Thursday, December 13, 2012

Radio: Dec 11th

Ameeba played a set of his own music like I did a few episodes back.
No playlist of his tracks. Some unreleased (incl. Forbidden Forest, unreleased second album).

Iwere 1-11 / Moonli 12-22 / Ameeba 23...:
1. King Tee - Way Out There [MCA]
2. UTD - Victory
3. Aceyalone - Arhytmaticulas [Capitol]
4. Orko & Odessa Kane - The World You Fear [PostWarTechnology]
5. Asiatic - Gangsta Cars [IHAA]
6. Western Tink - Man In The Mirror [Tae Beast]
7. Jhene Aiko - Growing Apart f/ Kendrick Lamar & HOPE [Sailing Souls]
8. Shania D, 3am, Kandi Cole - Hip Hop Honey
9. Mykki Blanco - Riot [Gobby]
10. Syn228, Myka 9 & Gel Roc - Tell Give Show [Rezult]
11. Showyousuck - Original Chon Chon [Flosstradamus]
12. Killah Priest - From Then Till Now [Heavy Mental]
13. Original Flavor - Keep On (Searching) [1993]
14. O.C. - Stronjay [Jewelz 1997]
15. Boogiemonsters - Whistles In The Wind f/ John Doe [God Sound 1997]
16. Craig Mack - When God Comes [Funk Da World 1994]
17. Mikah 9 - Fruit Don't Fall... [Timetable 2001]
18. Mika 9 - Delusions Of Grandeur [jthesarge.bandcamp]
19. Kevoe - Can't Get No Harder f/ The Prototype [mcprototype.bandcamp]
20. Cali-Rag (Mister CR) - Hard Times
21. Hollywood Squadda - Me N You f/ B-Charlie [Northside Bad Guy]
22. Underachievers - T.A.D.E.D.

Download here (Mediafire)
password: ghettostyles

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Radio: Nov 27th

27th of Nov, 2012 - Moonlit 1-12 / Ameeba 13-24 / Iwere 25-34:
1. DJ Hive - A Suspended Greeting (feat Hymnal) [Mandala]
2. Sixtoo - Broken Monitor
3. Sage Francis - Sea Lion [Epitaph]
4. Sole - The Priziest Horse [Anticon]
5. Aceyalone - Faces [Project Blowed]
6. Sub-Conscious - Pushin' Orbitz [Headbop Ent]
7. Dose One - Self Explanatory [1200 Hobos]
8. Sprawlic Stream - Unsure Tomorrows
9. The A-Team (Aceyalone & Abstract Rude) - Deep And Wide [Project Blowed]
10. Da Wolfpack - Definition
11. Blue Phantoms Network - Untitled [Ghetto Tyylit]
12. Murmurecordings - What's The Reason To Hold Back [Murmurecordings]
13. A.B.N. - Keep On [It Is What It Is]
14. Tommy Wright III - Hell On Earth (Remix) [Street Smart]
15. Delon Deville - Whats It Gonna Take?
16. Killah Priest - Brilliantaire
17. Basik - Fresh Breath (feat Slant)
18. Odessa Kane - The Final Call
19. Julma Henri - Romantisoi Rappioo
20. LMNO & Soulution - On Track
21. cHad. of I-an-I - Contrast Of The Mind
22. Bookie - Stressin [Stressin]
23. Abstract Tribe Unique - They Ryde [Thynk Taynk]
24. The Game - Doctor's Advocate (feat Busta Rhymes)
25. 2 Face - NYC [Natural Elements]
26. Queen Latifah - Jersey [New Jersey Drive OST]
27. Channel Live - Reprogram (Remix) [Capital 1995]
28. SFSM - Dedicated to... [From There To Here]
29. Ab-Soul - Turn Me Up f/ Kendrick Lamar [Tae Beast]
30. Miki Vale - Bending f/ Georgia Anne Muldrow
31. Kuhrye-OO - Give In (For The Fame) (Boody & Left Remix)
32. Heems - Adina Howard [Shaleik]
33. Inner X SQR - (untitled 2012) [soundcloud/inn_er]
34. Dunckergatan - Valon Kantaja

Download (Mediafire)
password: ghettostyles

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Radio: Nov 13th

Last night's show.

I've been making lots of music this year and so I thought it'd be time to play a set of my own production. It was also a chance to bring together some of the different styles and vibes I've been making that most likely scatter in different projects. Most songs I played are available for listen at where I frequently update new demos of solo tracks. You can also download my old tapes for free at

Ja helsinkidudet, jos kiinnostaa kuulla lisää mun saundia, nii Kuudennella Linjalla tänä torstaina (16.11) Tuottajien illassa pyöräytän muutaman.

Thank you. I hope you like it.

Ameeba (1-9) / Moonlit (10-20) / Iwere (21-30):
1. Zion I - Dune
2. Pterradacto - No Us
3. Lowercase X SupaSortaHuman - Power Of The Universe (feat Strenph)
4. Murmurecordings - Happy [Murmurecordings]
5. Vital Mindz - FUV
6. Vital Mindz - Kill Em All
7. Big K.R.I.T. - Temptation
8. Logic - Tic Tac Toe
9.  Neako - Sippin Slow (feat Killa Kyleon)
10. Moonlit - F.A.L.A.
11. Moonlit - 7AM
12. Moonlit - Viisaat Remix
13. Moonlit - Breath Control
14. Moonlit - While I Disappear
15. Moonlit - Duck Down
16. Moonlit - Dreamin' Of The Usual
17. Moonlit - Crows On The Corpses
18. Moonlit - Leffoja Ja Unelmia
19. Moonlit - Lentävä Matto (Jumitus)
20. Moonlit - Syvyydessä (1 Merelle)
21. Strenph, Canvas & Khrum - Boomin And Boppin [Shuttle Zu]
22. Deniro Farrar - Back/Forth/Back [Friendzone]
23. Quamin X RaSun - Black And White [MikeMoUs]
24. White Mic feat L-Roneous, Gigio & Dogwood - Lessons [Solidarity]
25. Co$$ - Scriptures [Tres]
26. Joselph feat Cadalak Ron & Tone3 - Or Not!
27. -Topic- - 150 Exp (Smart Shit)
28. Lady J - Locked Up
29. LMNO - Courage [Up Above]
30. Bijou. - Fairy Boy From Forest

Download here (Mediafire)
pw: ghettostyles

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Radio: Cassette Special

Tapes only. Original rap tapes, no dubs, no rips.
We had the tape deck mic'd again so y'all can hear the good old pause/play click.
This show is not about nostalgia though, just good music beneath the hiss.

