Thursday, September 1, 2011

Masters Of The Universe: Innercity Productions EP (1997?)

Another rare Masters Of The Universe tape, released maybe in 1997 (?)
Not much info about this one, but it seems this EP was produced by someone named "Putty".

1. Eve Of Destruction (by Matrix)
2. Freestyle (by Eclipse Heru)
3. Freestyle (by Third Rail)
4. It's A Risk They Take (by Atom 12)
5. Freestyle (by Atom 12 & Matrix)
6. 7645 (by Orko, West Kraven & Third Rail)

password: orko


  1. WOW WOW WOW Incredible!!!
    I'm so happy!!THANK YOU VERY MUCH KaliYuga Pro!!!!
    It is very rare!! and underground!!!
    it's crazy!!!!!!!!
    Thanks again! Respect guys!!

  2. I found this a few years back on soulseek and it was labeled as being from 1997. I know that soulseek isn't the most reliable source, but Matrix does sound younger on this than on Neuro Symphony. Also, Scatter Brain mentioned on the access forums that this whole tape is produced by Putty

  3. Thanks for the info, I've updated the description. And yeah, this is the same Soulseek version, I've never seen the original tape..

    1. do you have Pedalay The Boss, from civil war ‎– War Journals, maybe?
      Because it´s out of stock on accesshiphop since forever and I have always wanted to hear it