Monday, December 26, 2011

Radio (Xmas day)

Show from xmas-day, me & Iwere.
I played mostly new music. I said I'd add links to all free tracks and albums we played, but I now realized that it's too much of an effort. Go googling!

Next show from the new studio next year.
Our showtime changes to Tuesday late-nights, 22-24:00 o'clock!

Merry xmas and happy new year to all ghettostylefellows!

1. Young Breh - Weed 4 Xmas
2. Gvcci Hvcci - Blowin-Up
3. Key Nyata - Svtvrdvy Chxxfvh
4. Key Nyata - Gotta Get $
5. ASAP Rocky - Peso
6. Main Attraktionz - Bossalinis & Fooliyones Pt. 2 [AHYVE]
7. MondreM.A.N. - Surprise [Marlee B]
8. Stash Marina - Drunk In The Driver Seat (f. Don D, Rod Fuego & Left Leberra) [Stash&Milds]
9. Jimmy Astro - Fast Food & Apple Juice [Leftover]
10. Nacho Picasso - Sweaters
11. IMC Beat Dept - Stole My Christmas
12. Scotty Hard - Who Said (Prince Paul Remix) [WordSound]
13. Society - What Is A Man? [Luke]
14. Big Arch - Coming Of Age [YOLO]
15. Millenium - How Far Will You Go [House Of Abdul]
16. Rise & Shine - Mirror Image
17. Rob-O - If I Died [St. Nick. Ent]
18. Bedouins - When Did I Die
19. Barry Bones feat Zest The Smoker - Lordz [Isolated Wax]
20. Opski Chan - Keyser Soze [The Lamb Collector]
21. Opski Chan - No Hobo f. D-Styles (Mr. Aeks RMX)
22. Mr Aeks - A. Game f/ Matt Gamin, Dem One & C-Ali [Mister Aeks]
23. Antwon - 555-Weed (demo)
24. The Gooch - Revolution [Acheeka Tribe]
25. Nadasdi & Ceebrolistics - Knowledge Is Infinite [Outofthebluecrew]
26. Nadasdi, Rodan, Kairos & Prosperous - Airborne Inspiration [Outofthebluecrew]
27. Ameba - Toivo [Montako Puuta On Metsä]
28. Justice Leeg - Catch Me [Secret Service]
29. Vida Killz - The Truth []
30. Blame One - The Essence [DJ Shag]
31. Blu & Gonjasufi - Eatfish
32. Atmosphere - God's Bathroom Floor [Rhymesayers]
33. Omni feat Fatlip - Feel What I Feel [Ariel]
34. Lil B - Unchain Me []
35. Outkast - Player's Ball [LaFace]

Download (4shared)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Jizzm: Archives - Rarities & Remixes (1999) (cassette version)

Jizzm "Archives (Rarities & Remixes)" original cassette version with exclusive tracks that were left out of the cd-version. Full tracklist here.

password: ghettostyles

Jizzm: Archives (2000) (CD version)

Jizzm "Archives" cd, with bonus tracks that weren't on the original cassette version. Full tracklist here.

password: ghettostyles

Jizzm: Illasophic Volume 1.5 (1998) (CD version)

Jizzm "Illasophic Volume 1.5" CD, with exclusive bonus tracks that didn't appear on the cassette version. Full tracklist here.


Jizzm: Illasophic Vol. 1 (1998) (cassette version)

Jizzm - Illasophic Records Vol. 1 ("Never To Be Released pt. II"), original cassette version with exclusive tracks that were not included on the cd-version. Full tracklist here.

password: ghettostyles

Friday, December 16, 2011

Jizzm: Don't Even Trip (1996)

Jizzm's underground pre-demo tape from 1996, this is the reissue version with bonus tracks on side B.

1. Trials And Tribs
2. Nike Radio Commercial
3. It's Going Down
4. Don't Even Trip !!!
5. Money Don't Grow On Trees
6. Untelevised Communications
7. Metamorphisis
8. B-Jack Intro
9. Reject (Beat Jack Version)

[production for songs 2-7 by Mone (Tito Pendleton) for Circle Of Power. production for song 1 by O.D. and Jizzm]

