Monday, October 31, 2011

Emanon And Dream Sequence: Four Track Files Vol. 1 (2001)

A collection of old Emanon/Dream Sequence songs, limited cassette release from 2001. I believe this was put together by Sublevel Epidemic Recordings (Kegs One of Below The Surface/So Far West). They probably had enough material for "vol. 2", but I don't think it ever came out..

1. Things Fall Apart [Aloe]
2. Shaping Rhythm [Xile instrumental]
3. I'm Free [Aloe]
4. My Lady [Xile]
5. Thinking Out Loud [Aloe]
6. Pay Attention [Blame One]
7. Forging Sound [Xile instrumental]
8. Waking Dream [Aloe]
9. It Doesn't Make Cents [Xile]
10. Move Forward [Myself the Great Fool]
11. Sliding Into First [Tenfor, Aloe]
12. Testify: The Hero [Aloe]
13. Therapeutic Logistics [Aloe, Xile]
14. Take A Look And Imagine [Aloe]
15. Come With Us [Xile, Oby, Aloe]

beats by: Xile (2,5,6,7,9,13,14,15), Curly (1), Southpaw (3), Myself The Great Fool (4,10), Tenfor (11), Jinsing (8?), Oby (12, 15?)

password: ghettostyles

Emanon: Acid Nine (1999)

This tape has been posted on other blogs before, but some of those download links seem to be dead so I thought I'd re-post it here. Lyrics arranged and performed by Aloe (for Dream Sequence), music composed by Exile and Cheapshot (for Dirty Science).

1. Acid Nine
2. Path Of The Divine
3. Our Music
4. Personification
5. Asinine
6. P.S.I.
7. Outside Looking In
8. Beware The Ides
9. Iambland

password: ghettostyles

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Youth Internationals: Hip Hop Generation EP (2002)

Another Emmoworks vinyl release, Youth Internationals EP from 2002. Contains three songs from their album, plus instrumentals. Featuring vocals by Natty Roots, Richport, Zaire Black, Astro Logic, Ceylon, etc. and beats by Natty Roots, June 22 and DJ Westafa.

password: ghettostyles

[REQUEST: Youth Internationals "Hip Hop Generation" CD (full length album), if anyone has it please let us know]

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Michempstead: Culture / Lower Class Youth (12" single)

Rare 12-inch single by Mic Hempstead (of Freedom Smugglers), released probably around 2000-2001(?). Featuring DJ Drez on the cuts, and beats by Vic (Soulrealism) and June22 (Emmoworks).

password: ghettostyles

Richport The Savior: Young Profit$ (7" single)

7-inch single by Richport The Savior, released in 2003 or 2004(?). Contains two songs "Young Profits" and "Dealin' Wit" plus instrumetals for both. Produced by June 22, cuts by DJ Drez.

password: ghettostyles

Thursday, October 27, 2011

(Ras) Ceylon: 1st Lesson (1999)

...more Emmoworks related material, "1st Lesson" EP by Ceylon (aka Ras Ceylon). This was originally released on a red cassette tape, but the mp3 here is ripped from a cd-r version. Featuring I-One, Zaire Black, Merdok, Mic Hempstead and Xile.

password: ghettostyles

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Xololanxinxo: A Tape From A Stolen Car (1998)

As requested, here is the original cassette version of Xololanxinxo's debut album from 1998 (or '99?).

1. 20x A Day
2. Smoke Signals
3. Tears Of A Clown
4. Can't We Have Children?
5. Shouldn't We?
6. live (at Goodlife)
7. Smack (feat. Shovelhead)
8. Lil Lips
9. untitled instrumental
10. Back Door Lover
11. untitled freestyle
12. untitled outro

please support the artist and buy the cd-r version ("The Victim - Tapes From A Stolen Car") from La2TheBay , Accesshiphop or HHV.

you can still download the exclusive cassette-only tracks (6,9,11,12) from this link. (password: ghettostyles)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

June22: Elements0097 (1997)

This rare mixtape by June 22 contains some classic 90's hiphop (check the tracklist), original samples/breaks, exclusive freestyle by Hieroglyphics (Del, Souls Of Mischief, Casual) and also three previously unreleased songs by Moving Objects.

password: ghettostyles

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Moving Objects: Stone Lions (1996)

