Friday, August 26, 2011

Jurassic 5: Pre-historik Rarities (2003)

Just as I've been wondering how come there are no old demos and Goodlife Café recordings of Jurassic 5 around (yes, J5 too originates from Project Blowed nights at the Goodlife), I ran into this double-LP.

It includes some of their early recordings and rare collabos. I was especially thrilled about the song "Evolve or Dissolve" that's on Jizzm's Illasophic Vol. 1 cassette which is one of the dopest tapes. It's produced by Slant, and features Jizzm, Slant, J-Smoov, Akil & Chali 2na.

Like I wasn't lucky enough just finding this 2LP, there was a third record inside the sleeve for an unknown reason - the J5 EP. All love for The Funkiest record shop, big up!

1: Unified Rebelution
2: Verbal Gunfight
3: Soul Searching (remix) (feat. Tech N9ne)
4: Evolve or Dissolve (feat. Jizzm, Slant & J Smooth)
5: Vocal Artillary (feat. Ozomatli, Kenetic Source, Dilated Peoples & DJ KidWik)
6: Concentration (feat. Quannum MC's)
7: Join the Dots (feat. Roots Manuva)
8: Life Goes Onn (feat. Long Beach Dub All-Stars, Half Pint & Tippa Irie)
9: Untitled Track Side B (Buck Santa)
10: Ghetto Diplomat
11: Worlds (feat. Texta Tariq & Click Tha Supah Latin)
12: Get Original (feat. Black Eyed Peas)
13: Its All About the Hip Hop (feat. DJ Yutaka)
14: Untitled Track Side C
15: Unibomb (feat. Self Scientific)
16: Hard Times (feat. the Pharcyde)
17: Long Road to Glory
18: The Bread Winner
19: Jaw Jabbin (feat. Click Tha Supah Latin)

Rapidshare 177kb/s (VBR) mp3
(link from

Check this Goodlife recording of Chali 2na from 92-93.
I dig the part where he goes "They call me 2na, as in fish in sea/ self-efficiency/ that's my mission, see/..." which he later used on the song "In The Flesh" on their first EP in '97.

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