Left Side
1. ? (prod. by Greenpeace & DJ Yoda?)
2. B-Boy Real McCoy (ft. Aceyalone&Abstract Rude, prod. by Jizzm)
3. Symphony Of No Sympathy (prod. by J-Extro)
4. Rise & Define (prod. by DJ Casey)
5. Suck It E Z (prod. by DJ Cheapshot)
6. Sky's The Limit (prod. by DJ Cheapshot)
7. Atlas (ft. OMD, prod. by O.D., scratches by DJ Drez, hook sung by Nikko)
8. Trembling (prod. by Ro')
9. Trials And Tribs Pt. 2 (prod. by Mr.Zinn, scratches by DJ Drez, hook sung by Nikko)

password: ghettostyles

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Radio w/ Julma Henri & RPK

Crazy cassette boom going on in Finland.
So the first hour we played old Finnish tapes and some new ones that are for sale at our store.
First half of the second hour we listened to Ameeba's upcoming album "Montako Puuta On Metsä?" and interviewed him about it.
And the final fourth we had guests Julma Henri & RPK talking about the new "Radio Jihad: Syrjäytynyt vol. 2" album. RPK also mentioned something very interesting about the Srkkpjt project...

So it was Finnish music all the way. MAD SHIEEET!
Next show on Christmas day.

1. Moonlit - Tapeshit [Blue Phantoms Network]
2. UDF - Boys [UDF]
3. Tonedial - Different Kinds Of Lives [UDF]
4. Dumb - Suckas Never Play Me [BPN]
5. Konflikt Underground - Paranoia [BPN]
6. Dumb - Shotgun Karaoke promo [APMT 10]
7. Dumb - Running With Scissors [BPN]
8. Microbe - Don't Drop The Lyrics [Live Animation]
9. Syvä Vesi - Kelaavaan
10. Kaliyuga Pro - Untitled 2 [Rajneesh To The Rescue]
11. Children Of The Sun - From The Sun [Hiss Tapes]
12. Tobyone - Good Nightmares [Huggatree]
13. Moonlit - Honesty (World Is What We Make It) [BPN]
14. TAT200 & Iwere - Import Only [BPN]
15. Sage One - Arrows Of Love [Live Animation]
16. Lommo - Liito-oravan Villejä Remix [C-4]
17. Ameeba - Sumua [Ghettotyylit]
18. Ameeba - Läpi [Ghettotyylit]
19. Ameeba feat Pijall - Yksinkertaista [Ghettotyylit]
20. Ameeba - Kun Unelmat Kaatuu [Ghettotyylit]
21. Julma Henri & RPK - Pilvien Yläpuolella [Mörssi]
22. Julma Henri & RPK - Punanen [Mörssi]
23. Julma Henri - Radio Jihad [MÖRSSI]
24. Julma Henri feat. Juju, Konna & Asa - Kiitos [Mörssi]

Download here (4Shared)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Casey: The Fifth Element (1997)

Mixtape/compilation by DJ Casey (of Innernational), featuring freestyles and exclusive songs by Zagu Brown, Rican Sun, Jizzm and others. Tracklist here.

password: ghettostyles

Zagu Brown: Looking For The Perfect Beat [CD VERSION with different tracks]

CD-version of Zagu's beat tape, almost totally different than the cassette version. Thanks to Alex for providing the mp3! (19 tracks, the folder also includes pictures of the original tape)

password: ghettostyles

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Zagu Brown: Don't Believe It (1996)

Released around 1996/97(?) "Don't Believe It" was intended as a 'maxi-single' for Zagu's then upcoming "Above It All" solo LP, but with 13 tracks lasting about 30 minutes this tape is more of an ep/mini-album. Original cassette rip "strictly for the headphone components". (this was also reissued on cd-r)

password: ghettostyles

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Zagu Brown: Looking For The Perfect Beat (2000) (cassette version)

Zagu's beat tape (original cassette version), 13 untitled instrumentals. Also released on cd-r with almost entirely different tracks.

password: ghettostyles

Zagu Brown: Above It All (1999)

Original cassette release from 1999. The cd-version (which you can download here) contains one bonus track, but is missing Zagu's intro/midtro/outro speech where he describes this as a limited (200 copies) unmastered 'proto-tape' version (he initially planned on releasing this album on vinyl, but unfortunately that never happened).

password: ghettostyles

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Johnny & The Brain Bugs: Cypher Fuel 2054 (2001)

Instrumental tape from Araknophobix crew, all beats produced by Johnny Rico and Needleborg One, except a few co-produced/produced by Deeskee. Copyright 2001 Biofidelic/Golden Dungeon Music.

password: ghettostyles