Monday, October 31, 2011

Emanon And Dream Sequence: Four Track Files Vol. 1 (2001)

A collection of old Emanon/Dream Sequence songs, limited cassette release from 2001. I believe this was put together by Sublevel Epidemic Recordings (Kegs One of Below The Surface/So Far West). They probably had enough material for "vol. 2", but I don't think it ever came out..

1. Things Fall Apart [Aloe]
2. Shaping Rhythm [Xile instrumental]
3. I'm Free [Aloe]
4. My Lady [Xile]
5. Thinking Out Loud [Aloe]
6. Pay Attention [Blame One]
7. Forging Sound [Xile instrumental]
8. Waking Dream [Aloe]
9. It Doesn't Make Cents [Xile]
10. Move Forward [Myself the Great Fool]
11. Sliding Into First [Tenfor, Aloe]
12. Testify: The Hero [Aloe]
13. Therapeutic Logistics [Aloe, Xile]
14. Take A Look And Imagine [Aloe]
15. Come With Us [Xile, Oby, Aloe]

beats by: Xile (2,5,6,7,9,13,14,15), Curly (1), Southpaw (3), Myself The Great Fool (4,10), Tenfor (11), Jinsing (8?), Oby (12, 15?)

password: ghettostyles

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  1. thx 4 that one !

    can you PLZ hook us up on that one ?

    MoonlitMan said...
    spex is mad dope, thanks for this.

    i might post "That Was Then... This Is How" tape to next week. keep a look out.