Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Sound For Sore Ears ('98)

I been pondering who the hell this artist is! There's no name or label on this tape, just the title. Google and Discogs don't help neither.

[Edit: This is definitely not Big Shawn, tho he features on "R-A-P". We picked up the main artist calling himself Dosha / Dousha.]
[Update: the artist is known as DOJAH (check the comments below)]

Anyhoo, this tape is effin ROCKS! Really dope, raw and mellow... Just the way I love it. Especially the track "Let'em Have It"!

Please help recognizing the artist.

Title's (a few annoying skit tracks removed):
1. R-A-P
2. On Her Jock...
3. Don't Trip (Conceit)
4. The 10 Rap Commandments
5. Let'em Have It
6. Walkman Hits

pw: ghettostyles


  1. i recommend posting it on discogs as Unknown Artist ( for future diggers to discover if the artist doesn't surface. the tape is much great!

  2. thanks for the tip. will do! peace.

  3. his name is Dojah. he's a DJ now...

  4. thank you guys for all the dope releases!

  5. EGO ONE AKA J. CARR aka EGOone DREW THE PICTURE,A PICTURE OF ME IN THAT ERA I WAS KNOWN AS "ORIFSO"one ...DOJAH !!!!... He was a few years younger, and a friend. even tho i havent seen him in years id still liek to consider him a friend.... a good era in san francisco no homo. Dojah always had a turntable spinnin, a beat to show u , a sketch for your blackbook,a smile while you shared a beer. hes a dj now.. EGO we lost to drugs...hes still alive, but lost... me, im still painting. drawing. designing... this was part of our soundrack, a moment in time.... times with: esel.. madrid.. kokes ..aels ..april lily..and others...props to ESL AND DKS crews even tho i wroteover thous like a drunken 19 year old idiot...... DAVEGEE 2012

    1. Word,word,I got this tape too,shit is ill I lost my cover though,hell yeah 415 freedom fighters..,,,

  6. so fucking ill - thank you - best shit ive heard in underground rap for dayyyyz