Thursday, October 27, 2011

(Ras) Ceylon: 1st Lesson (1999)

...more Emmoworks related material, "1st Lesson" EP by Ceylon (aka Ras Ceylon). This was originally released on a red cassette tape, but the mp3 here is ripped from a cd-r version. Featuring I-One, Zaire Black, Merdok, Mic Hempstead and Xile.

password: ghettostyles


  1. this is an incredible blog!

    have you guys ever come across the tape versions of zagu brown's "don't believe it" and "looking for the perfect beat" albums?

  2. Yes, we'll upload some Global Phlowtations stuff later.
    The cd-r version of "Don't Believe It" has the same songs as the cassette. But I haven't seen a cd-r version of "Looking For The Perfect Beat" so I don't know if it's different from the tape.

  3. yeah, I wasn't sure either. I have the above it all tape, and it's essentially the same, but there are a couple added interludes and whatnot, and i'm a huge fan of zagu, so I've been trying to find the other two as well

    thanks for the response

  4. I was just listening to the CD-R version of Don't Believe It and frustratingly, there are 2 tracks that cut out halfway through, so when you guys post that GPAC stuff, if you're feeling generous, could you PLEASE post the tape versions of those 2 albums!! Looking forward to the GPAC stuff


  5. Can you reupload this? Link is dead.