Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Radio - Freestyle Megashow 2


Four hours of record playing, freestyle, live songs and new yet unreleased recordings from the local talents.

The first two hours I played records with Ameba, incl. a short Living Legends set, and 3 new songs from our Tuesday-sessions-project that I played straight from an analog fourtrack recorder.
The second two hours was more freestyling, especially towards the end of the show.

No playlist this time.

On the mic we had:
J Riskit (Kylmä)
DJ Kridlokk
Kesken (Saurus)
Dumb (Pigeonheads)
MC Tuuttimörkö
RPK (Ceebrolistics)

pics by Top Eye

we decided to keep this one special for just our live listeners.

Monday, April 18, 2011

West Kraven: Income (The E.P.)

Rare vinyl EP by West Kraven, not sure of the release year (1999-2002?). Song #3 is performed by Orko (Hasan).

1. Income Song (West Kraven Feat. D Major of Soul) - produced by Chewy
2. Fill Me (West Kraven) - produced by Milky Wayne
3. Age Ain't Nothing But A Number (Hasan Feat. Gene of Soul) - produced by Lethal
4. The Beast Is Watching (West Kraven) - produced by Milky Wayne

password: orko

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Johaz : Urban Ministry (2002)

As requested, "Urban Ministry" EP by Johas (another Masters Of The Universe affiliate). Featuring Orko, Shamen12, Odessa Kane.. produced by DJ ArtistIC (of Deep Rooted)

password: orko

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bennie "Eklipse" Herron: Churches And Liquor Stores Volume One (2003)

As requested, the second(?) CD release from Bennie Herron (a.k.a. Eclipse Heru of Masters Of The Universe).

password: orko

Monday, April 4, 2011

Paper Archives #2: Subculture '96 - Reviews & Catalog

A few early-career reviews of Awol One, Emanon, and on top of all, The Farm, which was an Oxnard crew with the producer Kankick. I haven't seen those tapes mentioned anywhere else.
Subculture magazine 1996 (thanks to my man Plankton for these).

An interesting mail-order catalog on the same issue.
Masters Of The Universe stuff, incl. a tape by Bassment, which I haven't run into much either. Also some interesting Project Blowed stuff among others.

Man, a real history research going on right here. Hah!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Radio: Kankick Special

KANKICK / KANZULU (The Farm, Outer Xistence, Warped Mind, Oxnard California)

I've been wanting to do this show for like a year now.

This was the first special show concentrating only on one artist.
I wanted to make it perfect and have Kankick interviewed, but I never got in touch with the man.
So I don't have much background information to offer. Pretty much all I know is that he is from Oxnard, started making beats together with Madlib, and has been making music for over 20 years now. He was a member in Lootpack but then formed another crew called The Farm, but works mostly solo.

Gladly I found a really good interview and propably the only one ever made of him, that you'll find lower on the page.

Kankick has been a great inspiration to me throughout the years. I guess it's because of his raw, laid-back and soulful beats but also his way not to follow trends. While other Ox-cats might've moved on to synthesizer sounds, Dilla-offbeats or whatever, Kankick has always kept his own original style. And another thing that I love about his beats is how they remain so vivid. It's never just a loop but a well-constructed song with lots of little things happening in the background, and still raw. Kankick's music kinda taught me more to listen to instrumental hiphop, or beats.

Alright, here's the show (in discographical order):

1. Kankick - To The Ghetto (Style)
2. The Alkaholiks - Mary Jane [produced by Lootpack]
*** Madlib and Kankick did this track for the first Liks album in '93. They were only 19 years old or so.
3. The Farm - Pass The Crooked I [Wino]
4. The Farm - For The Soul [Kan]
5. The Farm - Huss That Fuss [Elma / Kan]
6. The Farm - Beat 3
7. The Farm - Cancer [Mystery's Extinction]
8. The Farm - Beat 4
***The Farm aka Funk Farm was (according to Kan) Kankick, Grand Herbalist V.I.C., K.T. aka Inverse (RIP), Maysius aka Edog (RIP), Leeizm, Elmafudge the Abstract Wind, Alergy, God's Gift to Hiphop, Blackcat. The interview below says that DJ Babu was also a member. They did two tapes in 1996 - "A Pataphysical Introduction" and "The This Time Tape".
9. Kankick - Rug Enlists
10. Kankick - Prism Followers
11. Kankick - Soule (I Owe)
***These are from the DJ Babu / Kankick "Comprehension / Warped Mind" mixtape.
12. Declaime - Never Ending [prod. by Kankick]
13. Kankick - Kanstrumental 2 [Silvery Moon]
14. Kankick - Kanstrumental 3
15. Kankick - Kanstrumental 1
16. Kankick - Just Methods [feat. Montage One]
17. Kankick - Finer Things [feat. Dr. Oop]
18. Kankick - Kanstrumental 5 [Spritual Dojo]
***13-18 are of From Artz Unknown, Kankick's debut album, 2001.
19. Declaime / Mad Men - Sex Rhyme [prod. by Kankick]
20. Kankick - Herb Executive
21. Kankick - Pensive
22. Kankick - Linguistical Etiquette
***These three from Cal I Foreigner LP
23. Kankick - A Song For My Forefathers
24. Kankick - Oodles Of Ounces
25. Kankick - Dig The Tradition
26. Kankick - Here, There Goes Love
27. Kankick - Bread And A Rolls Royce
28. Kankick - Moderation [feat. Mystery's Extinction]
***23-28 from The Traditional Heritage, 2004.
29. Kankick - (7 tracks from Acid Massive Musical vol. 1 & 2)
30. Kankick - Confusing Art [feat. Krime One]
31. Kanzulu - Observation [feat. Mystery's Extinction]
32. Kanzulu - Mass Supreme
33. Kanzulu - Pain,Rain:Misery
34. Kanzulu - Same Ol' Similiar
***31-34 Raw Wax 7- and 10-inches
35. Lootpack - I Come Real With This [feat. Kankick]
36. Kankick - (4 tracks from Seeing Spirits)
37. Kankick - (7 tracks from Beautiful: Opus Of Love Deeper Than Flesh vol. 1 & 2)
38. Kankick - When Will I Learn [feat. Nonameko]
39. Kankick - Cali Pop Lock Tribal
40. Kankick - To The Ghetto (Style)
*These three from Full Time Work, Part Time Pay, 2010.
41. Race 11 - Good Combination

A lot of beats/songs that came out 2000-2010 are actually from the late nineties. Like even in some recent releases there are some beats from the Farm days like 95-98 or so.

Download the show here.
Password: ghettostyles

The interview by Elemental Magazine (2001) at thebeatblast.blogspot.com (straight link to the interview).

A review of the two tapes by The Farm in Subculture Magazine (1996) in the following post, "Paper Archives 002". I have never seen them mentioned anywhere else.

I really wished to give you an interview and proper information and biography. Maybe we'll get that later.