Guest selectors were Kali Yuga Pro and DJ Emotion aka Tunnejanne.
Each had to wait for their turn to play a track so this was like a homey living room session, a listening circle.

30th of October, 2012:
1. Evs - The Morning After [Shades Of Grey]
2. Spex - Untitled
3. Himself feat Anacron - Strange Fruit
4. Esoin - Mental Astronaut
5. Mattip - FGM Anthem 1999 [The King Tape]
6. Eyecue - Dirt Hustlin [Hobo Junction]
7. Orko The Sycotik Alien - When Worlds Collide [MOTU]
8. Devil Needs An Afro Abstract Freestyle [MOTU]
9. Kanser - Open Your Eyes
10. Forbidden Forest - In I [Seven Up]
11. Emanon - Blind Individuals [Dream Sequence]
12. Optimus Rhymes - Something I Said [JKC]
13. Awol One feat Mikah Nine - Wake Up Dead [Fat Jack]
14. Awkward Why? - Scott Free feat Sir Syntax
15. Kiltit Ihmiset - Haluisin Vaan Et Hymyilet [Anti-Party]
16. Jizzm - Goodbye [Illasophic]
17. Extra Pro - Can't Reap Til You [Hieroglyphics]
18. Tommy V & Glory - Troubled Times [Imprints]
19. I-Won - Shiloh [Moving Objects]
20. Dumb - Shotgun Karaoke (OG Version) [Neveready]
21. The Basics - Spoken Word [Funk Lab]
22. Zion I - Keepin Me High [418hz Prod]
23. Joseph - Oblique (Remix) [SFSM]
24. Payperwork & Mekas - A Cord In Two
25. Tommy V - Soarin [Imprints]
26. Aloe & Dru - Emanon [Dream Sequence]
27. King Koncepts - Remember [Kemetic Suns]
28. Mystik Journeymen - I'll See Ya feat Krewcial [Outhouse]

Download here (Mediafire)
password: ghettostyles

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Radio: Oct 16th

Ameeba (1-10) / Moonlit (11-24) / Iwere (25-37):
1. J Riskit - Yöbussi [VUARI Ep]
2. Ameba - Alla [Syvä Vesi]
3. Aceyalone, Spoon & C.V.E. - Jurassick [Project Blowed]
4. Zagu Brown - Projects [GPAC]
5. Hi-Fidel - The Big Bang Theory
6. 2tall, Dudley & Georgia - Atall
7. Loost Koos - Uusia Ajatuksia [Monsp]
8. LMNO - Looking Glass (feat Jon T) [J Bizness]
9. Ameeba - Toisinaan [Syvä Vesi]
10. Murmurecordings - What's The Reason To Hold Back [Murmurecordings]
11. Neako - LVLNWK [Moby prod]
12. Neako - Stand Tall [Wide Awake Dreaming]
13. Joeybagadoughnuts - Sixtyniner (feat Supa & Left Leberra) [Boards Of Canada]
14. Meanz Of Operation - Endorphines And Pheromones
15. Crome - Let Me Be
16. Danny Brown - Baseline [Fools Gold]
17. Dave Cappa - Get Right
18. Ape9 - Make The Tape Pop (Yosef Una Remix)
19. Aceology (AC3) - Mxdnxght Crvxse [Smoke Gang]
20. Hyvöi - Planeetat [unreleased]
21. Moonlit - Crows On The Corpses [Ghetto Tyylit]
22. Moonlit - Dreamin Of The Usual []
23. J Riskit - Tyhmä feat Krid [Liikaa EP]
24. Mummy Fortuna's Theatre Company - Sorry [Lex]
25. Khalil Nova - Bass Control
26. Metro Zu feat Strenph - 5th Dimension
27. DJ Drez feat Eligh & Grouch - Hallways & Doors [Battle Axe]
28. Seasunz & J. Bless feat - Food Fight [Earth Amplified]
29. Logik Provider feat Kemit Qutob - South Central Rasta
30. Rise & Shine - In & Out
31. Us Pros feat Scarub & Voice Watson - Have You Seen Us (Beat Ventroloquists Remix)
32. Nemo Achida - Soundtrack
33. Divine Scienze feat Sene, Blu & Britain Parker - Happiness Is
34. Dag Savage feat Co$$ & Fashawn - Cali Dreamin'
35. Surge MDR - No Politicians [Speak Easy]
36. Noah B X Gamera - Jade Pyramid
37. Jessica Jalbert - Necromancy (Kuhrye-oo Remix)

Download here (Mediafire)
pw: ghettostyles

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Radio: Oct. 2nd

Show from last Tuesday.
A few new Moonlit songs again (go to

Iwere (1-9) / Moonlit (10-24) / Ameeba (25-35):

1. Neveready - Ruychaver Straat [Nexgen]
2. Tribeca Sound - Street Jazz [Downlow]
3. Company Flow - Creepin Round Corners 94 [Official]
4. Khromozomes - Say Word f/ Infared [Ely Street 1997]
5. Kam - Every Single Weekend [Qwest]
6. Ice-T - Gotta Lotta Love (Fat Jack remix)
7. Above The Law - Deep Az The Root [Tommy Boy 1997]
8. Crooked Lettaz - I Know [Penalty 1999]
9. Lil Champ FWAY - Lost In My World f/ Harvey G [King Marty]
10. Death Grips - I've Seen Footage [Money Store]
11. Death Grips - Lil Boy [No Love Deep Web]
12. Scab Party (Awol One) - Thousand Dead Hipsters [Bandcamp]
13. Long John - Ugliest Bitch [Moonlit 2012]
14. Long John - Dumb Bitch [Moonlit 2012]
15. Muhtimin - Ylijään [soundcloud/muhtimin]
16. Inner - Pyramid [soundcloud]
17. Murmurecordings (Indievidual) - Moment With Wine
18. Moonlit - A Cigarette Break [soundcloud/moonlitmane]
19. Zest Da Smoker - My Old Nasty Habit [High Art]
20. Sumach - Chokra [Dead Midgets On Stil]
21. Zagu Brown, Xololanxinxo, JonJon - Untitled [GPAC Above It All]
22. Kraken - Subliminal [GoodVibe]
23. West Kraven - Fill Me [Fo Tha Cheeze]
24. Z Man - Can't Sleep (4 Hours Of Sleep]
25. Three Melancholy Gypsies - A Gypsy's Belief
26. It's Nique, Loaded Lux, Spaceghostpurpp... - Sinister Flow
27. Delon Deville - Labcoat Chemist feat Jose Cuervo [Parafenelia]
28. LMNO - Be [J Bizness]
29. Zion I - Boom Bib feat Goapele
30. 3NP! - Breath Of Life [Council Of The Wise]
31. I-An-I - My Grind
32. Big K.R.I.T. - Insomnia [4eva N A Day]
33. Tommy Wright III - I Can Relate ft C9, Princess Loko, Project Pimp & LaChat [Street Smart]
34. Jizzm, Xololanxinxo & Puzoozoo Watt - Travel The Hurt Client Mix [Kenji451]
35. Aapeli - Ihmepyöräni Cover

