon as I they become available again on

First show on Jan 10th we attended to give listeners an overlook on a "basic" Ghetto Tyylit show, so we played songs that have been very significant and classic for us.
Download here (4shared)

Second show on Jan 24th we had guest dj Square play some experimental hip hop. This show was very interesting, also the first time we ever played any Anticon music on Basso. I recommend!
Download here (4shared)

The Funkiest, a hip hop record store located in Helsinki, which has played a key role in favor of hip hop in Finland, had its 16-year anniversary party on February, so on the third show on Feb 7th we had an interview with the store owner Juha. And of course we played some dope music too.
Download here (4shared)

Fourth show on Feb 21st we disregarded any themes and just played music for the fun of it. Kali Yuga Pro visited and me, Iwere and him played back-to-back for the first 1,5 hours and Ameba finished the show with a 30-minute set:
1. Kankick f/ Mystery's Extinction - Observation
2. Source Of Labor feat Kylea - Come With Me (Remix)
3. Sage Francis - Inherited Scars
4. Voice Watson - Keep It Rockin' f/ Rayzor, Very & DJ Drez
5. LMD - Real Talk
6. 3582 - The E
7. Indievidual - Already Love
8. Abstract Rude & Aceyalone - Deep & Wide
9. Genelec & Memphis Reigns - Offerings
10. Bookworm ft J-StaRRRrrr!!! - Forked
11. Quasimoto - Bluffin
12. People Under The Stairs - Can't Hold It Back
13. Schoolboy Q feat Kendrick Lamar - Blessed
14. Hi-Tech - 4 Degrees For The Streets (remix)
15. Scatter Brain & Psychopop - Blood On The Walls
16. Nas - It Ain't Hard To Tell (DJ Day Remix)
17. Lateef - The Wreckoning
18. Deuce Eclipse - Open
19. Lawless Element feat Diverse - …Something (Remix)
20. Makeba Mooncycle & Talib Kweli - Lunchroom Classics
21. Zest The Smoker, Kyno & Playa Priest - RedHot
22. Dem One - Hell 12
23. Kenji 451, Jizzm, Xololanxinxo, Puzoozoo Watt - Dark World Light
24. Eligh & Amp Live - What's In A Name
25. Eligh & Amp Live - Ms. Meteor ft. Steve Knight
26. I-An-I - Purple Reign
27. cHaD - Reign Of Terror
28. Blue Sky Black Death & Nacho Picasso - I'm A Greek God
29. Westkraven - This Can't Be Life
30. Thono Slowknow - Ei Oo

Download here (4shared)

Next show on March 6th we'll have a guest: the infamous DJ Vinston (of Siniset Punaiset Miehet / Anti-Party Music).

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