Friday, July 1, 2011

Radio: Moonlit & Iwere

Apologies for the late posting. I've been homeless for the past week and only now got to my computer.

Our guest didn't show up so me and Iwere covered it. Nice tunes, tho.

Check out for my music from the upcoming tape "Dead Music" that'll be at the store soon, and for some unreleased Trybal tracks (thanks again to Jack Devo over at and Camp Crystal Lake (thanks to Plankton). Also might wanna check out Orko's track that he did on Plankton's "I Like B-Sides" mix-cd in 2002.
I'll be posting the Basics tapes when I get settled.

One more hint: <- that's a dope-ass webstore held by Luke Sick (Sacred Hoop, The Disturbers, Grand Invincible), selling tapes, comics, vinyls, cd's, books.. all very nice.

1. Emanon - The Circle [Dream Sequence]
2. Emanon - Blind Individuals [Dream Sequence]
3. Blind Council - Shit Is Mad Real [unreleased]
4. Infinite - Ways & Tactics [unreleased]
5. The Korp - The Champion
6. Tray Loc - Tower Twenty-Sex (f. J-Smoov)
7. The Grouch - Struggle Baby [G & E Music]
8. I Smooth 7 - Ghetto Life
9. Ganjah K & Big Cartoon - The Game Has Been Good To Me
10. Volume 10 - Sunbeams [RCA]
11. The Badstads featuring Shoshawna - Treacherous 3 Remix [Afterlife]
12. Ellay Khule & Busdriver - Countdown [Afterlife]
13. Deeskee, Fatlip, Scarub, P.E.A.C.E. & Volume 10 - Combustible Compounds [Team 2Mex]
14. Serkkupojat - Roopekoista [Ceebrolistics]
15. Moonlit - Time To Think? [Blue Phantoms Network]
16. Moonlit - Hidden Record Shop [Blue Phantoms Network]
17. SFSM - Life And Trials Of An M.C. feat. Ab Rude
18. Camp Crystal Lake - untitled [unreleased]
19. Opoetik, Parker Edison & Jahsun - Thru's Cities [Homegrown Blends]
20. Abstract Rude, Aceyalone & Moka Only - Every Breath [24/7]
21. K-Money - Shake [Funky Music]
22. Big Massive - 2fast 2soon
23. The Basics - Bubble In The Struggle
24. The Basics - 408 Stories [Funk Lab]
25. Astrobwoy - Gangsta Gangsta f/ Prosper Jones
26. Grand Invincible - The Style Is Bonkers [ZeroFriends]
27. King JC & Lil J - Come Take A Ride To The Blackhaven Side
28. Foxy Fox & Kally Boom Shabazz - It's Void [Jess Junk N Jazz]
29. The Nonce - Bus Stops (Token & A Transfer Remix) [Wild West]
30. Orko Eloheem - I Like B-Sides [Anti-Party Music]
31. Session And The Bear - Fade To Black
32. Awol One - Earthlings (Day Dreamer)
33. Mos Def - Umi Says [Rawkus]
34. Flako X Noir - Cosmic Theory

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  1. Wow do you guys have the Camp Crystal Lake tape? I know Zest The Smoker was giving them away for free back in the day, but i never found it.