Download here (Mediafire)
pw: ghettostyles

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Last night's show.

Sept 18th 2012 - Moonlit / Ameeba / Iwere:

1. Lil B - My Arms Are The Brooklyn Bridge []
2. Death Grips - Lord Of The Game (feat Mexican Girl) [Exmilitary]
3. Subtitle - Retrospective [Black Jack Parsons]
4. SupaSortahuman X Shawn Kemp - UFO'in [Supasonic]
5. Sortahuman x Tedy Brew$ki - Bursting feat SchonPee
6. Flatbush Zombies - Thug Waffle [Erick Arc Elliott]
7. @N3 LL - Inner Changes [#305-Grind]
8. Pouya - Lyrical Saints feat N3LL [Koursky]
9. Yung Raw X Ethelwulf [Black Magic]
10. Amber London x Ethelwulf - Trillanation
11. Marley Marz - Wavey
12. Yung Raw - D'Evilz
13. Lil Ugly Mane - Playaz Circle
14. Grandmilly - SXX YXV IN HXLL f/ Vanzettti
15. Moonlit - LENTäVä MATTO []
16. Trae Tha Truth - Sick Of This Shit f/ R. Kelly
17. Joeybagadoughnuts - Loyality [Kodak To Graph]
18. Joeybagadoughnuts - Drifting With Progeria f/ Supa
19. Denzel Aquarius Curry - Strictly 4 My R.V.I.D.X.R.Z. [Rvidxr Klan]
20. @N3 LL - We Know [#305-Grind]
21. Yung Raw - East Bound [Spaceghostpurpp]
22. @N3 LL - Vicious Flow f/ Rellhoee
23. Delon Deville - LadyKiller
24. Trae Tha Truth - Remember The Rain [Inkredible]
25. Trae Tha Truth - Don't Fuck Wit' Me Then
26. Trae Tha Truth - Go Get it f/ Ace Hood
27. Trae Tha Truth - I Made It f/ Brian Angel
28. Trae Tha Truth - Count It Up f/ Young Jeezy
29. Trae Tha Truth - Grove St Party Remix
30. The Dayton Family - When The Feds Come Run'n
31. The Dayton Family - Live My Life
32. Zebra Katz feat Njena Reddd Foxxx - Ima Read (ARRWS Remix)
33. Jay Boogie Woogie - Caked Out
34. 213 - Rollin Down Tha Highway [Doggy Style]
35. Metro Zu - Only Together
36. Western Tink - Everyday Allday
37. Chels - Sol Plane f/ Zeroh [Ashtre Jinkins]
38. Pheo - This All Been Vintage [Mo Ellah]
39. Dead Prez - Police State (Danny Diggs Rmx)
40. Co$$ - No Allah [Erik L / 2011 Tres]
41. Lil Ugly Mane X Antwon - Underwater Tank [Soundcloud]
42. Friendzone - Chippy's Theme

Download here (Mediafire)
pw: ghettostyles

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Yesterday's show (4th of Sept.).
We had so much fun doing this, great songs, one after another.

Moonlit / Ameeba / Iwere:

1. Eastside Badstads - Spit It Out []
2. Mister CR - Lost Souls [mistercr.bandcamp]
3. Delon Deville - Don't Knock The Hustle [Parafenelia]
4. Odessa Kane - Another Execution [Masters Of The Universe]
5. ASAP Ferg - Choppas On Deck [ASAP Mob]
6. Moonlit - While I Disappear [MOONLITxTOBYONE]
7. J Riskit - Sivusta [VUARI Ep]
8. Nacho Picasso & Blue Sky Black Death - Maintain
9. Goodlife Bullyz - Runnin' [ellaykhule.bandcamp]
10. Global Phlowtations - Hard Work [GPAC]
11. Bored Stiff - Hard Work
12. Rifleman feat Brittney J - How My Life Goes []
13. 3NP! feat Ruben - Away [Council Of The Wise]
14. Mixed Practice - Jonestown f/ Stiz [HomeGrown EP]
15. Indievidual & Redrama - Sorrow
16. Misfitz Ov Stylz - Life
17. Hi-Tech - Book Of Life Page 2 [Mass Vinyl]
18. Poetic Death & Vida Killz - Chapter One [Organized Threat]
19. Sunspot Jonz - Suspended Animation 22 [Galaxy Of Dreams]
20. Tono Slono - Ei Oo [Slowknow Production]
21. Atmosphere - God's Bathroom Floor [Rhymesayers]
22. B.J. The Chicago Kid & Kendrick Lamar - His Pain
23. Kid Abstrakt - Soulvibes [R2]
24. 2Mex, Open Mike Eagle, Bleu Bird, Everybody Knows - The One The Sun
25. Ab-Soul - Nibiru [JMSN]
26. Jamil Suleman feat Essence - Meditation Muzik [jamilsuleman.bandcamp]
27. Lowercase feat L. Elliott - Love And Drugz
28. Khalil Nova - Shining Being
29. Jhene Aiko - For My Brother

Download here (Mediafire)
pw: ghettostyles

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Radio: August

Sorry for the delay! On the first one we all had our own sets, Ameeba played 90's rap vinyls etc..
On the second one we focused on key producers, such as Elusive, Infinity Gauntlet, Fat Jack, Omid, Grouch, Tape Masta Steph, Eclipse 427...

