Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Kennuf Akbar: The Prelude

Another old out-of-print album by Kennuf Akbar.. classic San Diego stuff.. 24 songs total, no guests on this one.

password: ghettostyles


  1. Incredible!!!
    I'm so happy!!THANK YOU VERY MUCH KaliYuga Pro!!!!
    It is very rare!! and underground!!!
    it's crazy!!!!!!!!
    Thanks again! Respect guys!!

  2. Thanks so much Kaliyuga! Would you please upload Kennuf Akbar Amir-ikk(k)a The Great!
    I really want this album, I will trade for this album if you want. My name is Greg Elliott, I live in San Diego, CA. I have a real big selection of San Diego Underground Hip Hop and I am an avid collector. Please hit me up on my email at Fossil22@cox.net

  3. Unfortunately I don't have "Amir-ikka The Great", I've been looking for that one myself.. It was for sale at Accesshiphop for a while but I missed it. If I happen to find it somewhere I'll upload it for sure.

  4. Thanks Kaliyuga. I will be getting Bennie Herron - Seed N' Soil soon. Once I get it I will contact you.