Monday, August 22, 2011

Radio w/ Kali Yuga Pro

This is the show before the previous, sorry for the delay.

The first radio appearance from Ghetto Styles vice president Kali Yuga Pro.

This show is FFFFFAT! Great cross-section of true underground hiphop.
B2B with Iwere.

[About the previous show, we did an Around The World special with Ameeba & Iwere, played hiphop from all over the world, an had the dopest 15-minute freestyle by our homies Kesken & Otto Stadista aka Stonedar. BUT unfortunately that show obviously didn't get recorded. Sorry!)

1. Extra Prolific - First Sermon [Jive]
2. Xtracts Of Slang - How Does It Feel [Freshchest Inc.]
3. Shock G - Your Sun Iz A Pimp [33rd Street]
4. Oddjobs - The Distance Song
5. Union Of Opposites - What's It Worth [Tribal Music]
6. Lazerus Jackson - Time Done [Sunset Leagues]
7. Prophetix - Up On It [S.O.L.A.R. Panel]
8. Semiotics - Todays Song ]Semiotics]
9. Tommy V, EVS, Administer & Maleko - A Peace Of Time [Imprints]
10. Dose One - Vile Glutons
11. Emanon - Rhythm To Life [Asterisk Records]
12. Grouch, Murs, Shingo, Bas-1 - Uncontent [Outhouse]
13. Grouch, PSC, Asop, Arata, Grouch, Eligh & BFAP - Language Song [Legendary ]Music
14. US Pros - LACAUSP
15. Subtitle, LMNO & Otherwize - Away With Words [Marks03]
16. Manik, Psy-Ops - See The Light
17. JRoz - Never Been On An Airplane [Nomadic Sound System]
18. Spex, Brewmasta - Darkest Anger
19. Sundiata & Rabb Chillin - Under The Sun, Under The Son [II Sense]
20. Moving Objects - Symphony Of The Silhouettes [Emmoworks]
21. Anonimous, Fiasco & Tenashus - Do It For The Feeling [Sound Cultivator]
22. Burnt Batch - The High, The Low
23. Bored Stiff - State Of The Art (OG Version) [Hella Records]
24. Saafir - No Return (OG Version) [Hobo Junction]
25. Labtekwon - Eternal Struggle [Ankh Ba Records]
26. Moka Only - Majic
27. Abstract Tribe Unique - Contradictshun [Massmen]
28. Esoin - React To Be [Daysmen Empire]
29. Omid, 2mex, Xololanxinxo, Jizzm & DJ Drez - Atlas
30. The Pharcyde - Passin' Me By (Scott Matelic Remix)
31. Brother Nature - Fresh Squeezed Lemonade

Peace to Enigmatical!

PW: ghettostyles


  1. do you guys have anything by concrete connection? i guess genghis khan, phenom and a bunch of other masters of the universe mc's were part of that group. scatter brain posted an mp3 called "roll call" on the access forum, but sadly the link is dead. he also posted an autopsy track called "savage planet" produced by gonjasufi, but it's another dead link. did you guys catch either of those by any chance? thanks for any help

  2. also, apparently zombie, who had a track on microcrusifiction, had a tape called "android masters". hopefully that, along with the bassment tape, bennie herron's seeds-n-soil and west kraven's big worm series eventually see the light of day

  3. We don't have any of those, but I'll upload some other old Masters mp3s soon..

  4. cool. looking forward to it! you guys have posted so many masters releases i thought i would never hear. can't tell you how much i appreciate it