Here we go...
7th of Aug: Ameeba / Moonlit / Iwere
1. Juice - Freestyle Or Written [Molemen]
2. Group Home - Serious Rap Shit [Payday]
3. Company Flow - Vital Nerve [Rawkus]
4. D.I.T.C. - The Enemy [D.I.T.C.]
5. DAS EFX - No Diggedy [EastWest]
6. O.C. - The Chosen One [Payday]
7. Outkast - Elevators (Me & You) [LaFace]
8. E.C. Illa - Higher Level [Mob City]
9. KRS One - Free Mumia f/ Channel Live [Zomba 1995]
10. Jgaboo - Travels [1997]
11. Blak Forest - Hoes To Doe [Blak Lable]
12. R.A. The Rugged Man - Till My Heart Stops f/ 8-Off The Assasin [Rawkus]
13. Kool Keith - Wanna Be A Star [Peanutbutterwolf1996]
14. Kool Keith - Wanna Be A Star [Peanutbutterwolf1996]
15. Trevor - Pimeydeskoomases
16. DJ Kridlokk & Lommo - Pimeydes
17. Liveanimation - Räppishkeidaa [Liveanimation]
18. T-Roc - 3 6 Mafia Diss Freestyle
19. Moonlit - I'm Too Ghetto [Ghetto Styles / BPN]
20. Khalil Nova - Continuation
21. Left Leberra - Refresh feat Stash Marina
22. Stash Marina - Drunk In The Driver Seat (feat Don D, Rod Fuego & Left Leberra)
23. Lil Ugly Mane - Breezem Out
24. Domo Genesis - Stray Bullets
25. Dunckergatan - Altavastain (feat Khid & Sqr)
26. LXOR - Planefield [New Cocoon]
27. Lil B - Flowers Rise []
28. Soulja Mook feat Denzel Aquariuskilla Curry - I Be Trippin Sometimes
29. Lil Champ FWAY - Wassup
30. Sir Michael Rocks - Never Slip
31. Young Gliss & De'Ko - When We Make It [Geez Seven]
32. Flying Lotus feat Earl Sweatshirt & Captain Murphy - Between Friends
33. Antwon - Cold Sweat [Rpldghsts]
34. Dope G - GreenNoise [Green Ova Underground]
35. Ectoplasm - Birds
36. Shad K, Jermiside & Destruments - The Calling [Danny Diggs]

Download here (Mediafire)
pw: ghettostyles

21st of Aug: Introducing producers (Moonlit / Ameeba / Iwere)
1. Union Of Opposites - Continuations (feat ShoNuph) [Vitamin D]
2. Infinite - Wayz & Tactics [Vitamin D]
(Elusive - Untitled [Prototype From A Protoplanet])
3. Elusive  - How Could I Ever (feat Aesop) [Elusive]
4. Elusive - Untitled [Space Continnuum 1999]
5. Eligh - In A Quiet Manner [Elusive]
6. Murs - Tomorrow [Elusive]
7. The Grouch - Struggle Baby [Grouch]
8. The Grouch - Breath [Grouch]
9. Bored Stiff - @ A Distance [Big Shawn]
10. Busdriver - Everybody Stylin [Fat Jack]
11. Minister 2bad - Demo Stage [Fat Jack]
12. Pigeon John - Pay Back [Fat Jack]
13. Massive - 6Trey Chevrolet [Fat Jack]
14. Omid aka O.D. - for Her Souly, Slowly, Solely (Instrumental)
15. P.E.A.C.E. - You Are In My Clutches [Omid]
16. Deeskee - Half The Battle []
17. Maleko - Green Vines f/ The V.I [Deeskee]
18. Nobody feat. Medusa - Fiend Or The Fix [Ubiquity]
19. Tape Masta Steph - Untitled [Breakbeats12"]
20. Bedouins - Ghetto Input [Tape Masta Steph]
21. DJ Drez - Life f/ Firewater [The Capture Of Sound]
22. Mixed Practice - Endlessly [427 / HomeGrown EP]
23. Murs - The Jerry McGuire Song [427]
24. Young Lay - N Dis Rap Game [4080]
25. Reveal - Science Of Breath [Seven Shades]
26. Thavius Beck - What Lurks In The Darkness [Mush]
27. Thavius Beck - '98 f/ Nocando [Mush]
28. Infinity Gauntlet - Kane & Khan (feat Odessa Kane & Gengis Khan) [Nuclear Holocaust]
29. Pheo - How Eye [Afta-1]
30. Clams Casino - Guerilla [Triangle]
31. DJ Shadow - Midnight In A Perfect World

Download here (Mediafire)
pw: ghettostyles

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The End Of Ghetto Tyylit?

Hear hear, you underground dwellers & tunnel citizens!

As you might've noticed, the blog and store have been inactive recently.

We are going through some huge structural changes in our organization, all for the better.

Ghetto Tyylit is to become a legit association in Finland too. Some of us are already working full-time in it basically.

As to posting music, we can thank Kali Yuga for the immense work he has put to transforming music from physical to digital and sharing it with y'all with all the details. He has created an online underground rap library that will exist forever - or as long as the servers are up. More music is to be posted, I promise, but we can not ask Kali Yuga for more. (By the way, did you know about his work in Discogs? You might run into his name very often if you look at the contributors. He changed his user name to contribute more after he had 777 contributions there under the username "KaliyugaPro". The magic number.) He has not announced retirement but let's call it a holiday.

As a matter of fact, it is only a matter of time if time was matter and facts mattered (I'm getting poetic here), when we are back up full strength. Sometimes things need run on that small gear too.

Meanwhile, I'm doing interviews to discover the state of underground rap music worldwide. Part one, Prosperous from Sweden,

It's gonna be fucking epic this whole thing, f'realzzz!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Interview: Prosperous (SWE)

Let's introduce a true and long-term underground hero, the sort of weird kid whose experiments with music and rap styles frighten regular folk, emcee and beat-maker Mattias Ekberg aka Prosperous (Outofthebluecrew, Assimilated, Plant Of Trails) from our neighbor country Sweden.

Who is Mattias? What's his story?

Prosperous 1981
I'm a 34-year-old lyricist, writer and beatmaker who lives in Gothenburg, Sweden. 

My parents got me into sports at a young age. My dad was a major in the army so I had a strict childhood until I started hanging out with skateboarders and broke free at the age of 11 and started skating, 'cause there were no rules, no teachers. There were different kinds of music in this enviroment, hiphop was one big element. This was back in 1989 and I found myself rhyming secretly, which soon developed into something more. I'm interested in most things, especially people and their stories, and life in general from distant point of views. I'm also a sucker for hot food, chop of my arms and legs but not my tongue, dammit, I got a big taste for life.

