Tuesday, August 30, 2011

More about the pre-historic Jurassic 5

A few additions and corrections to my earlier post about J5 @ the Goodlife café.

Jurassic 5 was formed from two crews coming together: Rebels Of Rhythm (Nu-Mark, Zaakir and Akil) & Unity Committee (Charli 2na, Cut Chemist, Mark 7, Jahli, Kemit, Longevity and Metalogik - the 4 mentioned last are members of the still active crew Darkleaf). They met at the Goodlife cafe where they held talent showcases every Thursday night. Both crews performed there the same night (by coinsidence?), liked eachother's sets and hooked up (reveals an interview on Bombhiphop).
They didn't use the name Jurassic 5 until their first record contract. Their first single "Unified Rebelution" came out in 1994 which was self-released. In '95 it was re-released by Blunt Recordings and that's when the name Jurassic 5 first appeared.

Thanks for my man Iwere for the knowledge. He also corrected me that, to his knowledge, the name Project Blowed wasn't used until they moved from Goodlife café to Kaos Network.

REQUEST: Rebels Of Rhythm "Homeless Superstar" (2001) CD

Here's a few vids / songs of the pre-J5 Unity Committee / Rebels Of Rhythm:

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