Friday, May 27, 2011

Shapeshifters - Unreleased

After many years of being bugged by people asking for old Shapeshifters demos and songs, Circus finally decided to release a collection of unreleased Shapeshifters material in the early 2000. With the help of some guy named Sam they burned four different cd-r compilations, each containing a different set of mostly unreleased tracks. Only about 50-100 copies of each cd were made, and they were sold (or given away) to selected fans.

The Shapeshifters : Appocalips = Truth
The Shapeshifters : Gangstaz 4 God
The Shapeshifters : Unwanted Redhead Bastard Stepchild
The Shapeshifters : Useless B-Sides

password for all links: ghettostyles


  1. I remember there was a discussion on some graffiti forum when these cd's came out, Circus used to post there as "Kid Zelda". Does anyone know the name of that website? I think it was linked to TheWorldOfHipHop (who sold ShapeShifters merchandise).

  2. Do you probably mean the Fusionists Network, that was also connected to Celestial Recordings?
    They had some Shape Shifters stuff over there but I'm not sure, if they had a forum.

  3. Thanks, I found it in the Fusionist .com links (Portfolio -> Art).
    It was called CrimeFiles (online graffiti e-zine), but their website doesn't exist anymore.

  4. there were copies of these floating around on soulseek and whatnot, but they had skips all throughout them. it's great to hear them without all the skips! thank you!

  5. This is amazing. Seriously, this post is the best thing on the entire internets! You have no idea how happy this makes me. I'm sitting on my couch just grinning like an idiot right now. Old-ass Shapeshifter tracks I've never heard? Lordy, lordy. Once again, my hat's off to you. Thanks a ton...

  6. You are truly awesome dude
    I hope you have a long happy life for this
    God bless

  7. Hi,
    THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!
    It is very very rare!!!!!Thank you for sharing it!!!

  8. maybe someone to share Gangstaz 4 God, Useless B-Sides, all links are dead, no where to find more =( guys please