Who is Prosperous?

"I used to be angry a lot about how fucked up the world is at the moment, then I psyched out and realised that being a victim isn't the way to go"

Prosperous is a name I've been using since 1995. I figured if it's about calling things to existance, Prosperous would be the perfect name for me as a rapper. I'm prosperous when it comes to expanding my mind, my skills as a rapper and my struggle to enlighten people, it's not about the common definition of the word. 

I used to get picked at in school and couldn't form my big thoughts into sentences so that people could understand, which I guess is a clear reason why I started writing it down instead and put it on beats. I think wildstyle and jazz, I rap about everything, my music won't define your lifestyle, I'm sorry. I think that´s why some basic hiphoppers don't get my music, they get confused. 

I get inspired by the world and it's population in motion. Before I used to be angry a lot about how fucked up the world is at the moment, then I psyched out and realised that being a victim isn't the way to go. That's why I stopped writing about the end of the world from a bitter point of view, 'cause in general that puts me in the place of an artist being part of a self-fulfilling prophecy, and that´s not so prosperous. I've been writing my own lyrics since 1993, started during a mathclass and was very inspired by The Pharcyde, Freestyle Fellowship, Hieroglyphics, Native Tounge etc..

And who's Comb?

Comb is my beat-making alterego that came naturally when I couldn't sit around and wait for other people to make beats as I want them. 

How did you get into music? What got you rapping?

I got into music 'cause I'm a creative person: I used to paint a lot but it morphed into this rapping thing when I realised the broadness of vocal communication and how fun it was to come up with new ways of rapping. 

At my school in late 80's a lot of people, including me, who were into NWA, Run DMC and Public Enemy. And I can only speak for my school, but you'd get beat up by some elder kids if you didn't listen to hiphop, haha! Maybe that threat back in 1987 got stuck in my brain and made way for this wild career.

"I guess that westcoast hip hop just fit our lifestyle. were either a straight up square asshole or a freak belonging to a subculture"

I know you are a fan of LA/Bay hiphop, the underground stuff, like us. How did you find out about that music?

I got into the California scene when I realised it wasn't all about gangster rap, and I wanna thank groups like The Pharcyde and the Fellowship for that. Them and others changed my life into something better as a teen, I could relate to their music, 'cause it was different, just like I was. 

2004 with DJ Confuze
The early 90's was a wonderful time to grow up. I'm originally from a small town in Southern Sweden called Karlskrona where there's a lot of beachlife. And when I went to the school discos as a 14-year-old kid, my friends were DJ's, and they played "Hot Potato" by the Fellowship and all those classics at the dancefloor. It wasn't something we thought about that much, I guess that westcoast hip hop just fit our lifestyle. I hung out with all kinds of people in that city, 'cause there you were either a straight up square asshole or a freak belonging to a subculture. And all of us outsiders partied together, everyone was in a band, a hip hop crew, a dj, skaters, what have you... This really effected the person I am being Prosperous.  

You used to roll with Outofthebluecrew? Is that still an active crew? Tell us about it, it is quite well-recognized in Finland.

The Outofthebluecrew is partly active, but not as a crew in whole. It was a crew we formed around 2003 but all of us had side-projects meanwhile. Except for me, I think Peshi is the most active one, but she's part of the popular scene now and that's just not my thing. You'll probably hear more of us later though, we're all friends who still support eachother. 

Who else have you worked / are you working with? 

I've been working with so many artists that I don't even know where to start, but to make it simple let's just name those who may ring some bells, like Omid, Subtitle, Radioinactive, Paranorml, Existereo, Infinite Possibilities, Albane, Nadasdi, Peshi, Rodan Kairos, Smea, DJ Porter, DJ Confuse, Frak, Olonaise, Adamic, THMS, Smokey 131, Jehova, and all these other people. I got some collaborations coming out soon with different artists who I feel do something similar to what I do. I'm not that much into making music with the LA underground specifically, it was something I did, but I'm really a solo artist. I've even recorded some stuff with some graffer neighbours that is really dope, if they could just drop the dope and record on it, haha! 

"either you are in the BIG circus, or you don't exist, 'cause you don't stand no chance as an experimental hiphopper"

Now, what we Finns always want to know is if things are better or worse in Sweden... So how's hip hop there on the other end of Viking Line? What's the underground scene like? Has there been a change in the recent years?

I can't speak on differences between Finland and Sweden since I've never been to Finland. I can only say that there's so many things happening over here at different levels that I'm not able to generalise, but I do feel as if the scene over here was much much doper between like 1982-2006. 

Assimilated Species, 1999
I've seen so many artists come and go now, and I'm still here. The downfall for me was probably around 2007 when my crew kind of split up, Nadasdi quit rapping, others said fuck hip hop and wanted to do more experimental music, so I was left alone forced to be my own crew. Luckily Subtitle hooked me up on the Briefcaserockers crew a while later 'cause of my recordings with Pelpa Karnaval (FRA) when we started our group Ortho Acusto. So the split up made me reach out more and reconsider my journey. 

There's plenty of crews in the suburbs all over who claim their own style and do their own thing, inside that little circle. I live at Biskopsgården in Gothenburg which is assumed to be a dangerous place 'cause you only get to read about who got shot, raped or killed here, but beneath all that there's really a lot of creative and talented people here just like me. But it's like this new club hip hop thing has become like a boxed-in entity, or a castle if you will, that rules everything and won't let us take room. So we say fuck them and fuck that scene even though it leaves us outside as invisible artists. That's were we are in Sweden at the moment, either you are in the BIG circus, or you don't exist, 'cause you don't stand no chance as an experimental hiphopper, that's just it. 

I get some gigs and people know me and respect me for having the guts to do my own thing, some are even impressed, but most people recognise me for being Mattias. I've read about Prosperous in some Swedish hiphop communities where they say I quit making music when I became a dad in 2006, which is not true at all. Little do they know that I reach outside boarders on this constant journey that's about bigger things than becoming famous in Sweden. It's really quite funny and it's ok. 

Short piece for self-advertisement and shoutouts, here: 

I wanna say hello to all my friends and family in Sweden and everyone who helped me out. Keep creating with passion for the art of this music, the rest is just illusion in the end. I'm gonna host this local TV-show later this year with a close friend. It's called NATTSKOLAN (öppna kanalen) and we'll present oldschool cult/horror and b-movies every friday-night after 00.00. Stay posted and we'll see you on web tv also!