Moving Objects (Zaire Black, I-One, June22) recorded this EP around '96, and it was originally released on cassette only. It was the first release on their EMMOworks label and became an instant classic for many. Featuring Emanon, Natty, Astro, Lastman, Accapella, etc. and produced by June 22. Mp3 ripped from the cd-reissue.

password: ghettostyles

[Also check out Zaire Black & June22 - Experiments In Truth ]

Friday, October 21, 2011

Antifiction: Taht (2006)

Here's the last Antifiction album, see Discogs link for details.
CD might still be available at the Antifiction website, but I'm not sure if it's active anymore.

password: ghettostyles

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Blaise Taddune: Iao Arbraxas (2005)

Another Antifiction related release (from around 2005?), a beat cd by Blaise Taddune. 16 untitled tracks.

password: ghettostyles

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Antifiction: Confidentiali (2004)

Second release by Antifiction, a limited cd-r of what sounds like leftover material. Features beats and raps by Blaise Taddune and Big Shawn, with a couple of guest mc's who I didn't recognize. 12 untitled tracks (half of them instrumental beats).

password: ghettostyles

Antifiction: Antifiction (2002)

As requested, here is Antifiction's self-titled album from 2002. Antifiction was a project created by Blaise Rea Taddune, Shawn Castello (aka Big Shawn of Bored Stiff), Bruce Leighton, and various other guest mc's/musicians. They released three cd's between 2002-2006, this first one has 22 untitled tracks, many of them produced by Big Shawn (who also raps on a few songs).

password: ghettostyles

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Knows: Frequencies (1999)

A beat tape by Knows (of Us Pros), features classic instrumentals such as "South Sin True", "LACAUSP", and "X-Zistance" (which is actually produced by Tom Slick, according to the credits on Scarub's "Answer 2wo The Meaning" tape).

password: ghettostyles

Very: Coffee Shop (1998) [CD-R reissue /bonus tracks]

This cd-r version of Very's "Coffee Shop" album was released a few years ago and seems to be out of print already. It contains a few bonus tracks that weren't on the original cassette version (which was posted at This Is For The Hustlers blog).

password: ghettostyles

Timsears: Ten Wheel Motion (2002)

Another album by TimSears (of Us Pros), released on cd in 2001 or 2002. Beats produced by Daneja One, Knows and Odeed. Featuring raps by Daneja One, and some background vocals by Knows, Sahga, Very and WYG. Click here for tracklist.

password: ghettostyles

Tim Sears: One Of Us (Pros) (1998)

Solo album by Tim Sears, released soon after he became a member of Us Pros. This mp3 is ripped from the cd-r version.

password: ghettostyles

Friday, October 14, 2011

Us Pros: Have You Seen Us? (2005)

Third (and last?) album by US Pros (Knows and Very).. 14 tracks (+ 1 bonus song), featuring Pariah, Sahga, Voice Watson, and Scarub. It seems Timsears wasn't part of the group anymore so he's not featured. (for production credits and tracklist, click here).

password: ghettostyles

Us Pros: Blame It On Us ! (2000)

Second album by US Pros (Knows, Very, and TimSears). 10 tracks + 1 bonus song, beats by Knows and Very.

password: ghettostyles

Us Pros: Elements Of Expression (1998)

Debut cassette release by US Pros (Knows and Very). Also featuring Tim Sears (who wasn't yet an official member of the crew). Click here for production credits and tracklist.

password: ghettostyles

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Astrobwoy: Sloe Jamz (1997)

Astrobwoy's beat tape.. tracklist here. (c) FYDH productions / pntgllryntwrk 1997

password: ghettostyles

Astrobwoy: Comin Up (1998)

As requested, here's one of the early releases by Astrobwoy (Anacron's alter ego?). Guest emcees: Anacron, Irie, Prosper Jones. Produced by Astrobwoy. Copyright 1998 Fucc Yo Ded Homiez / Peanut Gallery Network.

password: ghettostyles

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

DJ Exile: Stretch Marx (1995)

Old mixtape by Eksile (of Emanon / Dream Sequence), side one contains a dj mix by Eksile, and side two has some old 4-track songs by Dream Sequents (Aloe B, Eksile, Cable Roc). Beats by DJ South Paw and Exile. Tracklist here.

password: ghettostyles

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Exile/Emanon - Imaginary Friends (1996)
Exile/Emanon - Dawn's Second Coming (1999)