Monday, April 18, 2011

West Kraven: Income (The E.P.)

Rare vinyl EP by West Kraven, not sure of the release year (1999-2002?). Song #3 is performed by Orko (Hasan).

1. Income Song (West Kraven Feat. D Major of Soul) - produced by Chewy
2. Fill Me (West Kraven) - produced by Milky Wayne
3. Age Ain't Nothing But A Number (Hasan Feat. Gene of Soul) - produced by Lethal
4. The Beast Is Watching (West Kraven) - produced by Milky Wayne

password: orko


  1. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    it's great!!!!!!

  2. WOW!! thanks alot man

  3. damn dude you're a goldmine of MotU tapes. are you from SD?

  4. I'm from Finland, but I've been a fan of M.O.T.U. since '97 or '98 when I started collecting these underground tapes.. and I bought all this stuff via mail order, back in the days when they were still available at stores like ATAK, FoolBlown, Below The Surface, Aaron's Records..

  5. Does anybody have Unwanted Redhead – Bastard Stepchild?
    I don´t have much info on it except it´s supposed to feature a bunch of the Shapeshifters and that it´s very rare

  6. ahah.. cool to have a mp3 of this.. i harassed west to have a copy several years ago and it finally arrived partially broken in G- grade.. looks like he has a stack of unsold copies rotting somewhere in his basement ahah.. he also added a huuge XXXXXL shirt with it that i keep preciously ;)

  7. could you upload milky wayne homesick lp

  8. "Homesick" cd-r is available at (