Friday, January 20, 2012

Of Mexican Descent: Exitos Y Mas Exitos - Edicion De Lujo (2006) (CD reissue)

Out of print CD-reissue with bonus material not included on the cassette or the original CD-R version. Tracklist&credits here.

password: ghettostyles


  1. Thank you for this. Do you happen to have the afterlife version?

  2. The Afterlife version is posted here:

  3. Yeah, I found that link, but frustratingly the live songs skip all over. I guess that could be the case with all of them, though, since Afterlife CD's seemed to often have skips

    Thanks for the link though

  4. I had the same problem with the skips on the Exitos Y Mas Exitos Live Bonus version but they appeared on alot of tracks not only the live ones.

    BTW KaliYuga Pro, thanks for the upload of this gem.

  5. Damn. I couldn't find this ANYWHERE. Couldn't even buy it on Amazon. Thanks so much for this. Saying this album got slept on is an understatement. Criminally underrated.

  6. I have “She” on wax, off the “Old World Chaos” joint.
    Would love a digital version.
    Any way you could reup?

  7. I have “she” on wax of the “old world chaos” joint.
    I’d love to get a digital copy.
    Any way for a reup?