Get Prosperous - Brainchild cassette from our store (once we re-open), only a few copies remaining. Released by a Finnish cassette-label "Hiss Tapes"!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

In other news...

Helsinki Hookup weekend:
We reppin' throughout the weekend at Helsinki Hookup skateboard event side-to-side with Roots Culture Movement clothing. We slingin' tapes there all weekend!

Tapanila demo tape:
A promo tape from Tapanila sessions (aka Tuesday sessions) is now available for listen at Good Life Coffee. Tapanila sessions are rapping sessions organized by Plankton & Moonlit in Tapanila, Helsinki. Dozens of songs recorded with friends on a cassette-4-track-recorder since 2010. Honest and raw.
Tape is compiled by DJ Emotion & Moonlit and can be only heard at the Coffee shop.

Photo copyright: Moonlit

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Radio: July

Here's the two shows from July.

First one on July 10th, Iwere & Ameeba played "crew cuts" or in other words "posse tracks" back-to-back.

Second one on July 24th, Iwere & Moonlit played four 30-minute sets.

July 10th:
Iwere X Ameeba (crew cut special):

1. Above The Law - Untouchable [Ruthless]
2. Meen Green, Ganjah K & Supherb - WST [Beats And Rhymes]
3. Deeskee - aka Live In Moss Beach f/ 2Mex, Liferexall, Doc Lewd, Matre, Maleko, Subtite… [Subversiv*Rec 2003]
4. Freestyle Fellowship - Heavyweights f/ PEACE, Cockney O, Archie, Vol 10, Mikah9, Self Jupiter, Spoon… [1993]
5. Omid - Farmers Market f/ Xololanxinxo, Jizzm, Radioinactive, Awol One & Circus [Beneath The Surface]
6. Mash23, Trust One, Dr. Zarkov, Rinasanz, Sighphur - Rest In Peace Moderfire One [Formula Abstract]
7. Heltah Skeltah - Leflaur Leflah Eshkoshka f/ OGC As The Fab 5 [1996 Nocturnal]
8. Hieroglyphics - The Who (A-Plus Mix) [Hiero 1997]
9. Murmurecordings - Strike A Pose f/ 427, Division, Treep, PSC, Pijall, Esaar & Angelo [Murmurecordings]
10. Subtitle - Mark Luv Mixtape Song f/ Mykill Myers, LMNO, MURS, PSC, Posiedon, Able Bodi [J Dilla]
11. Kirby Dominant - Chosen Few f/ Kemetic Suns, 427 & Eligh [Dominant 1998]
12. JLMA HNRI X RPK - Eurocrack Rocks f/ Kube, Aztra, Khid, Lommo, Ameeba & Mindman [Mörssi]

13. XXXXX - If You Are Not Cute [Enigmatical]
14. Dumb - Grey Shapes [Dumb Shit]
15. Misfitz Ov Stylz - To The Fullest
16. Neveready - Ruychaver Straat [Nexgen records 2012]
17. Little Aida - Confessions [Downsal Plastics]
18. Digable Planets - 9th Wonder (KaliYuga Pro Remix)
19. Union Of Opposites - What's It Worth [Tribal Music]
20. Justin Morales - Searching
21. Isosceles - Clean Slate '98
22. Murmurecordings - Blue Livingroom Anthem [Murmurecordings]

Download (Mediafire)
passw: ghettostyles

July 24th

1. Khalil Nova - Novaudio
2. Khid - Mitä Ne Tietää
3. Jamil Suleman - Dreamin'
4. MerCure Dior X A$AP Ant - Gush [Sarafis Midas]
5. Jarv Dee - I Just Wanna (at 10.420 am)
6. Thaddeus David - Let It Loose
7. K-The-I??? - Just Listen [Mush]
8. Stacy Epps - Floatin
9. Nonameko - Brotha

10. Lil B - I Forgive You []
11. Dre Stone - 1 & Only
12. Betonipossu - Sateinen Keskiviikko
13. Eevil Stöö X Koksu Koo - Videopeliukko [Monsp]
14. Eevil Stöö X Koksu Koo - Älä Duunaa Mitään Paskaa [Monsp]
15. Mestizo - 808 (Free Perk Mix) [Prod by Joe Dub]
16. Schoolboy Q - Blessed f/ Kendrick Lamar

17. Nut-Meg - Ghetto's Child [Raging Bull]
18. Abstract Tribe Unique - Caught Up In The Rappcha [Massmen]
19. Peace 586 - Rhimespiritsoul
20. Sumach - Laundree
21. Anacron - Nite Owl
22. The Grouch - Wish You A Good Day
23. Global Phlowtations - Global Phlowtations f/ Ab Rude & Orko
24. Lejend - Prosperous
25. Puzoozoowatt - Tippy Toes

26. I-an-I - Think It Over
27. Black Soultan - Terrorist Cells f/ Nocando
28. Riff Raff McGriff - Tell Em (Georgia Anne Muldrow Remix)
29. Omni - Vibrationz
30. Primeridian - Our Life's Passion [Da Allnighta]
31. Tommy V - No Sunshine f/ Noel [Imprints]
32. Lyric Jones - Sunshine
33. P.U.D.G.E. - This Cannot Be All It Is
34. 3 Shades Of Rhythm - Boom Kaka Boom
35. Khalil Nova - Lovers Cliff

Download (Mediafire)
passw: ghettostyles

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Paper Archives #3: Flyers

I compiled some flyers that I got from DJ Plankton and DJ Emotion, some from my own collection too. Finnish and Californian.

Broke Ass Summer Jam vol III, 1998, and Tony Da Skitzo's EP announcement. 
DJ Plankton went to California in 1998...

Ab Rude ticket from the Anti-party show in Finland and other Anti-party flyers. Also a ticket from the legendary pre-Anti-party party that was called Moments in '97 with Eclipse 427, Plado & Sumach and the Ceebrolistics. 

Mattip, DJ Plankton, Ameeba & Orko Eloheem did a small tour in Finland and Europe, incl. a big show in Paris w/ Bigg Just of Company Flow. Two flyers from times of Styge Recordings, a dope label that was run by Antti Szurawitzki. 

