Wednesday, October 5, 2011

DJ Exile: Stretch Marx (1995)

Old mixtape by Eksile (of Emanon / Dream Sequence), side one contains a dj mix by Eksile, and side two has some old 4-track songs by Dream Sequents (Aloe B, Eksile, Cable Roc). Beats by DJ South Paw and Exile. Tracklist here.

password: ghettostyles

Check out other Exile/Emanon tapes at our homie's blog:
Exile/Emanon - Imaginary Friends (1996)
Exile/Emanon - Dawn's Second Coming (1999)


  1. do you guys happen to have the lonely phantoms album with kennuf akbar? i found some info about the album here:

    and found some songs here:

    but i can't find any place to buy it online. i know access used to have it, but it's not listed anymore

    thanks for any help!

  2. Accesshiphop might restock it later, keep checking. You could also try to contact Kennuf directly and buy the cd from him.

  3. this is really fresh. thanks for the share.

  4. unfortunately kennuf didn't respond to me on facebook. i also asked him about amerikkka the great, but yeah... no answer. i'll keep checking access. hope this surfaces some day because the tracks on their myspace sound great!

  5. If you don't get a response from Kennuf soon, and you can't find the cd's elsewhere, email me.
    [ kaliyugapro (at) gmail . com ]