Monday, April 4, 2011

Paper Archives #2: Subculture '96 - Reviews & Catalog

A few early-career reviews of Awol One, Emanon, and on top of all, The Farm, which was an Oxnard crew with the producer Kankick. I haven't seen those tapes mentioned anywhere else.
Subculture magazine 1996 (thanks to my man Plankton for these).

An interesting mail-order catalog on the same issue.
Masters Of The Universe stuff, incl. a tape by Bassment, which I haven't run into much either. Also some interesting Project Blowed stuff among others.

Man, a real history research going on right here. Hah!


  1. Did you guys ever come across those Masters of the Universe tapes? I've heard that the tapes have a bunch of bonus tracks and I imagine the quality is better than the CD-R version Orko sold more recently

  2. i personally don't have those MOTU-tapes so i can't say about the bonus tracks. that's news to me, tho. but all those special solo tapes.. i i don't think there are even CD-R versions.
    but i'll see about the bonus tracks on MOTU tapes. thanks.

  3. here's the tracklist for the bak 2 the future cassette:

    "Original 90-minute cassette version. Tracks B3 to B19 are live songs, freestyles and spoken word (except for B17 which is a studio/4-track song by Atom12)."

    Only the CD-R versions of Microcrucifiction are listed on discogs, so I'm not sure if there were any extra songs on the og tape

    and i have to say thanks again for all the rare masters stuff you've posted. I'm hoping that once sumach's A.I.Records label kicks off and people become more aware of their stuff, more rare releases surface (west kraven - big worm series, retina tape, bassment tape, etc.)

    Also, I read your post on access' forum (I'm the guy who started the thread) and I think the 4th shamen 12 album you mentioned was called "Az the World Burnz". if you hit up delon deville's facebook page he has a video with one of the tracks


  4. The original "Bak 2 The Future" cassette version is close to 90 minutes long, so it has more songs than the cd-version (which is only 74min). I will upload those extra tracks soon.

    I think the Microcrusifiction cassette and cd versions are exactly the same, there's no bonus tracks.

    "Az The World Burnz", that's the title I was looking for, thanks. I hope we'll get to hear all those old albums someday..

  5. damn this is the shit! just expanded my wantlist by a handful. major thx for the scan Plankton!!!!!!! and of course the uploader for sharin on the blog