Lifesaver 3-years anniv. party w/ Didier, Peanut Butter Wolf & Edan in 2002. card. Leppäkosken Rytmi festival flyer where I saw Ameeba & Iwere (Forbidden Forest) for the first time in my life. Also my stamp card from Swamp Music, Tampere, dated 1998 (while I was 12 years old.. I think I bought two Wu-Tang albums that time). 

Two shows where I appeared (as Tattoo and in Dynamic Function). Plankton appearing under his previous name Heman. 

As for bonus, Iwere's unused gift card from the past Syndicate hiphop shop. I figure he lost it or forgot about it in 2001 and now over ten years later found it... what a shame, haha!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Riders of the Storm: The Underwater Album

Boogiemonsters - Riders of the Storm: The Underwater Album cassette rip. Boogiemonsters is Mondo McCann, Yodared, Myntric & Vex Da Vortex.

passward ghettostyles

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Ghetto Tyylit LIVE @ Kuudeslinja

If you in Finland and down in H-K-I, come to see our show at Kuudes Linja! We joining forces with the Thursday club "Törstdag" and have emcees on stage and dj's on decks, all Ghetto Tyylit family. Lineups are unannounced because it's "session style", meaning anyone of us might perform a song or two or a full show, alone or together, whatever. So we ain't about to drop no names, it's all just Ghetto Styles, feel me?

And it's free! 11PM-04AM, shows start around 1AM. Bieeeeeeeeeetch.

Monday, July 2, 2012


Show from last Tuesday, 26th of June.

This time I played a classic west coast underground set, contrary to my last week's east coast set. Mostly vinyl tracks again, except for the Capitol AK track (from the ultra tight Urban Strife comp.). Also premiered a new remix of my song "Viisaat".
Iwere gave us some of that classic east coast vibe and some totally unheard artists [again], and Ameeba's set was quite typical of him: west coast rarities mixed with new rap mixed with Finnish / Swedish jewels. Tight though!

Ps. Helsinki people! Ghetto Tyylit live shows and dj's at Kuudes Linja this Thursday! Don't miss it!

1. Moonlit - Ghettostylebreak [Ghetto Tyyyyylit]
2. Capitol AK - Blown Upp! [Urban Strife]
3. Anacron - Good Friday [Galapagos4]
4. Phunky Dialect - L.A.P.D. [Immortal]
5. Tony Da Skitzo - Storm Brewing [Limbo Street]
6. Dr. Doom, Aceyalone & Lady Blue - What Means Something [Massmen]
7. Charizma & Peanut Butter Wolf - Just Like A Test [Bomb Hip Hop]
8. Xololanxinxo - She [Nerve Deafness]
9. Eclipse & Khaleedah - Give Me The Mic [Lowcal]
10. H.S.D. - Despite [Beats And Rhymes]
11. Fundamentals - Love… [Kemetic Suns]
12. Moonlit - Viisaat Remix [Ghetto Tyylit]
13. Scatter Brain & V-Rock - Memoirs Of Butch Cassidy []
14. Blak Twang feat Fallacy - Home Grown [Sound Of Money]
15. I.G. Off & Hazadous - This Ain't Livin' [Beyond Real]
16. De La Soul - Stakes Is High (DJ Spinna Remix) [Tommy Boy]
17. Leaders Of The New School feat Cracker Jax & Rumpl - Spontaneous Remix [Elektra]
18. Bahamadia - Total Wreck Remix [Chrysalis]
19. UTD - Manifest Destiny (J-swift Version) [Payday]
20. KMD feat. MF Grimm - What A Nigga Know Remix [Elektra 1994]
21. Watusi - My Madness Pt. 2 [Necropolis]
22. Shamen 12 - It's A Risk [Masters Of The Universe]
23. Deniro Farrar - Prayer Before Suicide
24. Aztra - Jää feat. RPK [Kadonneen Aarteen Metsästys]
25. Westt Kraven - This Can't Be Life [longwayfromhome ep]
26. Pijall - Philantrophism [Ceebrolistics]
27. Big K.R.I.T. - Package Store [4eva N A Day]
28. Suns - Ancient Wayz [Millenium Music]
29. Julma Henri - Liian Pienet [Radio Jihad]
30. Nadasdi & Rodan - Airborne Inspiration [Yesterday Made]
31. Illogic Feat Andee - The Pulse Of Yesterday

Ova' here (Mediafire)!
pw: ghettostyles

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Koncepts: Project Ambershine

Kemetic Suns 1997. All Production by Koncepts for Kemetic Suns East,
except The Prophecy by Karma Chi for Kemetic Suns West.
Kemetic Suns is: KarmaChi, Koncepts Matus* Ayentee Puritan, BayBay Miracle,
Asanti Paragon, Hypnotic NativeSon, Prince Ra TBM, Kirbee Dominick.

password ghettostyles


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Altering yo' fixed reality

Altering yo' fixed reality by Neila. This tape is 90 minutes full of blends and grinds, Neila's collaborations with Acid Reign and JunDax, some of them are on Missing Link tape (scroll below), tracklist seems to be only partial, there's K. Elling's cloud song, hard to find track by Subtitle, it's ultrasique! There's a note: "and plenty mo' ono grinds". Peek a pic above to take a look at tracklist. I have no idea how many these tapes are floating around, thanks to EVS for hot tips! Sound varies between tracks = Ghetto quality!

password ghettostyles

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Acid Reign: Paradigm Shift (2001)

Another underground album by Acid Reign, from 2001, released on cd-r only. (This here is a 320kbps mp3 rip of the original)

password: ghettostyles

Acid Reign & Neila: The Missing Link (1999)

A collaboration tape by Acid Reign and Neila, also featuring Express, Ali, and Indiginuz.  Beats by Dert, Rappin Ron, El Nino, and Pilot Rase.

password: ghettostyles

Metamorphosis - OPTimus Rhymes

More JKC goodness. Metamorphosis by Optimus Rhymes. Happy birthday OPT!
password ghettostyles

tracklist link

Acid Reign: Acid Trip - A Journey To The... (1997)

Debut release from the Acid Reign crew, a cassette ep from 1997.

password: ghettostyles

Endlessness In Machinery: Industrial Death (1999)

Endlessness In Machinery hailing from South Bay. All Lyrics written by Dave Dub, except Superanarchist written and performed by Defiance & Grand Master Zest. Produced by Sidus idiom, DJ Roe, Architect. Isolated Wax '98-'99.

pass word ghettostyles

tracklist and photos

Monday, June 18, 2012

Acid Reign: Acidicompositions (1998)

Beyond & Gajah featuring DJ ESP, Dert, Awol 1, Adlib & Zagu Brown.

password ghettostyles

tracklist & photos

Saturday, June 16, 2012


Blak Forest - You Are Now Entering The... cassette 1997. west coast rap.

pass word ghettostyles

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Last night, on June 12th, we did a killer show by ourselves! Iwere started the show with Afterlife / Raider Klan sound and some new rap, I played a classic nineties-mixtape-styled all-vinyl-boombap set, and Ameeba played some new crunk ish. Great compilation of different styles. Checkeeeeeet!

