Monday, September 5, 2011

Radio: Femcees Special Vol. 2

Another lady-rappers special. We did the previous episode with Iwere on May, you can find it here. Btw, I forgot to mention that there was one track produced by Kali Yuga Pro. That's the track by Imeuswe of GPAC.

This one I did with DJ Hiihtopipo (of Hiihtopipo & Kavallus, Basso). I only played a few tracks and let our guest play for the rest of the show. Great tunes from mostly west coast and Tennessee gangsta broads.

1. Ghetto Girlz - My Man's Playing Tricks On Me [Avenue]
2. Kylea - Can
3. Beyond Reality - Whatever (Moonlight Remix) [Jasiri Media Group]
4. Stacy Epps - Floatin' [Japanubia Musik]
5. Tunnel Rats (Zane) - Chainge [Uprok]
6. GPAC (Imiuswi) - Indoctrinated [G.P.A.C.]
7. Apani B-Fly Emcee & Jean Grae - We Don't Fuck Around
8. Marvaless - Sacramento [Awol]
9. Sh'killa - Now U Wanna Come Back (Reunited We're Not) [GWK]
10. Gripsta ft. Havikk & Prodeje - Can't Fade This [Tuff Break]
11. Suga T - Livin' For The Weekend [Sick Wid It]
12. Di Di Chill - Ghetto Woman [Funky Dope Jams]
13. 3-Deep - Sucka Free [From The Floor Up]
14. Menajahtwa ft. BG Knocc Out - Kickin Azz [Ruthless]
15. Nutmeg - Nutsac [Raging Bull]
16. Ghetto Twinz ft. G-slimm - Let's Get This Shit Str8 [Big Boy]
17. 380 Dat Lady - Underground Suckers [Cartel]
18. Murder Inc. - Slugfest [Hard Head]
19. II Tru - Back Door [Mo Thugs]
20. Lo-Lo - Entity [Backstreet]
21. Big Blac - Rollin With Da Bitch Squad [Nationwide]
22. D'Meka ft. UGK - Money Stacks [All Net]
23. Mc Money & Gangsta Gold - Ridgecrest Taking Over [Lite Green]
24. Lady B - In My Neighborhood [Gimisum]
25. Princess Loko - Get Da Anna Off [Street Smart]
26. Lady J - Throw Your Hands Up [Lady Bee]
27. Pimpstress - Meet Your Fate [Suave House]

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  2. Texas and Louisiana were also represented..