1. Riddlore - The Cumm Up Continues [Afterlife]
2. Ellay Khule- Room With A View [Afterlife]
3. Cypha 7- Test My Gangsta [Afterlife]
4. Mister CR, Malathion & Kariminal - Wacc Rappers [Rumble Pakk]
5. Denzel Aquariuskilla Curry - Life In The Day Of Denzel Curry [Raider Klan]
6. Denzel Aquariuskilla Curry - Blvcklvnd Goddess [Raider Klan]
7. Mykki Blanco - Join My Militia (Nas Gave Me A Perm) [@ARCA_NY]
8. St. Joe Louis feat Al-Kayduh - Kinda Strange [DJ Tim Dolla]
9. Main Attrakionz - On Deck [Squadda B X Sea Thin]
10. Open Mike Eagle - Rappers Will Die Of Natural Causes (MC Sole Remix) [Swim Team]
11. Jizzm HD, Puzoozoowatt & Xololanxinxo - Accupuncture Remix
12. Natural Elements - Second Hand Smoke [Word Of Mouth]
13. Edan - Emcees Smoke Crack [Lewis Recordings]
14. Ed O.G. & Da Bulldogs - Be A Father To Your Child [PWL]
15. Gang Starr - Ex Girl To Next Girl [Chrysalis]
16. DJ Honda feat The Rawcotiks - For Everybody That Goes By [H2]
17. Big L - How Will I Make It [D.I.T.C.]
18. Smiley The Ghetto Child - No Win Situation [Fat Beats]
19. Ill Biskits - God Bless Your Life [Khari Ent]
20. DJ Adam 12 feat Eddie Meeks & Thareko - Up On It [Serious Entertainment]
21. Wil' Pak - No Mono
22. Hi-Tech & J-Treads - Weak Minds [Mass Vinyl]
23. Killarmy - Red Dawn [Wu-Tang]
24. Arsonists - Flashback [Fondle Em]
25. Evian Christ - MYD
26. Fatima Al Qadiri - Hip Hop Spa (Nguzunguzu Remix)
27. Zumbi - West Coastin [Break Bread]
28. Clams Casino - Unchain Me
29. Short Dawg feat Propain & Z-Ro - H-Town [Adventures Of]
30. JLMA HNRI X RPK - Palaan Pahempana [EURO CRACK]
31. Trae f/ Dougle-D & Shyna - Struglin [Losing Composure]
32. Deniro Farrar - Subconcious f/ SL Jones [DESTINY, altered]
33. Ameeba - Maailmaa [Ghetto Tyylit]

Download (Mediafire)
pw: ghettostyles

Radio w/ Matre (Shapeshifters)

At our club opening night three weeks before this show, as I was djing and playing the song "Dumb" by Awol One, this guy comes to me and asks me:
- Are you from the Bay?
- No, I replied
- Are you from here?
- Yeah..?
- That's my boy Awol One! I'm *****, also from the Shapeshifters.
Then he walked off and I never saw him again. Took us three weeks to find who he was 'cos I didn't catch his name that night. He was Matre of the English League and indeed the Shapeshifters, Los Angeles.

Listen to the show (from 29th of May) and find out what the F was he doing in Finland for such a long time. He was with his boy John McGregor. They threw a lot of knowledge at us and we were just blown! Matre also did some killer freestyles too, for real! Great guys those two!

Peace to Jalien & Alise for doing the detective work on Matre.

PS. check out Matre's site, you can download his music there FOR FREE!

1. Specs Wizard - Gogh I [beetback.blogspot]
2. Matre - One Destination [Jericho J]
3. Awol One & Factor - One More Time f/ Matre [HHV]
4. L*Roneous - The Notes []
5. Neila - Marked for Breath
6. Orko Eloheem - Open Heart Sergery [777 Beats]
7. Various Blends - To The Gut [Baraka]
8. Matre - Town Cryer []
9. The Escape Artists - Ceasar's Ghost [PlotAgainstTheme]
10. Constylations - As The World Rotates (Esoin) [Thought Crimes]
11. Mykill Miers - Crash and Burn [Blastoff Vol 2]
12. English League - Stone Cold Party Rockers
13. Shapeshifters - Strange Birds
14. Matre w/ Mikael H. & The Sibarians [Traveller Remix]
15. Matre - [Interview + Freestyle]
16. Matre - Love Letter [Gifted Tour Mixtape]
17. Matre - Alright Okay [Easter Sonday]
18. Labtekwon - Friend
19. Shapeshifters - Planet Rock 2012 ["2012"]
20. Moka Only - Majic [Legendary Ent]
21. Dregs One feat Telli Prego - Statistics [Infinite Potential]
22. Neila feat Matre & DJ ESP - Earthquake [Neila]

Download (Mediafire)
password: ghettostyles

Radio: 2-Year-Anniversary Show

Ghetto Styles / Ghetto Tyylit was born a small monthly dj-club in Beatroot, Helsinki in October, 2009. It was hosted by Moonlit with guest dj's. In April 14th, 2010, the first post on this blog was posted and on April 18th the first show aired on Basso Radio. 

On 15th of May, 2012, we did a two-hour anniversary show. It was a live stage -type of show and was streamed in video online. DJ Plankton (Anti-Party Music, Murmurecordings) started the show with some of his favorite tracks from back in the day. On the mic we had (in the following order): Pigeonheadz (Moonlit & Dumb), Moonlit (solo), Iwere (solo), Children Of The Sun / Broken Beats (Iwere & Square), Kasi (solo, UDF), J Riskit (Kylmä), Ameeba (solo), Syvävesi (Microbe & Ameeba), Microbe (solo), Khid (Kylmä), Kesken (Saurus), Mindman (No Good Men), Tono Slono (SMC) and Aqustiikka (went overtime, not recorded). 

(password: ghettostyles)

Photos © by Topi "Toby One" Vanhatalo